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Do we have the list of reward from zodiac extra stage?
I heard that the card doesn't drop from extra stage. So I need to know the reward before invest lots of stamina in that zodiac.

Can anyone advise?

Aries - Harpy
Taurus - 5x 4* fire elf
Gemini - 5 diamonds
Cancer - 2 dark prime soulstones
Leo - 5x 4* dark elf
Virgo - ???

Virgo is 2 Prime too Big Grin

[Image: 890294b0.jpg]
Only 5 diamond and Harpy seem to worth the stamina. What do you think?
2 dark prime soulstones are worth it too I think. Not sure how much XP 5 4* elfs give, might be worth it too if they give the equivalent of 2 prime soulstones.
Each 4* elf gives you 90k exp. So 5 = 450k exp = 3 Prime xD Feed to same attribute card of course Smile
[Image: 890294b0.jpg]
5* 4* elf is the most amazing reward if you want to lvl up fire or dark cards.

They will give almost 100,000 EXP each. So that's about 500,000 EXP in one go. Did it with my lvl 1/70 fate sister. I did not want to risk getting a brilliant or perfect so I did two at a time. Got perfect so ended up with three left over for medea.

Better than Prime soulstones
Lvl MAX 99 Court of Pisces CD 2

ID 12,969,319
: O *drools*
How to go through the stages i am always stuck at 8- 12 any trick?

Using water mono
God of sea 99
Ao guang 99
URD 99
Son of Njord 99
Circe 52
Ally God of sea 99

Am i not paying enough attention?
[Image: b1ece3ae.jpg]
[Image: 9e1783ef.jpg]
sorry for hijacking but I don't want to start a new thread.
does zodiac cards drops on master or extra? I'm trying to get a Gemini

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