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Favorite Teams
Favorite teams huh?

Light : Arthur team is probably my favorite, gives an interesting playstyle between dissolving or leaving runes for attack boost. Now all we need is more light humans P:

Dark : it's a tie between Loki and Rose. Loki being one of my most reliable card for a long time, clearing most stages for me. While Rose.. Rose is a godsend since I lost my chance to get Lucy back then, plus having 4 Rose in the team is fun for constant bursts. 

Earth : even though I love using Izanagi (and primarily being my reliable earth team) , Barb+Nidhogg will always have a special place in my heart for being the one true team that used to safely allow me to farm in most SM.

Water : as of now I'm lacking in water teams, but I have to say that I like playing with Freyr and Abraham (with Abraham being more risky when there's rune drought)

Fire : Chessia and Nobunaga. Both can deal ridiculously high damage and is really fun to use. The runner up has to be Tyr + fire gods.

Rainbow : Druid / Beast. Really powerful, has good healing, utility and survivability. Add Fenrir,it's the one team that I've been wiping the floor with (especially in the current arena). 

Best series : Druid + Spiritual Civ., Probably the best investment I've ever made in this game lol.

Best race : dragons. Faugn was my first diamond draw and will always be my favorite card. Even though dragons have lost its place in the meta, they'll always be my favorite race. (Please make dragons great again MH)


maybe cao cao, too. But nothing beats some Odin action.

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Earth Izanagi
Fire ama
water Xi
Dark lu bu
Light Tsz

Been a fan of Randeng/Yang Jian for a long time. Love skydrops.

So far my favourite teams are Maya , Pontos/Erebus and currently Sakura. I have played Izanagi for too long now to actually like him even though I use it as friends point magnet.

Another team I like is Babylon series with 4x 40% skydrop ame.
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looking for top players in leaderboards so i can copy your team.
no black cards plz

Forum United 3 recruiting

Izanagi and guanyu
My fave team now is sakura.
Put all elves with 3 flora series for tumblr.
Put gemini, khaos, luna, shyplant.
This team can max gemini multiplier in 2 turns, have 3 row tt, 19k hp and 4krcr.

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