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Fire team
This issue my fire card pool, not sure which team I should train, should I focus on nobunaga, or train tyr, or use cao cao, or use fire greek

Nobu or Hep ur choice lol

Greek in meta and Nobu well you have some human and dragon cards that are suitable for nobu so

up to yu xd

Yeah. Nobu or Heph. You don't appear to have fire enchantresses (toggles) which is a problem. Nobu needs Medea, possibly Bedivere. Heph needs at least one of those, and if you're lucky, Fire Bride. Both of them want Shakuro, who is one of Fire's best defensive cards.

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Tyr will take a lot of resources to build up, and isn't very good in the current meta, so I wouldn't recommend it for now.

Cao Cao is less of a Fire team and more of a Fire Demon team, and is more niche than general use. Yog-Sothoth, Doris, Jackie, and Achilles + Thetis are members you might consider putting in that are also useful to train generally.

Hephaestus and Nobunaga are both strong meta choices. Possible Nobunaga members would be Sean, Farrah, Agatha + Cthugha, Fthaggua, Agnesi + Vouivre, and Seth. Hephaestus can also use Metatron, Kongo Yasha Myoo, Heimdallr, Suzuko, and Uriel alongside any of the Cao Cao and Nobunaga members mentioned above.
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Can I still get shakuro
Also which card should I focus now for fire?
(03-04-2018, 09:15 PM)jason3000 Wrote: Can I still get shakuro

Shakuro was originally a summer guild event card, so there will probably be a summer guild event with slvl10 shakuro as a personal guild event point prize. 
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