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Discussion on TSZ and AR
I just tried to usa the newly ar carrots eaters in tsz and I found out that the boost doesnt work out in the team... It has been a little disappointing to me, were I the only one that thout about that or was it supposed not to work? (I know tsz is meant for combined monsters but I wanted to have some visual fun throwing carrots here and there)

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I believe tsz only syncs base attack, so in the absence of a fusion card (which you can't fit with jzy in team) it's not worth it.

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Its sadly true, I just wanted to use him for some quest Sad

UID 83.804.202
Really fusions are pretty poor in this game.  We have the pretty old immortals, cyborgs and metatron.  Fenrir is the best but sometimes he cant work.  Also fenrir is the only one that has opposite color members since metatron mostly syncs up.

Cyborgs are ok but their combined avg stats doesnt add vast amts of power in any stat.  Why cant we have 2 fusions also.  Metazord makes ur team have 3 actives.

I still have hopes for future fusions, i wouldnt give up on it.  However i dont have much hope in MH because they should have balanced fusions and created more long ago.   The focus seems to be in all the others places besides the original post.

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