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[Discussion] The Return of the Evil Lord

I'm stuck on whether to go in or not :/

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Sliming all penguins into the slime side.

Oh, and I'm faboo

Who is going in with enchantresses?

Since i only have that team lol, any advice for pkoe+urd +3 womans and fox ally??
All level maxed or near max and all skill 8 and above

Summoning alungi !!! HELPP

Madhead needs to nerf Nighteleven urgently
oh so does freezing him remove orb shield? If not, its a waste of diamond for me lol
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Ally: max Apollo and max PR Thor
Looking for Virgo, Apollo and Thor!
(12-28-2013, 07:05 PM)myg Wrote: oh so does freezing him remove orb shield? If not, its a waste of diamond for me lol

Using urd or medusa only freezes his atk, the orb shields still remain in place, ie any missed targets results in reduced dmg.

Using Isabelle only blocks one atk. If u missed/overshot the target by say 4, then Isabelle will block down the first atk and the other 3 will still land on you.

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Damn, i hate this orb shield thingy.
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Looking for Saruman allies. Please add me up.
why must the damn orb shield be 9k per atttack???? MH mercy pls Sad
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Damn... 2 combos over means a diamond spend...
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Ally level max: PR Nezha and PR Freyja= Main Ally,
All Norse Gods, PKOE, AoD, AoF, Poppy, Pollux, Domon, Pisces, Virgo, Minamoto, Astaroth, Odin, PR Molly.
Just message me in game if you need those ally.
Well shit. I better stock up on diamonds again.

I use a dragon team. What should I use? ~.~
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I swear one of these days I'll get Pollux. Maybe in the next eon or two...?
DAMMIT. Idk if im ready for an SM lol

also. no diamonds ;-;
Need Faugn, Dionysus allies!
Ally: PR Daji, Li Hsiao Yao

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