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Facebook reward codes
First of all thanks to Revdarian for starting the thread with Facebook codes. I'll be taking it over from him and ensure that all information is updated in this post.
  1. Click on the link for either English or Chinese Server at the bottom of this post (this includes the code so you don't have to enter it manually)
  2. Enter your TOS UID
  3. Enter your Inbox verification code (can be found in the inbox and at the bottom of the Announcements)
  4. Tick the T&C box and click on "Confirm"
  5. Click on "Confirm" again to receive the gift
Alternatively, for English Server browse to, for Chinese Server, browse to or you can subscribe to these offers on the Madhead Facebook offer pages: Expired codes:
TOsGift270m (5 Black Keys)
ToSgIft3m28 (20 Souls)
tOSGIFT92M3 (200,000 Coins)
ToSGlft30Ma  (5 Black Keys)
TosGiFT4a3p (200,000 Coins)
toSgiftAp4L (4 Black Keys)
TOsgifT35Ri (20 Souls)
TosGiftur6a (250,000 Coins)
toSgiFTfa7p (4 Black Keys)
ToZgiTT88LP (20 Souls)
tossgiift9B (4 Black Keys)
tOsGiFT4ate0 (200,000 Coins)
tozgiftee141 (20 Souls)
TOsvifT12Ti (200,000 Coins)
TosGitturd43 (4 Black Keys)
ToSfBKeyf31Y (2 Black Keys)
TOsFBkEy6a (2 Black Keys)
toSfbkeYM2 (2 Black Keys)
TOSFbKEyD1 (2 Black Keys)
toSFbkEY2k (2 Black Keys)
tOsSoLM16 (15 Souls)
TosSOulMR16 (15 Souls)
TOsoUL16R (15 Souls)
tOSgiFT4tfen (20 Souls)
ToZgiTTif5A (4 Black Keys)
tospGiift16il (200,000 Coins)
toSSciFt7pr4 (4 Black Keys)
TOSGift18aa (20 Souls)
tOsGidtp91r (200,000 Coins)
tosGIfttw2y0 (4 Black Keys)
tQsgiFT21st (200,000 Coins)
TosSouLK1O (20 Souls)
ToSSOul10K (20 Souls)
tOssoo1LK1 (20 Souls)
T0SsuolKOl (20 Souls)
toSSou10K (20 Souls)
ToSgIIIta2p2 (4 Black Keys)
TOsgIDt3ril (20 Souls)
tQsgiFT24th (20 Souls)
TozGift5Fva (200,000 Coins)
tossiiFt624w (15 Stamina)
TOsGiFtsev7 (4 Black Keys, expires 28 April 23:59 HK time) tOsGGFTE8E8 (200,000 Coins, expires 29 April 23:59 HK time) Note that for stamina rewards, you cannot exceed your maximum stamina, so only redeem if you are at least 15 stamina below full stamina.
To find out your local time for 19:00 HK click here and for 23:59 HK click here.

thank you joetjef!

TOsGift270m (5 Black Keys)

That code was expired when I tried to use it a while ago.

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Retired from TOS. Only playing semi-actively. Message me on Discord if you need me: CursedBlackCat#7801
(04-02-2017, 04:16 AM)TheCatGod Wrote: TOsGift270m (5 Black Keys)

That code was expired when I tried to use it a while ago.

Thanks, I just checked all codes on my alt account and that's indeed the only one that's expired.
The codes that I had found previously from the Chinese FB page had what looked like expiry dates written in it, but I can't be sure since I can't read Chinese. For example, the ToSSOul10K code in this post seems to have an expiry date which is on the 23rd of April.
ID: 39,040,287
Main ally: Terry

You're right, I checked TOS Facebook page and the first 13 codes all expire after 1 month. I've added all info in the topic start.
Maybe also add a "new" tag to ones added after. Since the post has changed, I have no idea if any of these are newer than the last one posted on the other thread, which I don't see here.
Thanks for organizing the codes. Perhaps you can just post the new code under this thread as a form of logging while updating OP as a quick reference for all the codes.
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ID: 43061313
Added a new code: TosGiFT4a3p (200,000 coins, expires 4 April 19:00 HK)
Another new code added: toSgiftAp4L (4 Black Keys, expires 5 April 19:00 HK time)

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