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Gaia Team Help
Hey everyone! So pulled on increased rates for Gaia and was lucky enough to get her. I'm trying to narrow down what to focus on to make a good team for her. My first pass is attempt is Gaia-Han Xiangzi-Circe-Sagittarius-Vali+Gaia.

Han Xiangzi - God rune generation plus heal seems to sync well with Gaia active and the fact that her team skill can remove hearts.

Circe - Enchantress effect, nice continuous boost to damage.

Sagittarius - Short CD extra damage

Vali - More boost

I was thinking of putting in Freyja but this team doesn't seem to need rune generators. Perhaps Panda for def break utility? Seems niche though.

Any though on how to improve the team with what I have (see attached) or does this sound like my best possible setup?


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Yeah that's a pretty good setup. Sariel is worth training too for niche utility purposes. Desirable members you don't have are OVR Athena, Earth Yan/Ophiuchus, Geironul, Lu Xun, and Yashiro (who is no longer available but maybe someday they'll release an equivalent).

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