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[Discussion+Strategy+Info] The Sleipnir
OMG, Odin, your freak of a horse is too fast. Anyway, how many diamonds have you prepared for the combo shield Leopard? Big Grin

[Image: U8C4FyT.jpg]
(Picture from English ToS FB page)

Odin the Knight of Remains

[Image: 479px-Pet287.png]
(Picture from the Chinese ToS wikia)

Max stats:
HP - 4057
ATK - 1854
RCR - 330
Total - 6241
Exp to max - 7000000
Team cost - 35

Active Skill: Power Surge (Lv 15, CD 10)
The lower the HP for that turn (before moving runes), the higher the attack. Maximum of 250% attack at 1 HP.

Leader Skill: Unbeatable Tumbler
As long as your HP is 50% or above, the next hit cannot kill you.

Partner Skill: Enchantment Surge (Odin + 6* Norse god)
Convert all heart runes, runes of the opposing attribute of the Norse god, and runes of the same attribute of the Norse god to into enchanted runes of the same attribute of the Norse god. Minimum level requirement for the skill to be usable is 50 for both cards.

Passive Skill: 'Ragnarök'
If 2 6* Norse gods of the same attribute are leader and ally, Odin changes his attribute to that of the Norse gods.

Ways to use:
1) Trojan team (boost attack by ~200% using active)
2) Norse mono (convert runes to enchanted runes with partner skill)
3) Non-Norse mono team with Norse god as follower (convert runes to enchanted runes with partner skill)
4) Any team needing Tumbler (prevents death with leader skill and boosts attack by 250% with active skill)

But that's not all. Odin is now wanted, dead or alive (actually, just dead). Upon a certain number victories, every player who passed the battle regardless of revivals will get a prize for each milestone reached. The number of victories is the total number of victories from all servers. You can repeat the battle and win and the victories will be counted.
The prizes are:
50000 victories - 1× Madhead [x]
100000 victories - 2× diamonds [x]
150000 victories - 1× diamond seal [x]
200000 victories - 4× Dark Prime Soulstones [x]
250000 victories - 1× Harpy [x]

Battle Info

Cost: 50 stamina
Battles: 5
Coins earned: ???
Exp earned: 2700 (54exp/stamina)

01/05 The Noblewoman of Floret
507075 HP, 3687 Atk, 500 Def, CD 1
The Witch of Silvernight
487075 HP, 3801 Atk, 485 Def, CD 1

02/05 4× Verdandi
500000 HP, 7000 Atk, 5000 Def, CD 1

03/05 Metallic Leopard King
301000 HP, 11333 Atk, 388 Def, CD 2
4 Combo Shield EX
Werewolf Ebon
24 HP, 100 Atk, 100000 Def, CD 6
Werewolf Ebon
24 HP, 100 Atk, 100000 Def, CD 6

04/05 3× Guardian of Virago
800000 HP, 12200 Atk, 400 Def, CD 2

05/05 Odin the Knight of Remains
2066870 HP, 9500 Atk, 5243 Def, CD 1
Enchanted Shield

[Image: Odin.jpg]
(Picture from Google Images)


The first wave is all about storing for CD. Just remember to heal and you should be able to get your skills ready.

The second wave sports 4 Verdandi's. When 2 of them are attacking together, you take 14000 damage to the face, whuch most teams can't survive. And they attack every turn! This is why you must stall in the first wave: to burst here.

This is the toughest part of the battle. One combo shield Leopard, one skill-locking Werewolf, and one Werewolf that prevents any form of damage reduction from working. If you need your skills, kill the Werewolf with Lockdown, before working on the Leopard. The key here is to recover enough so that you can take 11000+ damage every alternate turn. Afterwards, stall on the other werewolf for your skills.

Once again, you need to burst. Whether you stalled on the Leopard or the werewolf, make sure you have the skills you need to burst ready. You have 2 turns to kill these deadly Guardians.

On the last wave, you'll see Odin. He attacks like Nidhogg in 5th seal with just a bit more power. And you still have to get enchanted runes to hurt Odin. Heal every turn, get as many enchanted runes as you need, activate your skills, and burst him off his eight-legged horse coming out of a portal.

The following teams have cleared this stage with 0 diamonds:

1) Loki + GSOD/Baphomet/Isabell/Cassandra + Daji

Alternatively, try Loki + GSOD/Urd/Baphomet/Artemis + Daji. Video here.
And obviously, Loki + Baphomet/Isabell/Cassandra/Castor Pollux + Daji works. Video here.

2) Poppy + GSOF/Tyr/Nezha/Achilles + Poppy

3) Freyr + Urd/Ao Guang/Cassandra/Charon + Daji

4) Persephone + Griffin/Solar Sirius/Maguerite/Minamoto + Persephone

No Minamoto or Maguerite? Persephone + Griffin/Solar Sirius/Faust/Nathaniel + Persephone works as well. Video here.

For more videos, search '八脚马骑士' on Youtube.

Do share your team setup and how many diamonds you used on the Leopard in the thread Tongue
Good luck everyone in bringing Odin home! Big Grin

*I do not own the videos or the pictures and I do not take credit for them.
**Even with the exact setups as shown in the videos, you may perform differently due to your own rune-turning skills and luck.
***Stats are from the Chinese ToS wikia. This info is subject to change.
****Refrain from using emulators, and playing this stage first thing in the morning. Disable notifications and make sure you're in an area where you're comfortable and no one will distract you. And make sure you have more than 5% battery left especially if you are going with double PKOL for whatever reason.

Nice job Metacreeper! Big Grin

[Image: r4k2.png]
Elf Deck In Use
As much as I'd like to be able to pass, I doubt I can. Cards are just way too low leveled right now...

[Image: LidHxnY.png] 2593
3284[Image: AUrx7x3.png]
It is one time battle? It's disappear after completing?
No - one-day battle. You can get as many Odin as you want if you have the stamina and diamonds Big Grin
Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds Heart

[Image: 7c52d11a.jpg]
Isn't this on wednesday
Just finished watching the video using fire mono.. thanks meta creep!
At least I know I don't have the leveled cards to deal with this beast of a stage yet.

Leveling.... leveling.. leveling...
Going with my Minamoto + Virgo team for it Big Grin

Wonder if there is any video that this team has cleared, will definitely be a morale boost haha

All my team members are already maxed so hopefully can clear with the min diamond use as possible xD
(11-11-2013, 12:46 AM)[SG] Red Wrote: Going with my Minamoto + Virgo team for it Big Grin

Wonder if there is any video that this team has cleared, will definitely be a morale boost haha

All my team members are already maxed so hopefully can clear with the min diamond use as possible xD

I'm probably using double virgo for the HP and healing. Prolly have to use diamonds on stage 2 and 4 TT
[Image: 7e0f5aac.jpg]

[Image: 02796623.jpg]
I'm passing on this. No more diamonds after spamming diamond seals on sprites day (and not getting a single sprite Angry)

Also, I don't think i can benefit much from Odin, no Norse Gods.
Click for Dragon Allies!

PSA: PR Dragons are the new mainstream! Have you converted yet? No? Shame on you. Go and PR your Dagon/Faugn and set that as your ally!! Why? Awesome recovery! Awesome endurance! Hearts do damage?!? OMG?!?

No seriously change. Yes I'm looking at you 30 Ursula allies of mine.

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