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Fading light - Apollo (All max) (VR Apollo -Divergence- 4.5 light god multiplier)
IGN: [BY] Skipeach

ID: 34090454
Main ally: Fading light - Apollo (All max)
Other allies: Wildlife of Ordeal (All max), VR Tyr (All max), VR Freyr (All max), VR Loki (All max) Chessia (Dual max), PR OOtengu (All Max), VR Artemis (skill lvl 8), VR Athena (skill lvl 10), Phanes (skill lvl 10), PR Pontos (lvl 90, skill llv 3), He Xian'gu (working on, soon be maxed)
Wanted allies: Fading light - Apollo (All max) , any other mentioned in other allies (or any at all, have more than a 100 free frieds slots)


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