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[Discussion+Strategy+Info] The Protogenoi of Pantheon
i give up... 6 dimes gone

watched ppl clear with Wukong (L), ML, Luna, Genie, Nyx, Virgo (A).
i dun have Genie. thinking of either switch with Light Keeper or VR Jack. not sure Jack is good enough as replecement for Genie, but 8+ combos, whole board atk runes seems possible to form in #8b, hope eough dmg.
but the biggest thing make make not try Wukong is, #8a... dun think i can clear 4-5 weathered each round.

tried with Diablo instead. but 'forgot' that [email protected]#$% #6b quintet fortex. gave up... 5 dimes revive prev stages gone. 3 dimes at #5, which shouldnt happen... 1 dime at #6b as well...
of coz Diablo team with 3 Hearts can recover fully. just keep spinning and spinning and spinning...
total 6 dimes gone with diablo team for nothing.

well... the 'good' side is, all are covered by clearance of 9th seal this week.

heck with it... might regret coz was very satisfied with Yog, free mambers formation... Khaos almost that kind of leader... but... heck...

RXWing / 48,740,450 / Lv360+
My Teams (30 Aug) / Inventory (16 Oct) / Replays
Can probably 0 dime with Diaochan + AR Pollux, AR Luna, Izanagi, Nyx + Andromeda but it took me around 3. Used the 3 column heart DC.


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