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Fun Combination: Y'golonac +Shire
I was thinking of something fun to do with Shire in Yusuke team when I came across this:

If I activate Y'golonac followed by Shire, it guarantees that the bottom row will be light runes (Y'golonac's effects), followed by a top row of water runes (Shire's effect).

The best part? Since bottom row is all light runes, Shire's 2.5 additional multiplier is guaranteed.

Y'golonac has a 5 CD cooldown, while Shire has 6.

But a 6 CD combination of 2.5 multiplier with 2 types of attacking runes (Light and Water) for Yusuke team isn't too shabby right? P/S Y'golonac gives Yusuke a sniping effect as well.

Anyone trying this as well?

Fun fact: Shire is an executioner while Y'golonac has no head, so they go well together I guess?

It's not that hard to just do a Rose-style two sets of three dissolve at the bottom to activate Shire. Shire I think is not that good or interesting, just a nice card for newer players who are lacking members for Yusuke.

With extreme stat boosting teams like Yusuke who is already his own converter and rarely has drought anyway due to equivalency, it's a bit better overall to carry enchantresses (Kurapika, Andromeda, Cassandra) or utility for solving specific problems. Shire is okay, but I feel like you shouldn't have a playstyle in mind where you consistently use two actives that aren't renewable or sustainable in some way when there's no need to.

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Feels like a waste to use 2 skills to get only 2.5x attack. I agree normally both will not be in the same team.

But in some extreme case (say X-shot, or 50% poison path), this will be useful

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