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February 17th Rate Up for Yamato Series
I went into today's draw with a fairly strict budget of 30 dimes as I went a bit nuts with the JTTW event. I had Kagutsuchi from my purchase reward...pretty happy with my results!


5/6 new and now only missing 2 from the series. Not going to push my luck!

Out of 10 draws, I got:

Susanoo x3
Kushinada x3
Kagutsuchi x2
Inari x1
Tsukuyomi x1

Was really hoping to get Izanagi since I'm desperate for a good Earth leader but I guess Tsukuyomi is fine. Still, so much for rare card rate up. Sad

You guys are scaring me with the draws, I'm skimming through these posts and I see so few Amaterasu and Izanagi (I already have Tsukuyomi so she's not my target anymore)

I only have 10 dimes to draw with... Sad

I guess we'll see tomorrow. The rate up isn't open yet where I am.

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I drew 15 times and got Izanagi and Amaterasu.
Among that was also 7 Susanoo Sad

Really wanted Tsukuyomi, but happy with Izanagi.
I got lucky on the first draw, maybe I should have stopped there. One rare in 10 draws. I'd like to get get Izanagi, but not enough to spend the rest of my dimes. I'll think about it.

Damn i am 5h+ away and you guys are also scaring me, i was hoping to get the full set with less than the 18 draws i set as my personal limit >.< ... lol ohh well.
Leaders I'm MISSING
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PR: Yunyang, Ninurta, dark babilonian. 
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Got Susanoo from the free draw. Excited to see what troll day has to offer me...

First draw... Tsukuyomi! Damn, not even sure, if drawing any more is a good idea now

Well then, let's proceed with the rest of my draws with the dimes I have for now:

Susanoo dupe, but not even mad, since it's just my second draw from the seal

Looks like the ToS God is finally on my side after giving me the third (in two months from free seals!) Chtugha from my recent gift pack draw Big Grin
I'm considering calling it a day for the seal now and not using any more diamonds on it, since the only cards missing for me now are Amaterasu (my bet is it won't come to me just like Guan Yu didn't) and Kagutsuchi (whom I personally consider a useless card, since Medea does his job better imo). Getting Amaterasu is really tempting tho...
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Mufasa is love, Mufasa is life  Heart
did 3 draws

now back to saving dimes...
14 draws
Izanagi X 3
The rest all thrash...
Shall be contented since Izanagi is the only decent leader from this seal and with sexy actives.
Best of luck guys~
[TLS] Sian
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All Maxed Cards Count: 101
First draw on the higher % to get the three rares on my alternate TOS account, Izanagi.

Did not continue as I have two of the three rares in my alternate account.
Tsukuyomi and Izanagi

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