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[Discussion+Strategy+Information] Solar Eclipse - Nightmare Mode

Nightmare Stage
1: Dissolve all the heart runes you have and kill them
2: Kill all of them without dissolving 5 runes
3: Kill both, if you can't make sure they have different cd or not you must kill one first.
4: Kill. You may store cd if you want.
5: Whatever you do, kill that Golem.

6: Use either Endor or Loki/Odin skill.
7: Kill her within 4 turns.
8: Kill both or kill one and store cd.
9: Attack once and on Isabell skill
10: Burst Burst Burst ~

Good luck ~

[Image: 16qCtvM.jpg]
8 NM runs. 2 with PR Faugn + PR Daji and 6 with PR Faugn + Ursula. 1 diamond due to my noob skill, too much heart runes but didn't separate them so Tyr killed me lol. Other runs met Freyr never die xD Still satisfied cause I can save diamonds for Lunar next week Smile

[Image: 890294b0.jpg]
Thanks i5399 for the guide video.
Manage to clear twice solar NM with 0 diamonds.

[Image: Solar_NM.jpg] [Image: 39198.jpg]

[Image: e52660f5.jpg]
(12-06-2014, 12:36 PM)BMXArena Wrote: Yet another Gluttonous Slime perfect clear! :3

Only two people in the forum could pull this kind of stunt off...either you, or NOTaTONY. SHTony? TONASHy? Anyhow, this is blatant and amazing. Brilliant move.

But we all know it isn't the G.Slime. It isn't the Faugn deck. It isn't the ML deck.
It's Daji.
UID:29234960 | PRFaugnIVMAX, PRAthenaIVMAX,PRNidhoggMAX, PRNezhaIVMAX
Guild ID: 2016 | Join us in this fateful year! 

PR Faugn/PR Faugn with Ursula, PR Dagon, PR Cthugha and Novalis. Only Dagon is skill maxed.

0 diamond on the SM, 5 diamond on the NM stage. I was not satisfied with my first go and wanted the free Cryptid, so I did the NM stage with my first experience in mind and cleared it with 0 diamonds. Got my Cryptid and two of the PR mats required for the doggy. Satisfied/good for now.

It was a safe clear, just got to kill 5/7/10 quickish and be careful on stage 9, which is probably the scariest stage with this team to be frank.
ID: 29,237,346

Main Ally: All Max Daji

Guild Ally: All Max SSS

Other Allies(on request): 
All Max: Stolas/Pisces/Capricorn/Libra/Leo/Ursula/Novalis/Dagon/Cthugha/Kejorou
Level Max/PR'd: Faugn IV/Lisa/Inanna/Namtar/Astaroth IV/Sagittarius II/Douman Ashiya/Artemis IV/Nezha III
IV Ducks/Dogs: Water/Earth/Light

Will add low level users.
Has anyone gotten unlucky like me and get runeshot above my board? I had no idea where I could not touch and ended up wasting 5 madhead.
It's always been the top row even if the laser beam graphics doesn't show it.
[Image: daedc57b.jpg]
[Image: e20c487d.jpg]

Want to train skill CD? Watch:
Max Pollux Skill CD
to add on: when you use a PR starter active on the boss, the laser beam does not budge. this means you can either pick to dissolve the bottom half of your board or the top half.
Previously abra kadabra, but ate some shit and evolved.
NM thread! Hope its not too late to bump this up.
How MH looks at Blitz:
[Image: jR8RQEx.jpg]
Bumping this up, hidden achievements for SM and NM are as follow

SM: clearing stage in 10 rounds or less

NM: Clearing with only water cards
How MH looks at Blitz:
[Image: jR8RQEx.jpg]

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