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[Discussion+Strategy+Info] The Man Closest to the Gods
Info on Chinese Wiki:

Translation (Credit to Doppio Vinegar on Discord)
[Image: unknown.png]
Stage 2 is a typo - it should be 2x water columns on ambush, not 2x earth. 

General Strategy: 
Bring Saint Seiya cards obviously
You will probably want a water converter, a heart converter, something to handle 8 combo shield, and a team that has high recovery and 23k+ HP
1) Spin
2) Clear/stack the water runes to kill the right enemy, then the left. Alternatively, use Aquarius Camus to kill the left enemy first while healing enough to tank the reflect from the right enemy. Then kill the right enemy
3) Water converter and burst down
4) You can grind through a little bit, ideally just burst down
5) Time tunnel / skills to handle 8 combo shield
6a) Heart converter
6b) Grind through until it's on low % shield then burst down
6c) Full burst with whatever is available

Sample Teams: 

3* Clear (Water and Fire Team, Same Leader and Ally, Human Team) with Dual Hyoga + Aquarius Camus, Biscuit, 2x filler water humans with high HP 

I brought 3 Hyoga because I have dupes, but you can see that I don't use their skills. 
1) Save as many hearts as possible and move them to the side columns
2) Aquarius on first turn, Hyoga convert and switch on second turn
3) Hyoga convert 
4) Hyoga switch and stack light runes
5) Hyoga EP skill 2, use other EP skill 2 if not dead
6a) Spin through using Biscuit as needed
6b) Grind through using control skills (Camus, Hyoga EP skill 2) on one turn followed by Biscuit on the alternate turn to heal up. You also have DC in emergency. 
6c) Burst with Hyoga EP skill 2, DC and any other skills

Other Teams: 
3* with Dual Lucy, Hyoga, Juvia, Gray, PR Santa: 

3* with Dual Lucy, PR Cassandra, Gray, Juvia, PR Medea

3* with Dual Aria, Hyoga, Aquarius Camus, Biscuit, Au Shiau Hung Chen

2* With Dual Aria, Hyoga, Aquarius Camus, Biscuit, Earth Jotunn

3* with Dual Hyoga, Aquarius Camus, Biscuit, Lucy, Water Roger

3* with Dual Hyoga, Aquarius Camus, PR Cassandra, Biscuit, PR Queen of Hearts

2* with Dual Lucy, PR Florice, Wendy, Jellal, Erza

1* with Dual Ying Zheng, Zhuge Liang, AR Yuki-Onna, AR Pollux, Mellow

1* with Dual Ying Zheng, Wiz, Mellow, AR Yuki-Onna, Ubume

2* with Saint Seiya team (Seiya leader): 

2* with Dual Pompeii, Copernicus, Epsilon, Delta

[Image: 6636360e.jpg]

All Max + VR: WFLD Greek, FELD Babylon, All Norse, Lucy, Beelzebub, Pontos, Aether, Erebus, Yog-Sothoth, Chessia, Satan, Guan Yu, TSZ, Izanagi, Hideyoshi
Note : Stage 6B has phantom and negates demon damage.

Einstein Clear 1 Star clear
Note : Delay craft is needed for final stage.

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3* Achievement (All Human, Same Leader/Ally, Water + Fire team)
Hyoga + Camus/Biscuit/Lucy/Cassandra + Hyoga + Aquarius Gold Cloth:

1) Spin.
2) Use Camus's skill and spin. Finish off Fire mob by not stacking Water runes. Activate Lucy's skill as soon as ready.
3) Use Hyoga's 1st skill and Switch. Spin to solve puzzle shield.
4) Use 2nd Hyoga's 1st skill. Activate Cassandra as soon as ready. Spin and stack Light runes.
5) Use Hyoga's 1st EP skill and spin.
6A) Deactivate Cassandra. Use Biscuit's skill. Spin and dissolve as many Heart runes as possible. May switch Biscuit and use 1st EP skill for more Heart runes as needed.
6B) Spin until enemy is at 0% damage reduction, using Biscuits's 1st EP skill to replenish Heart runes as needed. Once at 0%, Activate Lucy's and Cassandra's skills. Switch 2nd Hyoga and use 2nd EP skill. Spin.
6C) Use 2nd Hyoga's 2nd EP skill. Activate Biscuit's 1st EP skill if ready. Spin as many combos as possible. Burst with DC if needed.

2* Achievement (All Human, Same Leader/Ally)
Seiya - Shiryu/Hyoga/Shun/Ikki - Seiya + Sagittarius Gold Cloth:

1) Spin and try to position Water runes on the 2nd and 5th columns.
2) Use Seiya's 1st skill. Spin and stack Water runes.
3) Spin. May stall for 2 turns if you lack Water runes.
4) Use Shiryu's 1st skill. Spin and stack Light runes.
5) Use Hyoga's 1st skill and spin.
6A) Switch Seiya and use 1st EP skill. Spin and dissolve as many Hearts as possible.
6B) Spin until enemy is at 0% damage reduction. Use Shiryu's and Shun's 1st skills. Switch Shiryu and use 2nd EP skill. May switch Hyoga for time tunnel. Dissolve runes in bulk.
6C) Use Seiya's 1st skill and Hyoga's 1st EP skill. Switch Seiya and use 1st EP skill. Switch Ikki. Dissolve runes in bulk. Burst with DC.


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