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Erebus team vs Copper Bullet?
Which one its better? I have really good dark cards as well as dragon cards lmao!

Edit: I have Lancelot, Erebus and some really good dark converters, I think that would be better than a good copper bullet team, correct if I am wrong.

Neither of them are top tier in the meta right now, but both are good enough to get by and clear a lot of main quests/traveler's memories/bi-weekly/older SMs. Probably Erebus is a more flexible and capable of taking on more kinds of enemy skills. It would be nice to see your full card list to get a good idea of which you have better resources for, but probably you should build both if you think they're your strongest potential teams. Having different playstyles to deal with different obstacles is usually good.

But just going by what you've said, Lancelot and two Erebus's are already enough converters for a team, especially considering Erebus's teamskill. You'll need damage boosters and utility. If you have Endor, she's kind of all three, converter, damage boost, and utility, so I'd really recommend training her up.

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