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Dragons (EDs/DSs/Nidhogg/GSOA/Ao Guang)
Id 28,915,864
Need nidhogg ally.
Available allies: pr dagon, hep, pr cthulga, pr tulzscha

IGN:Unknown Error lvl 25
ID:70 711 647
Main Ally:Earth ED 5 stars
Other Allies:Loki
LF: Any Dragon with Dragon Drops Skill and other skills boosting Dragon att power and rec also accepting Benevolent Dragon LS cards

IGN: Xanza
ID: 69408337
Main Ally: Ao Guang
Wanted Allies: Any 200+% dragon boosts or dragon boosts + recovery

[Image: 6eb3424c.jpg]

IGN: katrina
ID: 63310378
Usual Allies : Valac , PR Faugn
Wanted Allies from dragons : Nidhogg , PR Faugn , Dragoness Ursula ( high skill lvl if possible not neccessarily maxed ) .
[Image: ALICE%20SIGGY%20b_zpshtp8fqry.jpg]
IGN: l3lackl3eret
ID: 34946480
Ally: PR Faugn
Want: Ursula
User ID: 34946480
allmax dagon looking for nidhogg ally thanks!
id 40607722
Recruiting for Guild SG
Looking for allies: Duck king/queen, pr saruman, pr sirius, pr tefnut/osiris/shu, thor
[Image: 1587cae4.jpg]
IGN: naoki
ID: 57129151
Ally: PR Faugn IV or refer to my sign
Want: PR Daji or you plan to PR you daji soon.
Main Ally: PR Faugn IV
Other Allies: Poseidon IV, Loki IV, Randeng, Athena IV, Nidhogg, Domon, Leo, AOL IV, Ursula IV, Novalis IV, PR Idun IV,
Need Ally: PR Wukong, PR Daji,

IGN: Thorin
ID: 15344675
Main Ally: PR Nathaniel Max Lv. Working on Skill LV. Ameroliration LV 2
Other Allies: Dagon Lv Max CD6, Govindasaur Lv.86 Skill Max, Lightigon Lv Max CD 12 Psalm Whisperer Lv. 16 Working on it.
Wanted Allies: Faugn the Dread Devourer, Tulzscha the Radiant Overseer

[Image: e17d5a91.jpg]

Dragon Deck LEVELING UP! (OP REC) *200%

IGN: Infernus
ID: 33834844
Main ally: PR Ethereal Dragons (all max skill, except pr tulzcha) (Dagon and Faugn ame4)
Other allies: Chernabog, Archimandrite of Aqua(max skill), ursula, PR endor (max skill and ame), most dragon in the game (I am lacking nidhogg, flamisaur, honor, Ao Guang, golems), Artemis
Wanted allies: TRIBAL BEASTS (any, prefers Odous if possible), any Dragon, Agnesi, Queen of Hearts

PM me in-game if you want to change my ally :3
Name: Rascal
ID : 44,875,919
1. Dragoness - Ursula (2nd Amelioration Skill, LVLing in progress, I just sealed this card) - MAIN -

2. Byakhee the Cosmic Berserker - PR Earth Dragon (4th Amelioration Skill MAX LVL)
3. Dragoness - Agatha (4th Amelioration Skill MAX LVL) .
4. Faugn the Dread Devourer - PR Dark Dragon (3rd Amelioration Skill MAX LVL)
5. Dagon the Deep Dictator - PR Water Dragon (3rd Amelioration Skill MAX LVL)
6. Tulzscha the Radiant Overseer - PR White Dragon (1st Amelioration Skill MAX LVL)

(PM me if you want one of these)

Looking for:
1. Dragon Follower - Novalis
2. Dragon Follower - Novalis
3. Dragon Follower - Novalis
4. Dragon Follower - Novalis

5. Nidhogg the Lord of Undead
6. Dragoness - Ursula

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