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[Discussion+Strategy+Info] Wind among the Trees
Image Source: TOS Wikia


1[Image: 60?cb=20141219123726&path-prefix=zh]8036117293802370[Image: 22?cb=20150217102648&path-prefix=zh] Minus 2 Seconds Spinning - 5R
For 5 turns, rune spinning time is reduced by 5 seconds.
2[Image: 60?cb=20140618192624&path-prefix=zh]122862(1)14083401830[Image: 22?cb=20150217103121&path-prefix=zh][Image: 22?cb=20150217102455&path-prefix=zh] Stealth - Active Lock (4R)
Enemy is invisible until it attacks for the first time. During invisibility, enemy is immune to all attacks and control skills (Excluding active). If enemy attacks during invisibility, all actives will be locked for 4 turns.
2[Image: 60?cb=20140618192621&path-prefix=zh]125372(2)13647601260[Image: 22?cb=20150217103121&path-prefix=zh][Image: 22?cb=20150217102647&path-prefix=zh] Stealth - 99% Deduction
Enemy is invisible until it attacks for the first time. During invisibility, enemy is immune to all attacks and control skills (Excluding active). If enemy attacks in invisibility, 99% of summoner's HP will be deducted.
3[Image: 60?cb=20150330110917&path-prefix=zh]116921(3)38306404600[Image: 22?cb=20150217103121&path-prefix=zh][Image: 22?cb=20150217103122&path-prefix=zh][Image: 22?cb=20150217102909&path-prefix=zh] Phantom • Enchanted Reflect Shield - 100% • Double Weathered Mines
Enemy ignores damage reduction. Enemy only receives damage from enchanted runes. If enemy receive damage from non-enchanted rune, enemy will attack once with 100% of its ATK. Enemy weathers 2 runes per turn. When weathered rune is touched, rune spinning stops immediately and 3000 HP will be deducted.
4[Image: 60?cb=20140618190153&path-prefix=zh]148732(2)26534802420[Image: 22?cb=20150217102455&path-prefix=zh][Image: 22?cb=20150217102454&path-prefix=zh][Image: 22?cb=20150217102648&path-prefix=zh] Effect Removal + Reset • 2 Seconds Spinning
Enemy removes all effects in play and reset CD of corresponding active upon entry. Enemy reduces rune spinning time to 2 seconds.
4[Image: 60?cb=20140618190131&path-prefix=zh]150172(1)25911302160[Image: 22?cb=20150217102911&path-prefix=zh] Burning Trail - 1000
Enemy burns 6 most recent positions during rune spinning. Every time burning rune is touched, 1000 HP will be deducted.
5[Image: 60?cb=20160317121745&path-prefix=zh]12080143165905130[Image: 22?cb=20150217102910&path-prefix=zh] Infinite Masked Trail
Enemy masks all runes along spinning path.
6a[Image: 60?cb=20161020130923&path-prefix=zh]115261327062018190[Image: 22?cb=20150223133550&path-prefix=zh][Image: 22?cb=20150217101603&path-prefix=zh] Full Board Marking - Earth & Heart - Absorption • Heart Dissolve Ban
Enemy marks all runes upon entry and marks all Earth and Heart runes every turn. If there is any marked rune undissolved, damage received become recovery. Heart runes cannot be dissolved.
6b[Image: 60?cb=20161020130923&path-prefix=zh]146121689231018190[Image: 22?cb=20150217102455&path-prefix=zh][Image: 22?cb=20150217102455&path-prefix=zh] Effect Removal • Demon Racism - Full Lock + ATK
Enemy removes all effect in play upon entry. Enemy locks all Demons' attack and active. For every Demon in the team, enemy's ATK + 40%, to the max of + 200% when there are 5 or more Demons in the team.
[Image: 60?cb=20161020130923&path-prefix=zh] lvl1


  1. Team consists of only Fire Members. (Team skill excluded)
  2. Team consists of not more than 5 members.
  3. Hidden: Team consists of only Water Members. (Team skill excluded)
[Image: 120?cb=20160919202549&path-prefix=zh]
Type: Amulet of reflection
Restriction: Earth only.
Charging Condition: Dissolve Earth runes.
Skill I: After craft activation, convert 1 random column to Earth.
Skill II: For 1 turn, team ATK and RCR + 20%.
Skill III: For 1 turn, 40% of damage ignore quintet shield.

Available Cards:
[Image: ho8FMRF.png]
ID: 43061313
Wolf among the Sheep Big Grin

MH, how could design such stage. so easy, how you expect players to burn dimes Big Grin hope i dont miss anything?

plan to go with... if no achievements... Barbara/Nidhogg. 5 members... only have Gretchen fusion ready... so still Barbara/Nidhogg 5 members. Fire mono... dont know yet. Hep, Ninurta, or even PR Taurus ally Fire YanXi. bad spinning skill. will decide later. if cant do hidden, maybe just Barbara and call it a day...

someone at Fb fans group mentioned hidden is mono Water. credit to the author. if that's the case... well... my only fusion ready... Gretchen for 5 members Big Grin

RXWing / 48,740,450 / Lv360+
My Teams (30 Aug) / Inventory (16 Oct) / Replays
Stage 3 is only "The enemy attacks regardless of Damage-reducing Skills", so tumbler teams should work as well if your only option is to grind.

2* clear with dual PR Ninurta + VR Nezha, Agnesi, Fusion partner, Scrooge
Stage 1: Grind as long as possible, preferably until debuff gone
Stage 2: Snipe and kill, you can try to grind a bit here
Stage 3: Spin and kill quickly
Stage 4: Nezha
Stage 5: Used DC to heal and prep board then kill
Stage 6: Scrooge
Stage 7: Everything left

1* clear with Cinderella + PR Wen Zhong, PR Poseidon, PR Pisces, PR Tefnut + PR Yuki-Onna
Credit to Ave Firveus on FB TOS Fan Page for the team idea.
Stage 1: Grind for all actives
Stage 2: Snipe with Tefnut, Yuki Onna + Cinderella Convert to kill red elf, grind if possible on green elf. Turn on Wen Zhong when available
Stage 3: Kill quickly
Stage 4: Poseidon, use converters and kill magness quickly. Grind on Yvette for Wen Zhong to come back.
Stage 5: Grind through
Stage 6: Tefnut, grind it back before moving on. Can use Yuki Onna + Cinderella convert if desired since you can't use them on the boss.
Stage 7: Turn Wen Zhong and Poseidon back on (just removes skills, doesn't reset CD), spin once then all actives + DC. Pisces available after DC for emergency.

Farming with PR Barbara + PR Byakhee, PR Shu, Haza, PR Medusa + PR Nidhogg
Stage 1: Grind for Shu
Stage 2: Snipe and grind
Stage 3-5: Grind, use actives to speed things up
Stage 6: Shu + Nidhogg and burst down
Stage 7: Grind

[Image: 6636360e.jpg]

All Max + VR: WFLD Greek, FELD Babylon, All Norse, Lucy, Beelzebub, Pontos, Aether, Erebus, Yog-Sothoth, Chessia, Satan, Guan Yu, TSZ, Izanagi, Hideyoshi
RD/YJ with any sniper and my pr fire Kpop would also work, but yeah Barbhogg looks like such an easy ride >.< Big Grin (i will just use the bumblebee partner of Mark 2 in that case, or agatha's partner if i go RD/YJ).
Leaders I'm MISSING
Black: WaterXi, Rakhshasa,  Maya, Atlantis,Pompeii. 
VR: Seth, Daji, DBK, W. CN God. 
PR: Yunyang, Ninurta, dark babilonian. 
Rares: Satan, Guan Yu, Cao Cao, Amaterasu, Sakura, Azathot, XHD, LDB+waifu,SHJ, Mai, iori, Turing.
A surprisingly easy stage for a god-tier SM card!
I think I'll go with Dual Yog for fire Mono & 5 members, with Agnesi fusion & Agnamut in it.
Mono water tho, I think I'll try aahlsy's cinderella/yuki strat. But I'll have to sub in something else for WZ since I don't have him, along with dumping in some KFCs for Cinderella(mine's lv 1 :/ )
Gonna farm with Barb-Hogg tho
‘Well...A sissy is more educated than a m-o-n-k-e-y.’

MH confirmed Arthur is Wukong
Just saying, can clear 5 members with... Wukong Grind, lol
ID: 25923781
Looking for: Any ally that is at least dual max

Main Allies: Azathoth, Killua, Yusuke, Aqua, Darkness, Hiei, Natsu, Lucy, Atlantis

CN ID: 878758321
Main Allies: Daoloth, Meso
Looking for: Daoloth, Meso

Fire Mono:
PR Ninurta + PR Fire Pala + PR Fire DS + PR Nezha + Helm + PR Ninurta

I think this was the only one that I passed with a close shave. Barely made it at the 2s + burn and the masked rune. Need a little luck and skydrop there. But pretty straightforward, just try your best to store pala on round 1.

5 Members:

PR Barb + Panda + PR Byak + Beast sniper + PR Nidhodd (ally)

Easy clear. Just store for sniper on round 1 and you are safe. Farming team as well!

Mono Water:

Bartender + PR Wen Zhong + PR Giemsa + Swegde + GE Elf + PR Yuki

Easy and straightforward as well. Stack some water/heart runes on round 2, should be able to heal up before fire elf hits. @ round 3, remember to dissolve enchanted every round. Can use your skills or dracraft, more than enough time to store later on.

Good luck!
The water mono is gonna be my end >.>
[Image: kkkeFG7.png]
ID: 67339257
Wolf among the Sheep

zero dime clear on 1st try Smile
achievements: mono Water, 5 members

Yuki (L), Gretchen + Whale, AoGuang, Giemsa, Water YanXi
all in highest form and all max for amel cards, dual max for non amel cards. except my Giemsa at SLv12
before fusion, this team HP already 20k with 2k recovery (before fusion, 2 Dragons)
after fusion and fully charged, activating Whale snipe gives the fusion unit 4x self atk, 2 cards. thats same as team atk 2x.
yeah, ally the baddest Water multiplier out there, the Toruk Makto Big Grin

Yuki, Gretchen, Whale was the sure to include members. hesitated the other two among: Fylgja, Molly (spin suck, help Gretchen 5 combos), PKoW, Swedge, WenZhong.

DC: Spiral Pique Blade

yea... Yuki non attr vs Earth and that DC also ignore attr... coz thats the DC with 15% + 15% increase dmg and i believe can achieve 4.5k score.

#1: stall easy peasy. till all CD up. fusion Gretchen here no prob. before entering next stage, try to have total of 8 runes of Heart + Light so Water YanXi convert gives 2x team atk.
#2: Grethen should be in fusion now. activate Whale snipe. target Fire one. activate Water YanXi. i did single atk, managed to bring Fire down and even Earth almost down as well. try to grind as much as possible on Earth. if Earth still lots of HP, try to grind all CD back.
#3: enemy 1st CD3. not exactly remmeber which burst i used #3 and #4. just remember one stage Giemsa, one stage YanXi. if not wrong, Whale and Giemsa machine gun here. did i use AoGuang here or next one... should be here i think...
#4: target the Fire one. if not wrong, Gretchen and Water YanXi plus Giemsa Light & Dark have Water effect here. full atk no prob as well. next stage can grind CD back.
#5: grind all CD back. before entering next stage, try to have total of 8 runes of Heart + Light so Water YanXi convert gives 2x team atk.
#6a: Water YanXi + Whale fully charged + DC to remove the locked runes. have 2 turns chance. shouldnt be problem

#6b: Giemsa should be ready when entering this stage. try to grind as much as possible to stay alive. try whether can bring DC / any cards back. i used AoGuang for Hearts once. Whale only 5 turns to fully charge, managed to full charge. DC next turn but couldnt wait, no more Heart. enemy HP around 70%. AoGuang on CD. on fully charged Whale + Gretchen + Giemsa both active. if could 5 combos, Gretchen 2x sure kill. if cant, full heal and bring the enemy HP down lots. bad spinning skill, didnt manage to do 5 combos, but managed to KO the boss Big Grin

note, cant exactly remember which active used at #3 and #4. for sure is one Giemsa, the other stage YanXi. and i like to use Whale active first rather than Gretchen coz Whale only CD5 for full charge and thats equals team atk 2x. and at one stage maybe Yuki + Water YanXi convert and the other stage AoGuang...?

well... will update again how Fire mono ahchievemnt goes Smile
RXWing / 48,740,450 / Lv360+
My Teams (30 Aug) / Inventory (16 Oct) / Replays

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