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Freaks of Joy Guild level 19 is recruiting again! Casual. All levels are welcome.
Hi, I would like to join your guild

IGN: milfhunter
ID: 57427394

Level 187, just came back and started being active again.

Will make a request to the guild now as I did not like the previous guilds due to the lack of allies.
I am able to provide Pompeii, Killarupa, Kurapika and Li TeGuai.

Thank you Smile

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I am the new president of the guild.

We are recruiting new members and looking for merging with other guilds. (All levels are welcome. No donations or minimum GE points requirement.)

Please come to join us to play the guild event together. As usual, we achieved 20k for the last guild event.

Please feel free to contact me if questions.

(P.S. Sorry for the inconvenience. Due to time zone differences, you may have to wait a day for your acceptance to become a guild member.)


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