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[Discussion+Strategy+Info] Tower of the Queen
Info on the wiki:
Or if you can read Chinese:

Floor 1 (Free Team Choice): 
Bring whatever you want, damage and HP on the mobs are low. 
I just used a Khaos team with filler skill grinding members in the middle. 

Floor 2 (Water Team): 
You can bring just about anything - the only stage to watch out for is the boss due to 5 combo shield EX with 2 second movement time. 
Poseidon makes short work of this, I just brought filler skill grinding members in the middle. 

Floor 3 (7* or lower members): 
Stall on round 1 for actives by ignoring the vortex, or on round 2 by not killing the middle mob. Bring something to help clear the board on round 3, and burst down round 4. 

7* or less members, using Dual VR Artemis + AR Pollux, Yomi, 2x filler members
1) Stall CD and build up Pollux multiplier by ignoring the green and red runes. When ready to move on, spin according to the vortex.
2) Spin through
3) Yomi to clear the board
4) Full burst with whatever is available

Floor 4 (Fixed Turing team): 
1) Spin +-1 orb to stall CD here, heal every few turns. 
2) Continue stalling CD for Turing, turn on Lionel whenever ready
3a) Both Turings as needed
3b) Spin through 
4) Spin through, dissolving all hearts
5a) Li Tieguai for the time extension, spin through, try to get one Turing back
5b) Full burst with Turing and everything else left

Floor 5 (Earth Team): 
You want utility for stage 4a (all marked runes) and stage 5 (WFE and no LD in initial dissolve). The rest are straightforward to spin through

Earth Team with Dual VR Athena + Huifre, PR Sariel, Belphegor, filler card
1, 2) Stall CD by doing 1-combo initial
3) Spin through
4) Clear the board using Sariel and Belphegor, spin through after that. Turn on Athena when ready
5a) Spin through
5b) Huifre and DC

Still to come: Other Teams

[Image: 6636360e.jpg]

All Max + VR: WFLD Greek, FELD Babylon, All Norse, Lucy, Beelzebub, Pontos, Aether, Erebus, Yog-Sothoth, Chessia, Satan, Guan Yu, TSZ, Izanagi, Hideyoshi
Floor 6 (20 Turn Clear): 

Dual VR Artemis + AR Pollux, Lancelot, Dark Zeus, PR Gondul

You want to have 4 fast actives to remove the time reduction debuff
1) Stall CD by ignoring the 5 combo initial shield, also build up Pollux multiplier 
2) Clear the debuff using both Lancelot skills, Zeus, Gondul. Remember fire runes. 
3a, 3b, 4, 5a) Spin through
5b) Burst with DC

Floor 7 (6* or lower team members): 

Dual Hideyoshi + Katherine, Kim, Kaguyahime, Akechi and Aggressive Suspire Pattern as DC for the emergency 1 turn CD delay
1) Try to kill just one by doing single attacks - it will make your life a lot easier to stall CD for everyone on this stage! If not, then kill on turn 3

2) Spin through, try to stall CD a bit more here if needed
3) If you have the HP and still need to stall, tank a hit here. Otherwise convert and move on
4a) Convert and kill
4b) Spin through the debuff, then Akechi and both Hideyoshi to kill
5) Spin twice to stall CD, then Kim to finish it off
6a) Kaguyahime to stall 2 turns, kill with DC on turn 3
6b) Akechi, Hideyoshi, Katherine

Floor 8 (Human Team): 

Kyo + Mai, Sie Kensou, Yashiro, Athena Asamiya + Mai and a DC with recovery boost

Yashiro can be switched out, but the rest of the team members are necessary. You need both Sie Kensou and Athena for the team skill which guarantees HP recovery when activating Sie Kensou. 

1) Stall CD as long as possible here

2) Spin through, use Mai or Sie Kensou in emergency
3) Spin through
4a) Spin through
4b) Sie Kensou to recover HP, Mai skill 2, Kyo skill 2
5) Spin through
6a) Spin through, you have enough HP to tank 2 attacks but it's better to avoid dissolving hearts if you can (or dissolve via stacking)
6b) Spin through, use Mai to help burst down, and recovery DC if it's still not dead. 

Other Teams: 
Guan Yu:
Guan Yu:
Oichi + SHJ:

Floor 9 (Dark Team): 
Most strong teams (especially with Pollux) can clear this without too much difficulty. 
You want something that bypasses initial shield (e.g. Cancer) or has high damage reduction (e.g. Sandman) for stage 4a. 
An active skill to convert or clear light runes will be useful on stage 6a. 

Dark Team with Dual VR Artemis + AR Pollux, Qi Tian Di, VR Odin, Hel and a DC with 80% damage reduction

Hel can be switched out for a booster
1) Spin once, then burst down middle mob on turn 2, and kill side mobs on turn 3. Charge up Pollux multiplier. 
2) Spin once, then burst down both mobs on turn 2. Charge up Pollux multiplier
3) Spin through, charging up Pollux multiplier
4a) Turn on Artemis if available, DC to reduce damage. Spin to kill after that
4b) Spin through, use Hel if you need recovery
5) Spin through the first 3 forms normally, use Odin to help burst down the fourth form
6a) Qi Tian Di and spin
6b) Spin and DC

Other teams: 
Lu Dongbin:
Lu Dongbin:
Lu Dongbin:
Lu Dongbin:

Floor 10 (Free Team Choice): 
With free team choice and CD restore on the first stage there are lots of options. 
Ideally you want a time tunnel for 2a. 
A booster to help get through 2b
Something to explode the board or convert away fire runes for 2c. 

Dual Azathoth + PR Ursula, PR Novalis, Ursula, filler card 
2nd Ursula can be switched with another booster 

1) Turn on Novalis, spin
2a) Azathoth, Ursula, follow the vortex
2b) Spin through, don't dissolve water
2c) Azathoth, Ursula, DC

Other Teams: 
Lu Dongbin:
Water Lionel + Atlantis:

Still to come: General strategies, other teams

[Image: 6636360e.jpg]

All Max + VR: WFLD Greek, FELD Babylon, All Norse, Lucy, Beelzebub, Pontos, Aether, Erebus, Yog-Sothoth, Chessia, Satan, Guan Yu, TSZ, Izanagi, Hideyoshi
Stage 11: 20 Turn Clear
All enemies being water means that Earth teams are generally preferred here. 
The non-human CD reset on stage 4a means you have two choices: bring a human team, or bring something with enchantress-type effects you can switch on before that stage, so you can just blast through everything else afterwards. 
You might want a heart converter for the 15-shield on stage 3
You can use DC to clear the board on stage 4b, and simply burst it down on the following turn. Or if you have humans you might be able to convert / enchant the board e.g. with Mai or Camera. 
On 7a you probably want a time-tunnel of some kind
On 7b, you could use DC to enchant the board, or make the enchanted runes manually, or use Huifre
Good luck!

Dual VR Athena + Rakshasa, Sih Kong Yu, Huifre, Furi 

Furi can be switched with another booster, Sih Kong Yu can be switched with a heart converter
1, 2, 3) Stall for CD here. You want Rakshasa, Furi and Athena on before moving to stage 4. Use Sih Kong Yu if needed on stage 3. 4a) Spin
4b) Sih Kong Yu if available and clear all marked runes on the first turn. Otherwise, use DC to clear the board instead. Kill on the second turn
5) Spin through, Rakshasa extra attacks should be enough to kill in 2 turns, 3 at most
6) Spin
7a) Spin as many combos as possible, doesn't matter if you lose Athena's boost
7b) Huifre and DC to kill

Other Teams: 
Li Tieguai:

Stage 12: Light Team
You want something to help explode/convert the board to make the transition from stage 3 to 4a easier. 
Lionel or Yan will probably be helpful to deal with the heart block
A few possibilities for the 30-rune shield are Apollo, Colin + Sirius, Yu Wun Tuo, Gungnir + Faraday

Dual VR Apollo + PR Yan, 2x PR ML, AR Luna

1, 2, 3) Stall for Yan and ML CD here by doing single attacks, only spinning 3 or 4 runes in non-adjacent columns. 
When ready to move on to stage 4, turn on Yan, ML, Apollo when at CD 2 and spin it down. 
4a) ML to convert, Luna, spin
4b, 5, 6, 7a) Just spin through
7b) Burst with DC

Other Teams: 

Stage 13: 5* or less team members
On stage 4, you want something to remove the heart runes, and ideally something to help get rid of the weathered runes / time tunnel. 
On stage 5, you can use the biweekly cards or a witch to do 20 hits. Or if you have enough HP just tank the hits and grind through
The rest of the stages are relatively straightforward. 

Metazord + Light Lionel
1, 2, 3) Spin through, fuse Metazord when ready, use skill 1 to speed things up
4) I misread the enemy info and thought it was a revive stage. You  can see me spinning through trying to get actives ready - not too tricky with Metazord's bulky HP. To burst down, use Metazord both skills and Lionel's active to clear the heart runes. 
5) Just spin through, Lionel will do extra attacks to speed things up. Save heart runes before moving on
6) Put heart runes in the shield
7a) Turn Metazord active 1 back on when ready, and spin from the green to red vortex
7b) Burst with DC

Other Teams: 
Lu Bu:
Lionel / LHY:
Lionel / Wukong:
Random Biweeklies:
Random Biweeklies:
Random Biweeklies:

Stage 14: Fire Team
The main choices here are Yog or Hephaestus, without bringing humans. Most stages have annoying skills. 
On stage 2 it is ideal to burst down the full 6m in one go to avoid skydrops accidentally killing you when you try to whittle down its HP
On stage 3a, you probably want to get rid of the time debuff. Options are Marchosias/Fire Demon mob or using 4 actives to push it off the screen. 
If not, then spin carefully to make sure you can do the (max) 5 combos. 
On stage 4b, you need to make sure you can heal up 10k HP to avoid dying from the initial hit on the next stage
On stage 5, the description is that you get hit for 9k every turn even if you don't dissolve light. 
On stage 6, you need something to explode or convert the earth runes
On stage 7b, Ghroth, a time tunnel or a DC that ignores 5 colour shield will make your life easier. 

Dual PR Yog + Smilodon, Marchosias, VR Seth, Ghroth
1) Stall CD as long as possible here by dissolving everything except fire. When you have too many fire runes on the board, dissolve all of them in one round to limit the number of turns when you are doing full attacks. 
2) Finish stalling a bit here if needed. Yog skill 1 to burst down
3) Clear the debuff with Marchosias, then just spin through, following the number of orbs. 
4a) Spin through, stalling back Yog CD and stacking earth runes. If you need to move on, then turn on Smilodon
4b) Burst with Ghroth
5) Yog #1 skill 1 and make sure to stack light so it's not in initial dissolve
6) Seth, Yog #2 skill 2, turn off Smilodon, DC
7a) Turn on Smilodon and Yog #1 skill 2, and spin through
7b) Yog #1 skill 1 to burst down

Other teams: 

Stage 15: Take Up The Gauntlet - Free Team Choice
You want a team with high recovery or high burst power, since every stage is at least 8k CD 1. 
1) Stall one turn then kill on the second turn
2a) You can spin through, just make sure to stack fire runes
2b) Red to Green vortex with two second movement means you ideally you want a converter or time tunnel here
2c) Spin well, or use something to explode the board and help deal with the weathered runes
3a) Spin through, making sure to dissolve all water runes
3b) You want something to explode the fire runes, or convert them into a useful attribute
3c) Full burst

Dual Daoloth + Colin, Sirius Fusion, PR Pluma
1) Spin once, then kill on turn 2
2a) Spin through slowly, covering fire runes so you don't dissolve them in initial dissolve. Fuse Sirius when ready, and spin down
2b) Spin through, following the vortex. Try to kill quickly
2c) Colin + Pluma
3a) Spin through, making sure to dissolve all water in initial dissolve
3b) Sirius skill 1, Daoloth
3c) Sirius skill 2, Daoloth, DC

Dual Azathoth + PR Ursula, PR Novalis, Nidhogg, Colin 

1) Spin once, then kill on turn 2
2a) Spin through slowly, dissolving fire runes to help stall. Turn on Novalis and kill when ready
2b) Azathoth
2c) Colin
3a) Spin through, making sure to dissolve all water in initial dissolve
3b) Azathoth
3c) Ursula, Nidhogg, DC

Other Teams: 
DiaoChan + Water Lionel:
Lu Dongbin:

[Image: 6636360e.jpg]

All Max + VR: WFLD Greek, FELD Babylon, All Norse, Lucy, Beelzebub, Pontos, Aether, Erebus, Yog-Sothoth, Chessia, Satan, Guan Yu, TSZ, Izanagi, Hideyoshi
These were less of a headache than the keeper trials overall. Watch out for the 2nd 20 round limit stage
My clears so far.

Floor 1 - No restrictions: Free pass, pick any team

Floor 2 - Mono Water: OVR Water Xi + Water fillers (heh) x4 + OVR Water Xi

I brought my skill-training team. Bring PR Molly for boss if you need.

Floor 3 - 7* and below: Azathoth + Dragon fillers x4 + Azathoth

Wave 1: Stall for Azathoth. Don't snipe too hard, because it does damage even if you intentionally miss G2R.
Wave 2: Azathoth.
Wave 3: Azathoth.
Wave 4: Spin through.

Floor 4 - Fixed team (Turing): Turing + LTG / Mech Mark II / Earth Lionel / Hula + Turing

Follow aahlsy's tips and you'll be fine.

Floor 5 - Mono Earth: OVR Athena + Huifre / Izanagi / Earth fillers x2 + OVR Athena

Wave 1: Stall for Izanagi.
Wave 2: Stall for Izanagi.
Wave 3: Stall for Izanagi.
Wave 4: Izanagi.
Wave 5.1: Spin through.
Wave 5.2: Huifre.

Floor 6 - 20 Rounds: OVR Apollo + PR ML / PR ML / Light Lionel / Morse + OVR Apollo

Wave 1: Stall for Lionel.
Wave 2: Lionel. Turn on Apollo if up. Remember where you Fire runes are.
Wave 3.1: Spin through.
Wave 3.2: Spin through.
Wave 4: Spin through.
Wave 5.1: Spin through.
Wave 5.2: Spin through.

Was going to see if the reset applies to EPs and Time Tunnel through Wave 5.2 if it can't, but forgot to transform Morse before the reset.
[Image: J0nLRNh.png]
Also available (AM): Azathoth, Sakura, VR Greek, KOF rares
UID: 22963116
So far:

Floor 1: I did it yesterday and I was drinking and I honestly have no recollection of what I used.
Floor 2: Sun Ce, easy clear. 2 combos=6 so the boss is nothing.
Floor 3: Azathoth. Is this boss stage a bug? Why does she have this skill?
Floor 4: Harder than I thought, and then easier than I thought. It's pretty easy to fuck up at wave 2 and kill the water mob first because of Turing's snipe. Pretty much guaranteed you will need both Turings for wave 3 ime, she doesn't make enough hearts with one convert and your recovery is not good enough to get back up to 90% if you been hit a few times.
Floor 5: Gaia - Geironul - Red Boy - Yashiro - Lu Xun. If you have Huifre (I don't), swap her for either of the god members, will make this so much simpler. Otherwise, boss is pretty easy to tank through with Yashiro and Lu Xun activated until the right kind of runes are on the board.
Floor 6: Yog Sothoth - Farenheit - Doris - Khaos - Pollux. Yog's leaderskill + Yog and Pollux self buffs basically solves everything but the boss, who I needed to whittle down pretty slowly until my actives were back up, finished with 3 turns left I think. Pretty chill stage when you have 17 seconds spin.
[Image: hDTtKNv.png]
LF: Love and condo buyers. JK.
|Skill Training Guide For Newbies|
(04-26-2018, 03:25 PM)Sayokyoku Wrote: My clears so far.


Was going to see if the reset applies to EPs and Time Tunnel through Wave 5.2 if it can't, but forgot to transform Morse before the reset.

It does not reset EP
Stage 9 - only dark members limit, need advice :

Have no pure dark teams, what I have is : Lu dongbin, baphomet, dark sirius, lynx, kof athena, elf Rose from maxed cards.

Can make a dark beast team consisting of Lynx, Baphomet, Dark Sirius, Mochi Bunny, Gao Yao, Lynx, is there a chance that it can work at all?

Maybe Lu dongbin team? Edit, have 2 x lu dongbin maxed
Other dark cards I can make maxed easily or near maxed : Endor, PR isabel, Lancelot, pili YSC and thats about it, rest of dark cards I own are lvl1 slvl1 and waste to upgrade for 1 stage only.

I'm really lost on this one, stages 1-8 passable easily with what I own so far.
7th. Izanagi, kim, circe, medusa, jian zi ju, izanagi
8th. Arthur, hubble, kof terry, honda, zhangjue, arthur
9th. Ldb, ldb, gemini, odin, khaos, ldb
10th. Daoloth, vr ra, fenrir, pluma, daoloth
11th. Poseidon, kulkulan, cass, guanyu, hanlingsa, guanyu
12th. Daoloth, pluma, solar, colin, nyx, daoloth
Floor 7 - 6* and below: Izanagi + Earth Little Witch / PR Medusa / Shyplant / Yvette + Izanagi (CD-delay DC)

Wave 1: Kill one mob, then stall for CDs.
Wave 2: Shyplant spam.
Wave 3: Shyplant spam.
Wave 4.1: Shyplant + Izanagi.
Wave 4.2: 2C on the bottom row will keep you alive. Shyplant + Izanagi 9C after the debuff wears off.
Wave 5: Spin for two Rounds, then Little Witch + Shyplant.
Wave 6.1: Medusa, then dissolve 1C for three Rounds. After that, drain with Yvette for three Rounds without killing her. Shyplant + Izanagi 9C when he's up.
Wave 6.2: Shyplant + Izanagi 9C + DC. If she's not dead, Shyplant and spin 6C.

Alternatively, if you have a dodge DC, you can just go straight into Wave 6.2 one Round before the Frozen runes defrost and grind out Izanagi after dodging.

Floor 8 - Mono Human: Arthur + KOF Terry / Honda / Hubble / Gungnir + Arthur (RCR-boosting DC)

Wave 1: Kill one of the Water mobs, then stall for CDs.
Wave 2: Hubble.
Wave 3: Spin through.
Wave 4.1: Arthur when needed, dissolving Earth and ideally Water too.
Wave 4.2: Squeeze out the debuff with Terry + Honda + Arthur.
Wave 5: Stall for CDs.
Wave 6.1: Gungnir.
Wave 6.2: Hubble + DC for a big burst, then grind her down until she starts Weathering 4 runes, then Hubble + DC again.

I wanted to test if Honda helps me overheal the boss when there's four Weathered runes, but forgot.

You can run Katherine over Gungnir to help with Wave 6.2, especially if the three rows reveal Earth to trigger Arthur's healing. Just means that you'll have no Heart explosion at Stage 6.1.

Floor 9 - Mono Dark: Lu Dongbin + AR Gemini / NVR Odin / Khaos / Yomi + Lu Dongbin (Dodge DC)

Wave 1: Kill the Light mob while filtering for Dark runes, then kill the other two with AOE.
Wave 2: Stall a bit for CDs/Gemini here. Hit the Fire mob if there's not enough Dark runes to dissolve in sets of five. I ended up stacking Gemini to the max and killed the Light mob with Odin's conversion active.
Wave 3: Spin through.
Wave 4.1: Dodge with DC while also filtering for Dark if possible, then spin through.
Wave 4.2: Lu Dongbin on Light.
Wave 5: Spin through until you reach the X-Burn, then Khaos. I used a Lu Dongbin here with Khaos just in case.
Wave 6.1: Yomi, then Lu Dongbin if you have a bad board.
Wave 6.2: Burst with whatever's left.

Floor 10 - No restrictions: Azathoth + PR Ursula / PR Novalis / Ursula / Colin + Azathoth

Follow aahlsy's guide and you'll be fine. I brought Colin for Wave 2.2.
[Image: J0nLRNh.png]
Also available (AM): Azathoth, Sakura, VR Greek, KOF rares
UID: 22963116

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