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Dragons (EDs/DSs/Nidhogg/GSOA/Ao Guang)
IGN: chris fong
ID: 56555159
Main ally: Nidhogg (Max LV & CP)
Other allies: EV Erebus (Max LV & CP), PR Artemis (Max LV & CP)
Wanted allies: PR Barbara (Max LV, CP, AM)

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add me pls i need faugn or wavel ally


IGN: Saal
ID: 84119634
Main ally: Abadon, Barbara
Other allies: Madam Chyan, Yang Jian, Dipankara, Beelzebub, Lu Bu, Baby King
Wanted allies: NIDHOGG! (or anything that suits my other allies)

Thanks in advance.

Looking for PR Pilatus

ID: 22.833.169
[22,833,169] Jackie, Apollo, Poseidon, Jia Rou, Wukong, Wen Zhong, Poppy, Jiang Ziya
[3,590,149] Todd, Loki, Artemis, Hephaestus, Nezha, Jia Rou, Nezha, Osiris, Inanna, Namtar, Athena

..and alot more. Accepting every active player regardless of ally! Feel free to add me!
(07-07-2015, 05:45 PM)DarchZero Wrote: Doublemaxed PR Nidhogg ready for any dragon summoner's service. Only available on request. Add me with an interesting ally and you might get in my list. Or PM me here, which is much easier.

whats ur id bro

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IGN : Kelvin Koh
I/D : 68962544
Main Ally : Engulfing Darkness - Novalis
Other Allies : Forceful Sin-punisher - Wawel, Hoping to get Pluma the Heroic Bandit

Wanted Allies : Ursula (PR), Barbara (PR), Copper Bullet, Masamune, etc
IGN: Nicki-13
ID: 50420650

Main allyTongueompeii, Draco, Barbara
many gods using Pompeii
Addon all
Wanted Allies: beasts, machine, dragons, elves, demons.

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