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Gift Pack Draw Thread
I just purchased the gift pack, and got 10 diamonds + 1 diamond (for today's login) + 1 seal card draw (for this week's login). I didn't expect much. My draw:


Woohoo! That one's new for me. What did you guys get?

Hmmmm... That's pretty interesting since I got Beelz as well. I was less enthused as I've already got her maxed.
Thanks, Jinxy

Dupe Doris

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Dupe Novalis

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3rd dupe of yuki-onna. Haven't run the actual numbers but based on the series listed I'm probably only missing 15-18, including daji and I don't really have high hopes for these draws. Strictly an investment in diamond returns for me!
Gave in to guilt and bought... a 4* Cthugha. Would have been more excited if I hadn't gotten my first two weeks ago, but I wasn't hoping for much anyway.
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Dupe Jinnie. Not hating it since mine is only skill 7, if I can get both to skill 10, I can max 1.
x millionth dupe of hertz

It's been a while since I've drawn from the diamond seal, this reminds me how much obsolete rubbish is in there.
3rd dupe of Gusty Puppet.
Whatever, I got the gift pack for the diamonds anyway, I think it's a good investment. 40 diamonds (10 initial + 30 more, 1 per day) for the price of 15. If you include the draws as 5 diamonds each, that's 60 diamonds worth of stuff for the price of 15. However, for me, the draws are just something extra: if I get a non-dupe, then that's nice, but I'm not expecting too much out of it.
Personally, I'm more hyped for the JTTW rate up.
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