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Dragons (EDs/DSs/Nidhogg/GSOA/Ao Guang)
IGN : [AoD]Sky

ID : 11 870 574

Permanent Ally : All max Daji / Greek

Wanted Ally :Any active player / Any Dragon Ally

[Image: b4cf4585.jpg]
[IGN] Yenthu

[ID] 27 430 903

Main Ally: Wukong | Faugn

Wanted Ally: Faugn | Niddhogg

IGN: Viscount
ID: 63 400 867
Main ally: PR Belle
Other allies: Ninurta, PR Ao Guang (all max), Pr Artemtis (all max), Wrathful Jabbanero, PR Thor, PR Nezha (all max), Randeng (Dipankara), Yang Jian
Wanted allies: PR Belle. Ninurta, Ursula, Wrathful Jabbanero,

IGN: hells
ID: 92 441 493
main ally: Ursula
Wanted Allie: Quinglong, Au Guang, Nidhogg, All ED, Ursula, All DD, All MD, Uranus, Kukulkan, Piasa, Pilatas, Wawel
IGN: chu ji bing
ID: 27420799
Main ally: All Maxed VR Freyr
Other allies: All maxed VR Freyja ; All maxed VR Loki ; All maxed PR Poseidon ; All maxed PR Athena ; All maxed PR Artemis ; All maxed God Of Wine ; Max LVL Dumuzi ; Max LVL Namtar ; Max LVL PR Fraugn
Wanted allies: All Maxed VR Freyr ; All maxed VR Freyja ; All maxed PR Poseidon ; All maxed PR Athena
IGN: Arne
ID: 41585798
Main Ally: Ursula the dragon maiden, lvl 99 Amelioration 3
Other allies: None yet really
Wanted allies: Most dragons are welcome!
IGN: KiraYamato

ID: 72,744,586
Main ally: PR Faugn [IV]
Other allies: All maxed PR Artemis, Bell of Order - Jia Rou [IV]
Wanted allies: PR Nidhogg
IGN: Blink
ID: 3421540
Main ally: Yang Jian the Divinity of Salvation
Other allies: Inanna,Ursula,Faugn and Poseidon
Wanted allies: Ursula
IGN: flate is justice
ID: 66202285
Main ally:the sword saint - li hsia yao (CD lvl 12 will ame later)
Other allies: all maxed PR apollo, HFD (ame 4, CD lvl 7), all max babara
Wanted allies: PR nidhogg
IGN: Oreytron
ID: 77,474,621
Main ally: PR Apollo
Other allies: all PR greek (except Athena), Namtar, Lucy, PR Barbara
Wanted allies: PR Nidhogg!

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