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[Discussion+Strategy+Info] Unstoppable Power
Stage Info:

1) A team that can survive ambush damage of 19,742 (Phantom)
2) A team/members that can generate Enchanted Human runestones or members/craft that can ignore Puzzle shields

1) Unlocker
2) Cards that can produce Fire runes
3) Switching cards that are immune to CD reset
4) A team that can easily make 8 or more combos without Active skills
5) Cards that ignore Defense/restores Petrified runes

This Ultimate is relatively difficult but you do have plenty of times to stall for CDs, EPs and fuel (mainly waves 1A, 2 and 3B). The hurdle for most teams is the need to burst back to back in wave 5 without Active skills (barring Switching cards).

2* Achievement (All Light, All Human)
Seiya + Kurapika*/Aiolia/PR Morse*/Darkness* + Seiya + Sagittarius Gold Cloth:

*Darkness can be replaced by Hubble or Netero to produce Heart runes. Note, however, that these two are less efficient since they convert existing WFED runes to Heart, which may not be enough for puzzle shield since Seiya's Switch explodes most of the board. Darkness has the advantage of producing guaranteed 8 Heart runes.
*Morse can be replaced by Shion although be wary that you should grind back his CD in Wave 4 and risk Heart drought. Stall at your own risk.
*Kurapika can be replaced by other attack boosters like Erza or Mu but he's slightly better for being immune to CD reset via Switch.

1* Achievement (3+ Fire)
Hatsune Miku & KAITO + MEIKO/PR Mech Baihu/Hatsune Miku MIKUEXPO 2019/Dramatic Costume Hatsune Miku* + Hatsune Miku & KAITO + Love Clock Tune (or any craft that ignores Puzzle shield):

*Masku is the most expendable member here. Feel free to add other Fire Machinas that produce Fire runes like Pompeii, PR Mech Cerberus or Epsilon.

Other Teams:
Chrollo (1*):

Miku (1*):

Qing Gui (0*):

Eve (1*):

Copper Bullet (0*):

Natsu (1*):

Hephaestus (1*):

RinLen (1*):

Ying Zheng (0*):


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