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Flute of Magic Power
I was gonna farm this guy for Elizabeth team, but it seems he has no team skill. Does anyone know if this is an error that will be corrected or is it only the fire one who gets the team skill with bloodfiends?

Also, I noticed that all my runs at Flute had been reset in the quests log. For example, I had beat advanced twice, but now it shows "0/4" for advanced runs to get the free copy. Anyone else with this issue?

about Team Skill... seems only no description, but the skill is there. if you have Eliz, can ally another Eliz and before the battle, see whether that Team Skill button is lit. if so, click see whether correct TS there. i dont have Eliz. read JoetjeF comment here

about that run x times get the card... on earlier day of the Water biwekly, MH didnt put in that quest...
there's a place you can view all the stamina consumption, 3/3 battles, guild missions, sign in... that run x times get the card quest didnt exist there...

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