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Dragons (EDs/DSs/Nidhogg/GSOA/Ao Guang)

ID: 62,402,092

Fixed ally: PR Idun Max Level Ame Lv4.

Other Allies

Dragon: PR Dark ED, PR Earth ED, PR Water ED, PR Fire ED (leveling up), Light DS, Water DS.

God: PR Valkrie Max lvl, PR Verdandi Max lvl.

Wanted ally: Dark DS, PR Wukong, Earth DS, Fire DS & Nidhogg

ID: 27,845,745
Main ally: 6* Water DS
Other allies: 6* Fire DS
Wanted allies: Any dragons or dragon spiritors

Main ally: Novallis, Lvl 99 / PR Cthuga (Lvl 99, Skill Max) PR Faugn (Currently Leveling)
Other allies: PR Faugn, PR Idun, Apollo, Poseidon, PR Verdandi
Wanted allies : Nidhogg / PR ED / Ursula, Novallis, Agatha / PR Ao Guang Big Grin

My id and ldr in my sig. Currently is PR Daji most of the time but will subject to chg.
Looking for Nidhogg ally! All my Nidhogg ally has gone.
Add me @ 32593523. Accepting everyone with all kind of ally.
My ally: all max PR Daji
Main ally: PR Faugn Max Level Max Skill Max Amelioration
Wanted allies : Nidhogg / PR Faugn / Daji Big GrinBig Grin

Many thankssssss~
IGN: Water Lemonade
ID: 59714107
Main ally: PR freyr /PR fraugn
Other allies: PR Verandi, defensive/ethereal dragon
Wanted allies: PR Faugn IV (Lv 99)
Water Luck team
Allies: (pm to change)
        [Image: 9lfw3o.jpg]

[Image: 071ef07c.jpg]
IGN: Cygnus
ID: 5736470
Main ally: Ursula IV Max level / Skill
Other allies: PR Faugn IV
Wanted allies: PR Faugn IV (Lv 99)
IGN: Henrilaw
ID: 49422398
Main ally: PR Faugn (Max level / Skill / Amelioration)
Other allies: PR Water/Earth ED , Water DS (Max level / Skill / Amelioration)
Maleficent (Max level / Skill)
Wanted allies: Nidhogg
IGN: IceIceFish
ID: 60222904
Main ally: Nidhogg (Low level, maxing now)
Other allies: PR Loki IV (Lv99, CD 13) , PR Faugn III (Lv99, CD 14)
Wanted allies: Dragoness - Ursula (Lv99, CD ANY)
RE: Dragons (EDs/DSs/Nidhogg/GSOA/Ao Guang)
Nickname : [DMC] Sean
UID : 58 016 590
Current Ally : PR Tyr lvl (MAX) CD 15
Other Ally : AOF lvl Max CD 6 AOD lvl Max CD 6 PR Faugn / PR Dagon level 70 PR Sean level 89
Wanted Ally : PR Faugn

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