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[GUIDE] "Your ALL MAX" Reward: What to choose (2019 edition)
(12-07-2018, 11:23 AM)jtsmith Wrote:
(12-07-2018, 10:19 AM)evilvoice Wrote: ...

U dont have zero so i would go for him before ghroth.  Ghroth would be a choice for arena or hiei team but isnt as important as beast team.  Dual ghroth is not too good now.  

Also ur graphic is pretty low quality to see.

I also lack of Groth and Zero now, very hard choice. However, at present I will prefer Groth, since I have 3 Ghostie & 3 Mellow, so Zero as ally is good enough for me.

Another less priority is DS Dark, failed to draw the 2nd card for dragonware, so my Azathoth team seems pretty slow at the beginning of any battle.

Also I wonder when MH will ameliorate Azathoth, Hindu and the new beast series? Seems that MH only offer amelioration for collabs series short after releasing them.

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They probably wont because dragons are still powerful.  The ame u speak of is for collabs that are finished and will not recieve pr.  There are still a lot series like fallen halos or rotk1 that have not recieved pr or ame.  I dont think the new series will get ame before the rest.

Dont use ur all max for dragonware DS.  You are suppose to use ancient coin trading for that.  Dont use all max selection for things u cant get elsewhere.

I have almost everything in the first 2 sections so I guess I will pick Daji .

I dont have Zero but I have Mellow and Ghostie.
I dont have Brahma but I do have Amaterasu.
I dont have LDB but I have HXG.

Personally with the aforementioned 3 cards, I feel they can be skipped as long as you have the other half of the equation. Time will tell, but I'd rather pick a chase card than a card that might go out of style (power creeped out) within a year.

btw you can't use all max for dragonware selection as it should only show cards u dont have.

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