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[Discussion+Strategy+Information] Solar Eclipse - Nightmare Mode
WOW. I thought NM stages 6 and 9 were BOTH instead of just 1 of the two. LOL I thought I was going to have to drop diamonds on this Hahaha whew what a relief. Anyway... for those of you who also don't have water DS... here's a 0 diamond team for nightmare:

Nidhogg/ PR chthuga/ PR faugn/ novalis/ golem/ PR dagon ally.
The only danger is stage 7 crescendo. But if you let her hit you 4 or 5 times, (save golem for after the 5th hit), the will to live bonus gives you 2x damage. coupled with a screen full of dark/ light runes and novalis' attack 1.5x against light, killing her is easy. Good luck!

Previously abra kadabra, but ate some shit and evolved.
All achievements done, here are the teams:

for mono dragon team:
Nidhogg + Novalis, Pr Dagon, dark golem, pr faugn + Ursula Ally.

for mono light:
T.O.P + Michael Lucifer, Luna, Zeus, Light Golem + Valac president of murmurs

For humans AND same ally leader:
Big bang Dark + mark ii, cassandra, pr endor, circe + Big bang dark

For 5 attributes team (this was the easiest):
Hades + horned king, mark ii, zeus, pqow + Pr Daji

Died in 20% shield mob with my lazy dragons team, so i spend one diamond in total getting the 6* Sad

[Image: b0809a50b184955a4fe743f094257f7f.jpg]

[Image: 47947abf98e33ca5e30f08a3213abf59.jpg]

Standart dragon team can easily clear this.

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My Regular Allies (max level): PR Daji, PR Wukong, All Babylons, All Norse VR 

ID - 40,752,281
Nidhogg team strikes again, clear nightmare 3 achievements in one go.

Nidhogg + Novalis + Ursula + Honor(Change to Light ED if you want, just prefer Honor) + Dark Golem + PR Cthugha

R1 - The hardest round of the entire stage. If less than 3 heart runes upon entry, you may consider restart as your self-poisoning will kill you unless there is sky drop heart runes dissolved for you. Kill GSOA first, then GSOL itself is no threat to you.

R2,R3 - Easy grind.

R4 - 5 elements shield, just keep trying, Nidhogg's team true wrath is about grinding.

R5 -
If you bring Honor, aim at melog first to deal about 10 hp damage. Then activate EVERYTHING besides Nidhogg and Cthugha to burst the reflective golem down. Then use the remaining turn to deal another 6 damage to melog and it should die.
If you bring Light ED, use its active to kill melog then full burst the golem.

R6 - Easy grind again, preferable get your Ursula ready again.

R7 - Burst it down.

R8 - Easy grind, just down accumulate too many weathered rune. Also take note that you will have 1 remaining turn of Ursula active, so kill both of them in first round if you want.

R9 - Well, Nidhogg and Cthugha are here to help you in grinding.

R10 - First form: Reactivate Novalis and spin normally.
Second form: Full burst again.
Available Cards:
[Image: ho8FMRF.png]
ID: 43061313
Three Diamonds for two NM runs using Dragons.

PR Dark ED + PR Earth ED / PR Water ED / Dark DS / Water DS + Water DS (All 99)

Stage 1: Stall / grind. Focus GSOA if you wish.
Stage 2: Stall / grind.
Stage 3: Turn on Dark DS and grind.
Stage 4: Line up the five elements and Dark DS will OHKO.
Stage 5: Check the board. If it's good, use Dark ED to kill the Melog, then burst with Water DS. Otherwise, target Melog, dissolve some useless runes and repeat the above.
Stage 6: Intentionally fail to break the shield so you can grind while Water DS comes back up without accidentally OHKOing with the remaining turn of Water DS's active. If both your Water DS's are max SLV, you can skip this step.
Stage 7: Burst with whichever Water DS is available.
Stage 8: Grind.
Stage 9: Spent one Diamond here on both runs while bumping into Tyr, despite using EDs. I need to learn how to manage my healing better. :\
Stage 10: For the first form, turn on Dark DS again (The howl removes toggle buffs as well.) and grind. For the second form, burst with four turns of Water DS's active. I spent one Diamond on the second form during the first run because I forgot to turn on Dark DS while bursting with Water DS. >>

At any point during the run, if you're pressured to heal, use either EDs. Nidhogg can replace one of the EDs, given its stats easily topple the EDs even at very low levels and the active probably being more reliable on the Tumbler / Suicidal stage than creating Hearts.

All in all, fairly happy with this result. Recorded a video, but IDK how to upload it. XD

Good luck, guys~. ^^
[Image: J0nLRNh.png]
Also available (AM): Azathoth, Sakura, VR Greek, KOF rares
UID: 22963116
Did it with another variation of the dragon team:-

PR Faugn (Lv 99 ame 4) (L)
Ursula (Lv 99 ame 3)
Novalis (Lv 99)
Cthugha (Lv 99, ame 3)
Nidhogg (Lv 99)

PR Tulzscha (Lv 99, ame 4)

Stage 1, heal on the first turn, target the water converter, and launch your attacks onto it. try to get it down by the 2nd turn so that you get 1 turn to heal (if not enough healing done previously).

Stage 2, target the green wolf first since it has cd 1. Clear as much runes as you can and HEAL. My second target was the red wolf. Once you have the 1st wolf down you are pretty safe. I got a bit lucky here with sky drops to heal, especially when my heart converter was not ready yet....

Stage 3, activate Novalis and slowly grind them down with dark / heart runes. Try to do 5 in a row to deal damage to both. If desperate, you can activate Ursula to clear them.

Stage 4, GRIND for your cd, especially if you had used Ursula.

Stage 5, PR Faugn active, activate Ursula, and ensure you have 3 dark / heart rune combinations to dissolve. If not you can use your heart converter.

Stage 6, grind your cd again.

Stage 7, activate Ursula and clear it. Best if you can do it in one turn. I did mine in 2.

Stage 8, focus on healing and attack when you can. get the light beast down first, and you will have an easy time.

Stage 9, faced Tyr, so focus on healing enough every turn.

Stage 10, 1st life: reactivate Novalis, and grind him down.

Stage 10, 2nd life: activate Ursula, and try to do as much damage without using your converter. I wasted my first Ursula turn (stupid brain got jammed) and only damaged him with 1 freaking combo. Use your heart converter when you are unable to heal back. For emergency healing, use Nidhogg.

Cleared it with 0 diamonds, and unlocked all 6 achievements. Now for a good rest!!!! Good luck everyone!
Use Grind Team to clear the NM stage, take a long time... it is 0 diamond, but really boring.
[Image: 674a27e22eb6adfdfcb44820e18cff26.jpg]

Do not bring PR Nat or any other PR starters guys, I failed to check the forum on how bad the final form nullify the starter ability, so he is pretty much useless in the final form, but still useful in stage 7, perhaps change him into another damage Booster?

PR Idun + PR Wu Kong is pretty tanks, I don't even need to bring PR verthandi to this stage.

Zeus is there for the damage buff and his awesome stats, seriously I need those stats.

Horned king only provide 250%dmg boost here, for those who don't have him, just bring mechanical scholars, my friend complete it without horned king.

Ed is essential for Stage 7. That is like one of the most dangerous stage, better kill that guy in full burst.
[Image: 7b98b781.jpg]
Id : 42,640,740

Zero Diamond Clear with Beast Deck

PR GSoE, PR GSoD, Bap, Ed, GSoF, PR Daji

Only first stage is hard, need to heal 11k at first turn and then kill the GSoL before turn 3, the rest is just grind/burst/grind/burst/grind/burst. 

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This is for ppl with a lot of free time
Notable stage
Stage 2: Snipe 1 down first for safety
Stage 3: Snipe them 2 together, which I almost failed haha
Stage 5: Snipe the high def Meloq first then grind
Stage 6: Prepare dark stone, at least 4 sets for stage 7.
Stage 7: Make sure your hp is high, activate everything create 9 combo is enough to kill it.
Stage 8-10: grind and snipe and grind and snipe.....


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