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Good end to dark week :D
So ecstatic!

I've been building my first dark mono team, so, this week:

- I needed Baphomet to replace my gnome for hearts conversion. Using the only 5 diamonds I have, I held my breath, expecting my fifth Deep One octopus dupe, and drew... Baphomet! Big Grin Big Grin Big Grin what luck!

- I wanted Endor but thought I had to reach 6th seal or draw 99+ friend seals for her. So today, I had only 200 friend seal points, and I drew, expecting a sun slime, and it turns out to be none other than ... Endor! The dark force is strong indeed.

- 2x Great schema of dark drops in 1-3 and 4-5. Also not too bad.

- Won my second Horner, gathered all the materials for evo, and PR-ed Loki.

So now:

Loki the everlasting sinner
Court of Gemini Pollux
Isabel/dark gargoyle golem/PKOD (replaces soon with felix or odin)

Not a bad way to end dark week. Big Grin

Nice to hear you had a good run at it!

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Diamond seal x13 and not a single dark card. MH prolly hates me this week.

Nice day!
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congrats Big Grin you will have to wait a time for odin though. Felix might be coming soon.
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