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[Discussion+Strategy+Info] sinewy fighter
give up this one... till have better 'utility' card next time. 2nd sm give it a pass this year... dun even want to mention.... that 1st 17 dimes.... [email protected]#$%^

RXWing / 48,740,450 / Lv360+
My Teams (30 Aug) / Inventory (16 Oct) / Replays
Give up. Bye harpy ....

Burned 3 dimes restoring stamina .... Haiz ....
Tried with freyja team based on team i see in leader board.
Always fail at stg 6.

Saw uncle tuuuuus team at wikia. Only have one tuu.
Tried tuu(9), birdcage(10), Shu(8), freyja(7), dbk(6), tuu(9)
Either ko at rd1 or rd7b. I purely stink at craft filtering....

A couple of Stamina Refills later, managed to get this SM down. Zero-Diamond clear with two Achievements (Mono Earth/Dual God) using Izanagi team.

Izanagi + PR Circe / Diarmuid / Rosa / LHY + Izanagi (DC irrelevant, reduce CD recommended if available)

Stage 1: The make-or-break stage. Kill the Dark mob in two rounds and the left Water mob on the third. If you can't do it, consider blasting through with AOE, but your CDs might screw you over. Make an Enchanted rune as you kill the last Water mob.
Stage 2: If you didn't make an Enchanted rune, dissolve a set of five Earth and five Heart and pray to RNGesus, Lord of Skydrops. Otherwise, try to make at least an Enchanted Earth and Enchanted Heart every turn in case skydrops screw you over.
Stage 3: Turn on Circe and fuse. Kill in two rounds. Use Diarmuid's conversion if the board is crap.
Stage 4.1: Izanagi-nine-combo board.
Stage 4.2: Burst with Diarmuid's second active + DC.
Stage 5: Can stall here for a few rounds after killing the Dark mob. If not, no big deal.
Stage 6: Stall a turn for CDs, then Izanagi-nine-combo board.
Stage 7.1: Grind for Izanagi to come off CD. The Chinese side remembers the ability using a traffic light analogy: Go at green, stop at red.
Stage 7.2: Burst with Izanagi + Diarmuid conversion+ LHY + DC, making a board of ten initial combos*.

*To do this, grab any rune next to the top left corner, pass it through the corner, then drag it to where you want it to go. Make this board.

Farmed myself three copies because of a video I saw with SHJ + Shuta / Hercules / Hercules / Hercules + SHJ for infinite skrillz. Can't find it ATM, but here's another that similarly showcases the team:

Good luck~. ^^

[Image: J0nLRNh.png]
Also available (AM): Azathoth, Sakura, VR Greek, KOF rares
UID: 22963116
(08-20-2017, 10:55 AM)Revdarian Wrote: I've seen a brilliant VR loki team, with brynhildir, Lynx and daji as members, if you don't have daji use the pili puppet and you better be fast converting the runes to get the 15/15 runes of 7b.

And here is a team I propose if you feel lucky...  I've no idea if it will actually work since R1 is the hard part with it :
Yog Colin Brynhildir Circe Cassandra Yog.  
Focus fire the dark knight and left water knight while praying for good enough damage, I've no real experience with Yog since I've found other teams way more fun/interesting, but in my mind if you make it out of r1 you should be able to make it, Colin in Yog = 25 second time tunnel which should be more than enough to set up 7b with 10 combos... still it all hinges on if you can do roughly 4m dmg with a x16 rainbow team(go for the ameliorations)...  Maybe it is impossible.

Joaqs, thanks a lot for that detailed guide, btw this old movement does grab 1 earth rune and passes it through the water vortex:,141366664136444111314644&ctwMode=false

Yog wont work because dmg is only x4 when all types are dissolved.  

The mobs have way too much hp and there is too many conditions u must fill every rd.

Big mistake to x2 or even x3 the hp of these rds.  Its never been a better time to uninstall tos.
I farm with hideyoshi, tuu, gawain, birdcage, sky, hideyoshi. Very stable.
Maxed 3 copies.
Old stage, so use the usual suspects.

2* Clear (Water Team, Same Leader and Ally) with Dual Atlantis + AR Wen Zhong, PR Cassandra, Crash Fever Chang'e, Andromeda
1) Try to kill the enemies one at a time, stall for CD. Turn on Wen Zhong, Cassandra, Andromeda when ready
2, 3) Spin through
4a) Chang'e to clear the board, then spin through
4b, 5) Spin through
6) Spin through, I used DC since I didn't have enough light runes to dissolve.
7a) Spin through, can use Atlantis if desired
7b) Atlantis and DC

2* Clear (Earth Team, Same Leader and Ally) with Dual VR Athena + Kurama, Yomi, Shyplant, Ophiuchus 

1) Spin through
2) Stall CD here by dissolving 1-combos, and healing up with hearts as needed. 
3) Spin through, use Shyplant to help kill. 
4a) Kurama skill 1 to reveal the board. Switch and use EP skill 1. Also use Athena and Shyplant on every stage from this point onwards. 
4b, 5) Spin through
6) Kurama EP skill 2 to clear the locked runes, spin through
7a) Spin through, following the vortex
7b) Ophiuchus and DC

[Image: 6636360e.jpg]

All Max + VR: WFLD Greek, FELD Babylon, All Norse, Lucy, Beelzebub, Pontos, Aether, Erebus, Yog-Sothoth, Chessia, Satan, Guan Yu, TSZ, Izanagi, Hideyoshi
2* Achievement (Leader/Ally God, All Earth)
SR Freyja + Shiryu/Birdcage of Relentless Resentment/Ophiuchus*/Dohko* + SR Freyja + Aggressive Pique Seal (or a craft that helps filter out runes):

*Shiryu can be replaced by board exploders or converters like Darwin, VR Shu or PR Taishang Laojun.
*Ophiuchus can be replaced by Earth Yan but make sure to use craft on wave 7A to conserve Water runes since 10 seconds is relatively short to solve metasphere.
*Dohko is more of a filler member so feel free to replace it with other attack-boosting Earth members like PR Circe or Parvati.

2* Achievement (Leader/Ally God, 2+ Attributes)
Ultraman ZERO + CF Yomi*/PR Abraham*/Tsukuyomi*/Brynhildr - Ultraman ZERO + Aggressive Pique Seal (or any craft):

*CF Yomi can be replaced by a board exploder like VR Osiris.
*Tsukuyomi can be replaced by other Water/Dark Gods with time tunnel like VR Refinement Namtar, VR Refinement Atrahasis, or PR Raphael.
*Abraham is mainly to extend Tsukuyomi's time tunnel duration. Otherwise, if you're comfortable solving metaspheres, feel free to substitute other Water or Dark Gods. Pangu is a great option, which also doubles as a second time tunnel card, as well as metasphere solver.

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