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[Discussion] The Lunar Eclipse
Previous DSI thread:


* Team consisting of 3 or more members of dark attribute (team skills excluded)
* Team consisting of 4 or fewer members
* Hidden: Human leader and ally

* Complete the level without reviving with diamonds
* Using a team consisting of 3 or more attributes (team skills excluded)
* Hidden: Using a team consisting of members of light attribute only (team skills excluded)

I can forsee some crazy spinners doing 3* clears on ultimate using Thomas Midgley teams, but the CD on mine is too high so I'll probably end up doing them separately. My initial thought was Thomas + Gepetto, PR Endor, PR Valkyrie + PR G-Dragon, where it really helps if all your CDs are maxed.

Edit: I ended up doing it with the team described above. Thomas was cd 15 (effectively 11 due to -4 fusion reduction), Valkyie is cd 12. As you can see from the play-by-play below, it was very close because I had trouble stalling on the first two rounds. Luckily I was able to stall a little on round 5.
Rd 1: Stall as long as possible. Turn 1 I had a bunch of skydrops but luckily only single attacks on the first turn, and killed 3 of the wolves. Accidentally killed them both on Turn 2 - would have liked to stay here longer.
Rd 2: Stall here as long as possible, again. I spent Turn 3 making an enchanted rune and clearing junk runes. Turn 4 I hoped to only kill 2 of them but accidentally one-shotted them all.
Rd 3: Obviously you need to kill them within 2 turns. I killed them on Turn 6.
Rd 4: Stall here for all 3 turns. Skydrops caused me to kill it on Turn 8.
Rd 5: My wolves were cd 1, 2 and 3 (hooray, stalling time!). I killed the CD 1 and 2 wolves on Turns 9 and 10 respectively. The remaining wolf hit me on Turn 11. Finally I was able to fuse so I was back to full health. Killed it on Turn 12.
Rd 6: Activate Valkyrie, G-Dragon, Endor and wipe out Lunar Sirius. Use compulsion on the next turn as an emergency heal if he's not dead. When you're ready, activate Migley's skill and do 4 combos or less to wipe out the side wolves.

I've already cleared the 3* on Nightmare using the following teams: 
* Classic Faugn Daji for the 0 diamond and 3+ attribute clear. 
There are a number of strategies posted in the previous thread (courtesy of trivas, iior, DarchZero).

* PR Virgo, ML, Luna, PR Nat, PR Wukong, Dio for the 0 diamond and all light clear. You can bring GSOL if you don't have PR Wukong.
I guess Inanna and Apollo teams should also have little difficulty in clearing. 

Basic Strategy: 
Rd 1: Stall as long as possible, which can be difficult since hearts attack. With PR Virgo the recovery isn't a problem though. 
Rd 2: Kill ASAP. Good spinning can do it in 2-3. Therefore you can take the time to clear the board if it's poor, or set up enchanted runes if you don't have any. 
Rd 3: By this point I had Dio ready, so I converted and killed the two side mobs. Stall on the initial shield mob as long as possible. Hopefully all of your actives are ready before moving on, particularly ML. 
Rd 4: Good spinners can do this without actives. I brought PR Nat for emergency use.
Rd 5: It's not really necessary to burst, but I figure there's enough time to stall back anyway. Used PR Virgo, PR Wukong (so it would carry over to the next stage as Faugn locks God skills) + Luna to burst. 
Rd 6: Wukong nullifies Faugn's defense and spends the second turn of Luna burst. You can bring GSOL if you don't have Wukong, although it makes your Luna bursts weaker. It's not really a huge issue though. 
Rd 7: Stall for actives. I had enough HP to tank his hits so it wasn't an issue. If your HP is less than 17414 you will need to kill him within 3 turns (with compulsion if necessary). 
Rd 8: I also grinded through this one, but you can use Luna if you run out of hearts. 
Rd 9: Burst when Luna is ready and he's on CD 2. 
Rd 10a: If you still have Luna active, then waste the burst and grind it back so it's available on Round 10b. Although the damage per turn is higher on this stage, you probably find it easier to spin with normal coloured runes. Use Dio if you run out of hearts while stalling. 
Rd 10b: Luna burst. I used compulsion on the first round to set up the board and heal, and then PR Virgo, PR Wukong, PR Nat to finish him off. 

[Image: 6636360e.jpg]

All Max + VR: WFLD Greek, FELD Babylon, All Norse, Lucy, Beelzebub, Pontos, Aether, Erebus, Yog-Sothoth, Chessia, Satan, Guan Yu, TSZ, Izanagi, Hideyoshi
4 Harpies in a week Big Grin

SM 3 stars clear with the following team:


Ilanna/ML/Luna / dio / mina + ianna 

0 diamond clear. 
(08-16-2015, 11:37 AM)Bhoog Wrote: Ilanna/ML/Luna / dio / mina + ianna 

0 diamond clear. 

such a surprise

Someone from the chinese side with beast ocd...
Available Cards:
[Image: ho8FMRF.png]
ID: 43061313
Love that rainbow beast team!
ID 27 321 367

Regular Ally: Max CD PR Daji

Finally completed my diamond seal collection once again so I've got all cards in the game at lvl 99 available for ally upon request.

Well i have a set up that is suitable to beginners one mono light and one rainbow, consisting of 
Virgo/LoGoOfWi/Minamoto+Idun+Minamoto*+2xMultipliers* +Wukong*
* If your leader is not one, if so replaces sub with multpliers for best result.
Ok first you'll have to either stall at stage one or wipe t out, because the most suitable stage for stalling is the enchanted rune stage. Beware that non-PR wukong reduces only 60% armor so you'll have to wipe out one ER enemy first. Should you have trouble spinning ER, use the DC, specifically the slashing and pinballing type (weird shape  and round shape ones), to enchant them for you.
Keep stalling untill all skills are ready, proceed to the near-last round. This particular round has 3 double-hit wolves, kill two with your team, but not the last one.
OK, the real trick here is t evaluate the remaining wolf's health, once it's near it's dead moment (You'd propaply need to be very careful here), turn on Idun and Wukong, Idun would heal yu for 5 turns to compensate your deduced health, should you not have one, try Urd or Verdandi instead. Wukong's skill can continue o next round, so you can destroy the side wolves and get your skill ready. At this point you'll have all your skills up, DC charged, and ready to burst. Just remember that even when you cant bring it down in one hit, keep hitting, because idun can only heal for five rounds, and urd stalls for 3 rounds. 
Note: One particular mob at the end stage is anti-control skill, so you may not use any control skill at all, including wukong.

Rainbow team is more suitable for those with mediocre cards, which are better ones than above:
Try Hades/Abe/PKoE/PR-ed Sagi + Idun + 2 multipliers + PR-ed Starter + Wukong (PR-ed, i really recommend PR version more)
Use the same trick as above, stalling until the near end stage, carefully hit the last one until the desired rate, when you can trigger Wukong+Idun skills, and voila, kill those final wolves at ease. If you can burst down the boss, keep hitting it, because idun can only heal yu for one stage, and even if you can't do so, DC can keep you alive for anther round. Remember: Do not use round-based snipers, only PKoE is permitted because he can bring down the anti-control mob at he end. 

More notes:
^Have more than 10000 HP: so that the final round would be easier, also good for stalling, Hp would fall between 13000~15000 at this point for anyteam, or at least 11000.
^Have high recovery: So that it would be easier, don't you think? That's why i recommend using the Moirai sisters.
^Important combination: Idun+Wukong: please at least use this set up: Idun+4 mult+ wukong for the end stage.
^Choose your Dragonary Craft Wisely: If you want to heal, use the 4, if you want to generate enchanted runes, use the 2
^Beware of the mighty skydrop: That would propably ruin your near final moment.
^ Be confident, or at least be terrified: Both would help you, confident if you have low will of survival but afterall, this is just a game. Or be soooo fearful of being defeat, you started spinning runes like legendary.
^Mono recommended: Easier to calculate damage, easier to stall.
^At least one converter: You either want to burst, or don't want to die, don't you?

Well then i hope you can bring down that beast and make it a trophy :D
But seriously though, don't, trophy huntng is bad and you should feel bad.
SM 2 achievements, 0 diamond.
[Image: image.jpg] [Image: image.jpg]

NM 2 achievements too, 0 diamond.
[Image: image.jpg]
[Image: e52660f5.jpg]
2 Star Ultimate 0 dia clear with...

[Image: 5fc23a-1439724885.jpg]

Same at Nightmare:

Daji + ED + Faugn + Verdandi + Dio + Wukong

have fun :-)
Hauhart - ID: 27476745 - Lvl: 300+ /addme if u need Daji/HFD/Lucy
      [Germany] - [Kogarasumaru]

[Image: 68664e-1461751252.jpg]
...come to the dark side ;-)

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