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Dragons (EDs/DSs/Nidhogg/GSOA/Ao Guang)
Need PR Faugn Ally. (Mine will be maxlvl/amo in a week)

Currently Ally: PR Tyr, PR Thor, Santa, PR Wukong, Apollo and many more!

My ID is in my Sig. Cheers!

[Image: e8852693.jpg]

My Regular Allies: Wukong, PR Thor, PR Tyr, PR Faugn and Apollo.

Game ID: 33,393,653
Main AllyBig Grinragon Follower-Novalis
Other Allies:Ursula ,Minamoto No Yushisune
Wanted alliesTongueR Ethereal Dragons / Nidhogg The Lord Of Undead

IGN: rddior
ID:58 880 471
Main Ally: Ursula - Blue DS
Other Allies: -
Wanted allies: Any Dragon

[Image: 78f5f2d80b.f.jpg]
IGN: Kamilos
ID:64 468 754
Main Ally: Faugn the Dread Devourer 6* IV lev 99 CD 15
Other Allies: Loki 7* IV lev 99 CD 13
Wanted allies: Any Dragon
IGN: Juan
ID: 54 962 818
Main ally: PR Faugn
Other allies: Poseidon IV
Wanted allies: PR Faugn and/or Poseidon
ID: 54962818

Looking for Gaia allies

Forum United 3 recruiting - 126856
IGN: Maseiii
ID: 53 432 177
Main ally: FAUGN (currently leveling up)
Other allies: yan jian
Wanted allies: pr faugn
IGN: yang
ID: 14528182
Main ally: PR dagon
Other allies: novalis, gsoa, marbas
Wanted allies: pr faugn, pr tulzscha, ursula
IGN: [SG] Grimoire
ID: 66546525
Main ally: 6* Daji
Other allies:
Wanted allies: pr ursula (preferably max level or at least skill level decent)
IGN: Nyuu
ID: 69,264,566
Main Ally: 6*Ursula
Wanted allies: Any decent Water/Light Leader
Need nidhogg ally, max level/cd if possible
Id : 39723837
Available allies : pr faugn,pr cthulga, pr dagon, ursula max cd, nidhogg max lvl, novalis , pr tyr, apollo, and a few others

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