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Dragons (EDs/DSs/Nidhogg/GSOA/Ao Guang)
IGN: DingoDaDoggy
ID: 5121849
Main Ally: PR Wukong IV
Other Allies: PR Faugn, PR Archi of Light, Green/Blue Duck
Wanted Allies: PR Dragons/Dragonesses

IGN: PorkMuffin
ID: 81 155 004
Main ally: PR Barbara (All Max)
Other allies: PR Nidhogg (Max LV and Skill CD), All Max Lucy, All Max Daji
Wanted allies : PR Nidhogg

IGN: Aya
ID: 75296476
Main ally: PR Artemis (IV)
Wanted allies: PR Faugn, Nidhogg

Setting up max Nidhogg as ally, want players that use it often! Doesn't matter what your ally is

ID: 82,268,018
Looking for allies who keep faugn up. My ID is 56287312
IGN: yang
ID: 14528182
Main ally: PR Artemis (AllMax), PR Faugn (AllMax)
Wanted allies: PR Faugn if possible / anyone
IGN: jablay sakti
ID: 111 75 1 35
Main ally: au guang the dragon master
Other allies: PR idun
Wanted allies: any water dragon, azazel, pontos, gretchen
(08-11-2014, 07:58 AM)Metacreeper Wrote: This thread is for the following cards and cards from their evolution lines only:
Dragon Spiritors
[Image: 480px-414i.png] Dragoness - Ursula
[Image: 480px-416i.png] Dragoness - Agatha
[Image: 480px-418i.png] Dragoness - Barbara
[Image: 480px-420i.png] Dragon Follower - Honor
[Image: 480px-422i.png] Dragon Follower - Novalis

Ethereal Dragons
[Image: 480px-571i.png] Dagon the Deep Dictator
[Image: 480px-572i.png] Cthuga the Fierce Heritor
[Image: 480px-573i.png] Byakhee the Cosmic Berserker
[Image: 480px-574i.png] Tulzscha the Radiant Overseer
[Image: 480px-575i.png] Faugn the Dread Devourer

[Image: 480px-290i.png] Nidhogg the Lord of Undead
[Image: 480px-511i.png] Archimandrite of Aqua
[Image: 480px-591i.png] Ao Guang the Lord of Dragon
[Image: 480px-8021i.png] Chernabog

Please follow the template below:
Main ally:
Other allies:
Wanted allies:
*You can indicate additional details like level, CD, amelioration level (where applicable).

IGN: Shawn
ID: 10377973
Main ally: Pyrometallic (Lv 99, CD 6)
Other allies: PR Tyr IV (Lv 99, CD 10)
Wanted allies: PR Faugn IV (Lv 99, CD 10)
IGN: Need Nidhogg Frie

ID: 41799896
Main ally:Ursula (LV.99 CD6) 
Other allies:
Faugn the Dread Devourer (lv 99 cd7)

Wanted allies: 
IGN: Need Nighogg frie
ID: 41799896
Main ally: Ursula
Other allies: Faugn the Dread Devourer
Wanted allies: Nidhogg
IGN: sean
ID: 32,823,637
Main Ally: Madam Chyan
Other Allies: Apollo, Tefnut, Baby King, Barb, Any ED, Jintaro, All SS Ducks except Dark, Hep, Tyr, YJ
Wanted Allies: NIDHOGG, Barbara

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