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Greek Gods
This thread is for the following cards and cards from their evolution lines only:
Greek Gods
[Image: 480px-192i.png] Poseidon God of the Sea
[Image: 480px-194i.png] Hephaestus God of Fire
[Image: 480px-196i.png] Goddess Athena
[Image: 480px-198i.png] Apollo God of the Sun
[Image: 480px-200i.png] Artemis Goddess of the Moon

Please follow the template below:
Main ally:
Other allies:
Wanted allies:
*You can indicate additional details like level, CD, amelioration level (where applicable).

IGN: Kablooey
ID: 1837010371
Main ally: Luminmetallic (Lv 99, CD 6)
Other allies: Isabell (Lv 99, CD 15)
Wanted allies: Artemis IV (Lv 99, CD 10)

IGN: Gramps
UID: 14779292
Looking for: Permanent Apollo Amel 4 (ideally skill level 7 and above)
My perma ally (for the next 3 weeks at least): PR Nezha

IGN: Kyo
ID: 67314467
Main Ally: Hephaestus God of fire (Lv 99, CD7) Amelioration IV
Wanted Allies: Hephaestus God of fire, Amelioration IV

IGN: Shadelich
ID: 44761015
Main ally: Hephaestus God of Fire (Lv 99, CD 10) Amelioration IV

Wanted allies: Poppy*6, Tyr*7, Daji, Elizabeth, Idun, Water DS, Nidhogg
IGN: Juan
ID: 54926818
Main ally: Poseidon IV
Wanted allies: Poseidon
ID: 54962818

Looking for Gaia allies

Forum United 3 recruiting - 126856
IGN: OmicronX
ID: 63056146
Main ally: Artemis (lvl 99 Ame. IV)
Other allies: Midgley the Mad Scientist (lvl 99, skill lvl absurdly low)
Fire SS duck available via in-game PM

Wanted allies: Hades, Artemis IV (Level not maxed but above 65 welcome if leveling frequently)
ID : 66,766,711
Main ally : Poseidon skl lv10 ameIV
Wanted ally : Poseidon Ame IV
IGN : Soaï
ID : 69,907,458
Main ally: Poseidon
Wanted allies: Poseidon, Artemis, Apollo, Wen Zhong, Jiang Ziya, Daji
[Image: 7fb39943.jpg]
IGN : pussyrocker
ID : 64 206 087
Regular ally : max level max ameliorated poseidon god of the sea
Wanted ally: max level max ameliorated poseidon god of the sea
IGN: Ikkoru;
ID: 51,791,663;
Main ally: Hades ALLMAX;
Other allies: See signature, ask in-game;
Wanted allies: In signature as well, also accepting everybody who will use my allies.
PS: Will delete people if they don't login for too long, if you are deleted feel free to send me a new friend request ^_^
ID: 51 791 663; IGN: Ikkoru; Outdated:
[Image: s.png~original]
Need: Everybody!


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