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[Fun Thread] Create Your Cards
(10-20-2014, 09:22 PM)Hypochondriac Wrote: Starfall sounds a bit too OPed, assuming that you can dissolve all remaining WFE and heart runes on the board in the 1st turn, INFINITE COMBOS

(10-20-2014, 10:37 PM)Ultrapyre Wrote:
(10-20-2014, 03:11 AM)Sayokyoku Wrote: Active Ability: Starfall
Bestow a buff for three turn which prevents Water, Fire and Earth runes from dropping.


Artermis / Zeus / Sirius of the Total Eclipse / PR Xi / Artermis

Nothing but Light and Dark runes and the Dark runes are aligned. Fun with infinite combos!

Oops, Greeks totally slipped my mind. XD

I'll think of some adjustment.

[Image: J0nLRNh.png]
Also available (AM): Azathoth, Sakura, VR Greek, KOF rares
UID: 22963116
Light and Dark enchantresses, are they still legit Tongue


The Prophet of Delphi 5* ----------------------------> Pythia the Oracle of Gods 6*
Race: Human Race: Human
Element: Light Element: Light
Cost: 7 Cost: 15

Stats (01/70) Stats: (01/99)
Hp: 550/1350 Hp: 1220/1510
Atk: 289/675 Atk: 600/1140
Rec: 202/380 Rec: 350/510

Active Skill: Clairvoyance
Recovery *200% and turns into defense, higher chance to dodge enemies' attacks while no attack can be done if 3 runestones are dissolved, until skill reactivated or GAME OVER
Leader Skill: The Light Force: Light Atk and Rec *150% (5*)
The Light Force EX: Light Atk/Rec *200%

The Princess of Kreta 5* ------------------------------> Ariadne the Deity of Labyrinth 6*
Race: Human Race: Still Human
Element: Dark Element: Dark
Cost: 7 Cost: 15

Hp: 570/1410 Hp: 1350/1770
Atk: 290/703 Atk: 687/1269
Rec: 200/350 Rec: 321/493

Active: Entangled (Greek skills will not be counted, same as Circe)
The more runestones of the same attribute are dissolved, the higher the attack, to the max 250%, while 10% of Hp will be deducted each turn, until skill reactivated or GAME OVER
Can be both accumulative and aligned runes (like 3+3 or 6 works the same)

Leader: The Dark force: Dark Atk/Rec *150% (5*)
Dark Enshroudment: Heart rune stone give 50% of dark runestone, Dark Atk *150%

Once a douche, always a douche.
I'm thinking maybe another Greek SM suited for Greek team mainly.

6* King of Ithaca - Odysseus 

Element: Water 
Race: Human
Cost: 25
Passive: Same as Zeus; change of active skill as well

Stats: (1/99) (Purely random but just concept)
HP: 1009/3022
ATK: 539/1800
RCR: 125/390

Active Skill: Wrath of the Sea (CD 24/LV 15)
Drop rate of Heart Runestones will be transferred to that of Water Runestones. (the Skill stays in play until the reactivation of the Skill or Defeated)

Link Skill: Command of Superior Forces - (Y)  (CD 24/LV 15)
Drop rate of (X) Runestones will be transferred to that of (Y) Runestones. (the Skill stays in play until reactivation of the Skill or defeated)
- (X) is the weaker element
- (Y) is current element

Leader Skill: Essence of Warriors
Team can only consist of Humans and Demons. HP is multiplied by the number of Humans at the max x3 with 5 humans. ATK is multiplied by the numbers of Demons at the max x4.5 with 5 Demons

+ More skydrops for Greek
+ Decent leader skill multiplier depending on how your team is composed
+ Decent stats
+ Can be paired with Yan/Xi
+ Better than Wen Zhong when used without link skill cuz his Skill goes for three turns
- Restricted to two races only, with Demons at low HP
- Long CD
- Can screw you over if you encounter a mob with certain color shields or other actives that require a certain rune
- No Heart Runestones if not paired with Greek

Just thought it'd be a fun idea since I'm a Greek main even though I have two. It's not like it'd get implemented but I thought it'd be nice to share Smile
Gimme some feedback, good or bad Big Grin

[Image: kkkeFG7.png]
ID: 67339257
Ok, so i thought about this for some time since i started playing TOS and Dota
I guess ill write just 4 for now

Ancient Defenders


Health: 3012
Rec: 640
Attk: 1480
Attr: Fire

Active: Inner Vitality
For 3 rounds, recover 5% of team attack per turn. If the team's health is below 40%, recover by 10% of team health instead.

Leader: Berserker's Blood
The lower the health, the higher the team attack and the more the monster attacks, to the max team attack x2.5 and the monster attacks for 5 turns.

Health: 2567
Rec: 480
Attk: 1480
Attr: Fire

Active: Necromastery
Recovery reduced to zero. For every enemy monster killed, team attack increases, to the max x3.5. 

Leader: Presence of the Dark Lord
Enemy defense -70%, team attack x2
Drow Ranger

Health: 2106
Rec: 326
Attk: 1324
Attr: Dark

Active: Frost Arrows
For 5 rounds, monsters that are attacked by this monster get their cd delayed by 1

Leader: Marksmanship
Team attack x3. If no attack is launched by the monster, team attack x1.5

Keeper of the light

Health: 2358
Rec: 546
Attk: 1317
Attr: Light

Active: Chakra Magic
Restore cds of 2 random Monsters

Leader: Illuminate
Team attack x1.5. After 4 rounds, team attack x4. This runs as a cycle.

Health: 3125
Rec: 425
Attk: 1468
Attr: Earth

Active: Echo Slam
70% of the attack dealt to enemy monster is dealt to other monsters. If 4 or less combos are made, attack and recovery is cancelled 

Leader: Enchant Totem
A non-attributive attack of 50000 is launched after every attack by monsters in the team
I can think of some of my own, but it's nice to have some other gods in the field:

(All of the followings are gods)
Indian Pantheon
Saraswati (Fire)
Stats: To be distributed Tongue
Active skill: Cosmic Power
Deals a fixed damage to all enemies regardless of element. Following turn, team attack and recovery x150%
Leader Skill: Infinite Knowledge
Attack x2.5, HP x1.25, attribute relation isn't applied.

Lakshmi (Earth)
Stats: To be distributed
Active Skill: Prosperity
Enemies will become stun for 1 turn, next turn team attack x1.5.
Leader Skill: Create Wealth
Earn 2x Gold in battle. Team attack x2. x2.5 when there are 3 or more God. Attribute relation isn't applied.

Parvati (Water)
Stats: To be distributed.
Active Skill: To Battle!
Change self attribute to Fire, Fire attack x2. (This skill primarily bases on her aspect of Durga)
Leader Skill: Purity of esssence
When team only consists of Water and Fire Attribute, attack x2.5, x3.5 when only consists of Gods.

Shakti (Earth)
Stats: To be distributed
Active Skill: Universal Energy
Three rows of runestones will be added. Attack increases as more combos are made. (Attack x2 for >10 combos, attack x2.5 for >20 combos, attack x3 for >25 combos)
Leader Skill: Omnipotent
When ally is either one of the Tridevi, change attribute according to Ally. Team attack x3.5 when consists of only Gods. When heart runestones are dissolve, 50% chance of getting attack x1.5.

Ganesha (Water)
Stats: Co-ordinate to that of Shakti's.
Active Skill: Thirty-two forms
Attack x2 for 2 turns. Deals 32 attacks at the enemies (Of original attack).
Leader Skill: Conjuring Weath.
Gold earned from battle x2.5. When paired with Parvati, team recovery x2.5.

Meso-American Pantheon: All gods from this pantheon has the same skill according to their attribute.
Voltan (Earth)
Active Skill: Quake of Century
Drop rate of Water runestones will be transfered to that of Earth runestones for 3 turns. Attack x1.25 when >5 combos are made for the first turn.
Leader Skill: Resolution of Earth.
When ten or more Earth runestones are dissolved, Earth attack x4.5, otherwise, attack x0.75. Attack x1.5 when no Water runestones are dissolved.

Chaac (Water)
Buluc Chabtan (Fire)
Ahau (Light)
Hun-Came (Dark)

Gukumatz (Dark)
Active: Serpent of Creation.
Self attack x10 but inactivate all leader skills. Activate until defeated or disabled. (Can be multiplied by active skills).
Leader: Hymn of Creation
Recover HP of 1x recovery. Deal 1x attack every turn after runestones are dissolved.

Tepeu (Light)
Active: For one turn all combos count -4 for self attack x10. If less than 5 combos are made, self inflict 5x of monster's attack.
Leaer: Light attack x2.5, recovery x1.5.

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