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Dragon Race
Note* This post has been edited and merged by Nitecat(SG)

This is a post for Dragon users to find their Dragon friends and allies here.

This thread includes all Dragons including Golems so it will be easier to find as well (Egyption type will be made as another thread thus will not be included in here)

- Metallic
- Spiritor
- Etheral
- Golem
- Special (Great Schema Of Aqua/Nidhogg/Ao Guang)

Please input your details neatly according to the template given as example to keep things in order thank you Smile

Template Example

Nickname: Nitecat (SG)

Type Of Dragons In Use Commonly: Special

Name Of Dragon In Use Commonly: Nidhogg

Type Of Prefered Dragon As Ally: Etheral, Metallic

Name Of Prefered Dragon Ally: Byakhee, Terrametallic Dragon

Game ID: 000000

Nickname: Asher (SG)
Gamer ID: 2,162,005
Regular ally: Young Idun Level 70
Wanted ally: 50% Fire reduction leader

Game ID: 2685801

Regularly Ally: Metablaze 67/99(-50% fire)

Wanted Ally: Fox queen, ao guang, nezha

other ally I sometimes switch around with:
Luminosaurus 52/99 (-50% light)
Medusa Fatale 26/99 (x200% earth)
History Writer Urd 43/99

hey there

i need a 50% dark reduce dragon

i give u the 50% earth reduce form me

my id is 1966401
Nickname: RenoFox

Game ID: 2,675,623

Regularly Ally: Icetoragon (water, 50% reduction 5*) level 30

Wanted Ally: 5* Idun or anything good like fox queen
Nickname: Tahutetek

Game ID: 3733129

Regularly Ally: Paladin King of Earth level 22

Wanted Ally: 5* 50% earth reduction Govindasaur
Nickname: 2168

Game ID: 1148831

Regularly Ally: Seth God of War Level 25

Wanted Ally:
Nickname: Melchi

Game ID: 5022970

Regular ally: 5* Artemis max level (just need one more 5* dark soul element to evolve to 6* Artemis)

Wanted ally: icetodragon (50% ice dmg reduction) and metablaze (50% fire dmg reduction)

Much appreciate the help!
Nickname: KuroKrum

Game ID: 6,757,752

Regularly Ally: Great Schema of Light Lv 30

Wanted Ally: 50% damage reduction dragons water, fire
Nickname [SG] VVV

Game ID: 4116378

Regular Ally: Great Schema of Aqua Lvl 75

Wanted Ally: Other GSoA level 50+, Paladin King of Earth, Any of the New Dragon (+200% dragon attack & +150 recovery, any element will do) that's it for now Smile
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