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FAQ For Beginners
Hi all Big Grin,

As I have been seeing the same questions being asked repeatedly on the forums, I have decided to compile a list of questions that are frequently asked and answer them. I’ll try to keep it short and simple.

But before I start, here are a few links that you have to definitely (well, not really) check out.

ToS Official Facebook Page

Facebook group with walkthrough and guides on ToS

Guide for Newbies (includes resetting instructions)

Guide to skill leveling or Guide to skill leveling 2

The best cards to start with

Complete list of active skills and enemies abilities

Can't seem to find allies in the Add Me section? Try here.

ToS Wiki

Now that we get that out of our way, let’s move on to the questions.

Q: Help, my cards are so weak! (well, not really a question but still)

A: There are 2 ways out of this situation. First, you can keep doing diamond seals (like, duh) until you get the cards you want.
[Image: 60683_299624986834104_836710864_n.png]

Since that is out of most player’s ability, the next best thing you can do is farm for some cards that are usable.

Q: What cards are farm-able? How do I farm for XXX?

A: Farm-able cards include
Paladins [Image: 100px-139i.png],
Fate Sisters [Image: 100px-121i.png],
Defensive Dragons [Image: 100px-043i.png],
CN beasts [Image: 100px-028i.png] (Great Schemas) and
Starters [Image: Lord_Nathaniel_%28Icon%29.png] (Molly, Sean, Duncan, Nathaniel, Endor). In addition, special battles in the lost relic reward rare cards although they can be pretty tough for beginners.

Paladins, fate sisters and defensive dragons can be farmed in side island quests where they are the picture of that stage. These stages are, namely, 2-1, 2-2, 2-5, 4-1, 4-2, 4-5, 5-1, 5-2, 5-5 of their respective side island quests.

In addition, CN beasts can be found on any stage on the 1st, 2nd and 4th level of their respective island side-quests. On top of that, they are found as a sub-boss on 5-5 of their respective side islands.

The drop rates are pretty low, but still pretty farm-able.

Starters can be farmed in Enochian Tower (excluding the 3rd level, unconfirmed though) and the 6th level of the side islands, although the drop and encounter rate is far too low to be worthy of the time it takes (for Enochian Tower).

It's not official (too tedious to prove with statistics too), but it's rumoured (and agreed among some communities) that the higher the stage you are farming on, the higher the drop rate. General rule of thumb, is to farm at the highest stage where you can do so without dying. This way, you get more out of your stamina (exp/coin/cards) while you're at it. And remember, it will not be done in a short while, fortune favours the patient.

** According to a trusted source, Golems are not farm-able anywhere except for special battles in the lost relic. Then again, it is not confirmed (same goes for Immortal beasts from friend point seals), so I'll leave this here.

[Image: grind.jpg]

For other cards that are not listed (most of them are un-farm-able), check out this post by Metacreeper

Q: What are the drop rates for Lost Relic special battles?

A: No one knows for sure but it’s safe to make the following estimates
Apprentice & Elite: 1-2%
Master: 20%
GrandMaster: 50%

Q: How do I level up my cards effectively?

A: Firstly, it is important to know that elves and witches are experience expanders, i.e. they give more exp when fed then the amount it took to raise them to that level. Also, the fact that feeding cards of the same attribute nets you 1.5x exp than otherwise.

[Image: 264508_195846000566244_1123766379_n.jpg]
(Credits to Ario for this table.)

Following the above table, you will want to raise your slimes, elves and witches as close to the green level as possible and below the red level. By feeding the other levelling materials to your witches (elves if you run out of witches) and subsequently to your main cards, you are saving coins and getting more exp out of it too. There are far too many combinations for feeding for me to list so I guess you have to experiment to find out.

Q: What is the best way to spend my diamonds?

A: After your first few diamond seals, it’s really up to you for this. My recommendation, on level of importance:
Inventory > Friend List > Stamina > Diamond seals > Continue a battle

Q: What are the popular teams/combinations used?

A: There are really too many to list but I’ll list what I can think of.
1. Beast team
2. Mono-team (which is further divided into Greek/Euro, more division for certain attributes)
3. Dragon team
4. Paladin team
5. Metallic dragon team (a.k.a. Critical team)
6. Crescendo/Trojan team
7. Eclipse team (Solar Sirius + Lunar Sirius)

Metacreeper has made a compilation of most of the popular deck builds used, providing a brief guide on how to put together each of these team. (click me!)

Q: Help, I keep dying!

A: Besides the obvious answer of strengthening your team, your leader/ally can play a huge part in ensuring survival. These leaders/allies are
1. Damage Reduction: Wukong/Defence Dragons
2. HP: Great Schema of Earth/Paladin King of Light
3. Tumbler (cannot be killed by an attack when your HP is more than 70%/50% [depending on choice of monster]): Crystal Dragon/Paladin Queen of Water
4. Healer: Idun
5. Dissolving X runestone can have healing effect : Urd/Skuld/Verdandi

Also, there are team members that can aid survival, they are,

Shield: Paladin Queen of Water/Great Schema of Earth
Control: Urd/Medusa/Isabel the Black Widow
Healing: Paladin King of Light/Idun/Saruman
Heart runes generator: Great Schema of Fire/Dark, Cthulhu, Griffin, Cthulga the Flare Demon, Byakhee the Interstellar Being, Dagon the Sire of Deep Ones, 2* and above slimes.

Q: I can’t seem to make many combos! Help, anyone?

There really is no hard-and-fast way to go about improving your game. What you can do is watch videos of other people playing and try to learn the way they turn their runes. In the end, nothing is more important than practising. After all, practice makes perfect!

Q: I’m missing some materials for evolving my cards!

First, check on the wiki for the required materials.
Then, click me!
I’ll let the picture do the speaking. Alternatively, they are farm-able in the Lost Relic during weekdays,

Tuesday: Swords
Wednesday: Honeymons
Thursday: Crystal Dragons
Friday: Elements

Alternatively, check out this useful evolution guide by Metacreeper

Q: Do the boss cards drop from the Zodiac battles?
A: As of now, they do not drop and are only obtain-able from diamond seals.

Q: I have so many cards to evolve! Which should I evolve first?
A: If you are talking about evolving first, it depends on your needs. Do you have enough HP? If not, evolve your cards with High HP. Not enough RCR? Evolve those with high RCR. Same goes for attack. Remember to plan carefully such that your team cost is not exceeded!

Q: Which stage bonus is the best to play on? (2x EXP/50% STM/2x Seal Card Drop Rate)
A: There is no definite answer to this! It depends on your preferences but here's a breakdown on what each bonus entails.
There are 3 things to consider when comparing types of stage bonus, namely, time spent, EXP and seal card drops, with the benchmark being T, amount of time spent, E, amount of EXP obtained and C, number of seal cards obtained on a non-bonus day.

For the same amount of stamina spent,
2X EXP: T/S/2E/C
-50% STM: 2T/0.5S/2E/2C
2X seal card drop: T/S/E/2C

Generally speaking, -50% STM is the best bonus to play (even though we can't really choose what to play) but it takes twice the amount of time, so it may be a problem to those that are busy.

Q: Is it possible to drop anything besides soulstones on Transmigration?
A: Nope, however, once in a while, an event will be available where rewards are available for clearing every 5 stages (1 diamond every 5 stages) of Transmigration starting from 20. In the new Transmigration, the rewards are a little different.

Q: Omg, my Urd/Medusa is bugged, I can't freeze the enemy after I froze him previously!
A: Don't worry, your Urd/Medusa is not bugged! It is just a game-balancing-act to prevent permanently freezing of the enemy. As such, the enemy has to launch an attack at least once before a second control skill can be used (i.e. freeze does not work when the stone/water drop icon is still on the monster, and will only be gone after the enemy attacks, after which you will be able to freeze it again). This applies for other similar debuffs like Achilles/Beowulf/Poppy/Isabel, so do take note.

Q: Help! Instant battles are not giving me any more diamonds for clearing!
A: Instant battles, like any other battles, only reward a diamond the first time you clear it. If there is a "CLEAR" beside the battle, it means that you have already completed the battle previously and have been rewarded accordingly.

Q: What are Harpies and Madheads for?
A: Harpies will raise the skill level of the card it is fed to at a 100% rate. Do note that it will not raise the skill level of a maxed skill. Madhead will guarantee a Perfect when fed with other cards. Therefore, it is best to feed your Madhead with Prime Soulstones; 4 Prime Soulstones with Madhead will give 1.2Mil+ exp

Q: What are the Eye Spirits for?
A: Eye spirits, when fed to another card that is not at its maxed level, will raise the target card's level by 1,3 or 5, depending on the Eye Spirit you're feeding, irregardless of the final result (Great/Brilliant/Perfect). They can be used together and carry no other special effects when used alongside a Madhead.

That’s all for now and I’ll continue to update with more questions. If there are any question requests, or if you wish to point out anything wrong in my answers, then feel free to reply below. Alternatively, you can also drop me a message for anything!

Thanks for reading! Big Grin

The brightest light casts the darkest shadows.
Nice! Up ur rep. Esp the witch elf slime exp table. I was looking for that. Big Grin

Searching for all Hertz (Sagittarius) ally. Any level. Add me! Big Grin

[Image: e3935e64.jpg]
Updated with a few more questions.

The brightest light casts the darkest shadows.
Thanks bro. Nice guide, really useful for newbie like me.
[Image: 14238217_2117847809.png]

[Image: 455df34e.jpg]

Ally level max: PR Nezha and PR Freyja= Main Ally,
All Norse Gods, PKOE, AoD, AoF, Poppy, Pollux, Domon, Pisces, Virgo, Minamoto, Astaroth, Odin, PR Molly.
Just message me in game if you need those ally.
Good effort put in for the guide. Thumbs up for you.

This will be very useful for new players.
mods, someone should pin this thread! this info is really helpful.
Glad to see this people finding this thread useful Big Grin Suggestions and feedback are welcome.
The brightest light casts the darkest shadows.
Wow I certainly found this helpful thanks Big Grin

Just one more question however:

Is it possible to drop anything besides soulstones on Transmigration?

Thanks Big Grin
(08-03-2013, 08:01 PM)Cryogenic Wrote: Wow I certainly found this helpful thanks Big Grin

Just one more question however:

Is it possible to drop anything besides soulstones on Transmigration?

Thanks Big Grin

Nope Confused

However, once in a while, an event will be available where rewards are available for clearing every 5 stages (1 diamond every 5 stages) of Transmigration starting from 20. Big Grin

Will add the question to the list Big Grin
The brightest light casts the darkest shadows.
shoot. Oh well thanks anyways Big Grin

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