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[Discussion+Strategy+Info] Theory of Ideas
Info on wiki:

All stages are fire attribute and most are machina, which is handy for certain active skills. The fire attribute combined with 15 water shield and water puzzle shield suggests that you probably want a water team (or Ying Zheng). Following recent trends, all rounds are at least 15k CD 1, although certain waves have more leeway than others (e.g. wave 1/4 if you can kill some of the enemy mobs, or on stage 2/5 you can grind a bit if you have enough damage reduction or HP). 

General Strategy: 
1) Kill 2 and stall CD on the 3rd
2) If you have enough HP or damage reduction you can stall a bit more here. Otherwise, kill in 2 turns. 
3a) Convert and burst down
3b, 4) You probably want to burst through these stages since it will be a bit hard to grind
5) If you have enough HP or damage reduction you can stall until it's down to half HP and subsequently burst. If not, convert the fire runes and burst it down. Remember your heart runes before moving on. 
6a) You need a high rec team to survive the 22k CD 1 for 4 turns. 
6b) Convert water / remove fire runes, and full burst

Sample Grindy Achievement Teams: 

2* Clear (Water Team, Same Leader and Ally) with Dual Lucy + Gray (converter), Bhairava & Nandi (converter), Florice (converter and booster), Ame no Murakumo (converter and booster)

1) Kill 2 and stall CD on the 3rd one
2) Lucy, spin through in 2 turns
3a) Florice once, then Gray on turn 2 to burst down. I messed this up so was going to use DC for a delay, but it ended up dying due to skydrops. 
3b, 4) Spin through. Make sure Lucy is on before moving to the next stage. 
5) Bhairava & Nandi, spin through. Turn on Lucy again. 
6a) Spin through
6b) Florice EP skill 2, Lucy, Murakumo, DC

1* Clear (God Team) with Dual Aqua + Kubera (-80% damage reduction), AR Pisces (converter, high HP), PR Giemsa (booster, high HP), VR Poseidon (converter, high HP) and Aggressive Pique Seal for 2 turn delay in emergency
1) Kill 2 and stall CD on the third one
2) Spin through
3a) If you have enough runes, Aqua skill 2 and Pisces. Otherwise spin once and hopefully burst on the second turn. You might need DC to stall here if the board is bad. 
3b) Poseidon and spin through 
4) Spin through, Kubera when moving on. Due to my lack of heart runes, I also used DC to heal to full. 
5) Spin through. Aqua skill 2 and a converter when ready to move on. Remember which runes are hearts. 
6a) Grind through. Use Aqua skill 1 to get 5 rune types for the 87% damage reduction in emergency
6b) Poseidon and/or Pisces convert to remove fire runes. Full burst with Aqua both skills, Giemsa, Kubera and DC 

1* Fast Farm Team (Same Leader and Ally) with Dual Ying Zheng + Samle, Lancelot, 2x filler demons
1, 2) Spin through taking 7 turns here, by spinning 1 combo, and using the burning runes on stage 2 to heal up as needed. Turn on Lancelot skill 2 before moving on. 
3a) Lancelot skill 1, then Ying Zheng for water, dark, water
3b) Spin with your full board of dark runes
4) Spin through
5) Ying Zheng for non-fire runes. Remember which runes are dark before moving on. 
6a) Spin through, doing 1-combo of dark runes. You can run over the corner runes to heal
6b) Full burst with Ying Zheng for water runes, any boosters and DC

Other Teams: 
3* Atlantis (1dime revival):
3* Atlantis + Water Xi:
1* Azathoth:
1* Brahma:
0* Cathieves:
1* Darkness:
0* Darwin/Galileo:
0* Darwin/Galileo:
2* Einstein:
1* Erza:
0* HxH:
1* Alternate Lucy:
1* Mesopotamia:
2* Sun Ce:
1* TSZ:
3* Water Xi:
1* Xuanwu Machina:
1* Ying Zheng:

[Image: 6636360e.jpg]

All Max + VR: WFLD Greek, FELD Babylon, All Norse, Lucy, Beelzebub, Pontos, Aether, Erebus, Yog-Sothoth, Chessia, Satan, Guan Yu, TSZ, Izanagi, Hideyoshi
Cleared 3* with Pisces | Aqua | Aquarius | Abraham | Mu Yue + Pisces. Super grind powers, activate!

Active sequence for burst is Aqua 2 first, then Aqua 1, Aquarius and Abraham in any order. Pisces can be used before or after for more attack runes. Mu Yue is there for Heart production.

1. Just spin, full attacks where possible to speed it up.
2. Burst.
3a. Spin hard and grind for actives back; spam Pisces to maximise Water rune production. Stall by dissolving the 15 Water runes to prevent it attacking, use DC if necessary. Once all actives are up, burst.
3b. Grind.
4. Grind.
5. Grind until slightly above 50%, then burst.
6a. Laugh and spin.
6b. Burst. Probably won't be enough, even with DC, so just stall and repeat.

Main: 59,402,542
Alt: 84,088,062

SM History Chart | Amel List
Cleared all Achievements with dual Aqua. Ate two Diamonds on one of them because I'm both dumb and unlucky, but zero Diamonds should be doable.

Same Leader/Ally + Mono Water: Aqua + Lucy / Mitsurugi / OVR Tefnut / Yusuke + Aqua

Wave 1: Target right mob first and left mob second. 5C will kill one mob. Stall a bit on the middle mob.
Wave 2: 4C will keep him alive. Spin through afterwards.
Wave 3.1: You can tank about three hits if you trigger damage reduction. Burst with Spirit Gun when you're about to hit 15W.
Wave 3.2: Sacred Break Spell first, then Lucy + God Blow. Explode Fire with Mitsurugi if there's too many.
Wave 4: Spin through.
Wave 5: Lucy will tank the hit. Burst with Tefnut and remember where your Hearts are.
Wave 6.1: Spirit Gun if no Hearts on the first Round, then tank hits by triggering damage reduction.
Wave 6.2: Sacred Break Spell first, then God Blow + Explode Fire with Mitsurugi. If that's not enough, Sacred Break Spell again and Mega Spirit Gun.

Same Leader/Ally + Mono God: Aqua + NVR Freyr / Raphael / Eris / Giemsa + Aqua (Khaos DC)

Wave 1: Same as above, but 6C.
Wave 2: Same as above, but 5C.
Wave 3.1: Same as above, but Freyr/Raphael for mass conversion.
Wave 3.2: Sacred Break Spell first, then convert with Freyr/Raphael and burst with God Blow + Giemsa's CD10 active.
Wave 4: Eris, then spin through.
Wave 5: Eris will keep you alive. Dissolve Fire on Round 1, then Sacred Break Spell on Round 2 + Freyr/Raphael if not used on Wave 3.1. Don't use God Blow like I did, because...
Wave 6.1: ...1% with no Hearts, herp derp. Ate my first Diamond here. Anyway, delay with Khaos DC if no Hearts on first Round, then tank through with damage reduction. Ate another Diamond here because even after Khaos DC, I still got Heart drought and not enough Runes to trigger damage reduction.
Wave 6.2: Sacred Break Spell first, then convert with Freyr if not enough Water and burst with God Blow + Giemsa's CD10 active + Raphael's Time Tunnel.

[Image: J0nLRNh.png]
Also available (AM): Azathoth, Sakura, VR Greek, KOF rares
UID: 22963116

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