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[Discussion+Strategy+Info] The Horror Within
(01-05-2018, 05:37 PM)aahlsy Wrote: Well, what light leaders do you have? I can see something like Thor or beelz being possible.

(01-05-2018, 06:45 PM)aahlsy Wrote: Here are some other teams for stage 23:
Copper Bullet:

The Beelzebub, Jack and Bael clears are probably most relevant. Beelzebub and Jack had to manually spin the 8 combos and used a CD2 delay craft to survive the vortex stage.
Don't know how long the Bael clear took since he only shows the last round, but that could be a faster option than Wukong if the other teams aren't viable.

Thanks a lot, buddy. Will follow soon.
PS1: because I cannot speak Chinese, I cannot find deeply in clips with Chinese title.
PS2: just found Wukong-Beelz, not very long:

ID: 25.610.510

Welcome all friend request.
I can't either. I found the Chinese wiki pages and searched for the stage name.

[Image: 6636360e.jpg]

All Max + VR: WFLD Greek, FELD Babylon, All Norse, Lucy, Beelzebub, Pontos, Aether, Erebus, Yog-Sothoth, Chessia, Satan, Guan Yu, TSZ, Izanagi, Hideyoshi
I was actually thinking about what kind of grind team could be used for floor 23, and had some extra stamina to test with.
Not too different from the Wukong-Beelz setup in that video, as it turns out.

On most stages, grind for CD, then burst with Terry, Pluma, M&M (both actives), Camera
R3 save burst for second life (I added DC to be sure)
R5 grind the left one, then kill the right with M&M (both actives), Wukong and Terry.
R7 take a hit, then use Terry, Pluma, Camera to remove the debuff. Just heal, don't burst. Grind down, using a few actives to speed things up, make sure everything is ready again before R7b. Avoid leaving enchanted runes on the board when you kill.
R7b full burst, use DC.

[Image: C8aZ3ZIl.png]

ID: 40 944 239  
Allies (All/Dbl Max): Darkness, Aqua, Kurama
Other Frequently Used Leaders (All/Dbl Max): VR Greek (FELDW), Hiei, Vishnu, Brahma, Azathoth, Daoloth, PR Haza, etc.
I see a number of ppl had trouble with stages 20-25 but not much with stages 25+. I just completed stage 25 myself and because stage 23 was so tough without maya, tsz or daloth I had to spend a lot of time on arthur. After that i gave it a break. What should i expect from the next 5?
(01-10-2018, 09:42 AM)jtsmith Wrote: I see a number of ppl had trouble with stages 20-25 but not much with stages 25+.  I just completed stage 25 myself and because stage 23 was so tough without maya, tsz or daloth I had to spend a lot of time on arthur.  After that i gave it a break.  What should i expect from the next 5?

I went through 26-29 pretty quickly and got stuck on 30 (round 1 RNG…) and 31 (really needs good spinning). 

I had meta teams for 26-29 though (at least for 27 I had all of the members if not the actual leader), so I'm sure it'll probably vary depending on your card pool.  
round 30 is impossible without the about 1 month old dragons.  pay to play stuff.  I even played it with someones else's account that had them and all rounds are anti dragon.  faced the boss several times and could not hit 66m dmg. Took Zhao yun instead nidhogg and couldnt reach the final stage.

I didnt have daoloth or copper.  copper seems harder but daoloth might be easier since you can recover.

The boss is an old sht card.  These new skills will likely show up on normal stages now so gg.
22F can be cleared with a PR Yukionna + PR Azazel semi-grind team:

On that note, does anyone have a PR Yukionna for me to borrow? I've got PR Shutendouji for 24F if you need him. :\

EDIT: Never mind, cleared it with a PR Yidhra-Atlantis team using zero Diamonds.

PR Yidhra + PR Wenzhong / PR Pisces / PR Urd / Cygnus + Atlantis (Delay DC that can filter runes)

Stage 1+2: Grind for CDs. Turn on Wenzhong when he's up.
Stage 3: Grind to ~70%, then activate Urd and kill.
Stage 4.1: Stall the debuff out, then kill.
Stage 4.2: Turn Wenzhong back on, grind for Urd.
Stage 5: Dissolve Water, then delay CD with DC. Kill afterwards, using Cygnus/Pisces if board is bad.
Stage 6: If confident with stacking, burst with Cygnus/Pisces + Atlantis. Otherwise, burst on the turn after.
Stage 7.1: Grind it out by aiming for 6C+.
Stage 7.2: Turn on Urd and Yidhra, then long-press runes to check for Earth (Green upward arrow on Byakhee). Burst on Turn 1 with Cygnus + Pisces, making sure you either stack or don't dissolve Earth runes. Burst with Atlantis + DC on Turn 2, filtering out Earth runes, then burst on Turn 3 with Pisces.

Wenzhong and Urd are key if you're going to try this team. Pisces can be switched out for any converter while Cygnus can be switched out for any burst. Good luck~. ^^


Zero-Diamond clear for 23F using a dual Arthur team.

Arthur + PR M&M / Lionel / Constantine / YYS + Arthur (Successive Timely Opal)

Stage 1+2: Grind for CDs.
Stage 3: Spin manually pre-revive. Post-revive, burst with Arthur + Constantine + YYS.
Stage 4.1: Grind it out by aiming for 6C+.
Stage 4.2: Grind it out.
Stage 5: Spin manually.
Stage 6: Turn 1, clear debuff with Lionel. Arthur on Turn 2. Heal on Turn 3. Arthur again on Turn 4. Heal on Turn 5. Make sure you still go from green to red or Arthur won't heal. Also make sure you dissolve both Earth and Water for heal and damage reduction.
Stage 7.1: Spin manually Turn 1, then clear debuff and burst on Turn 2 with Lionel + YYS. Use DC here if you don't feel confident about damage.
Stage 7.2: Burst with both M&M actives + Constantine + DC if unused.

Took a lot of attempts, since margin for error is quite small. DC can be used once earlier to help you survive, as well as Arthur.


Zero-Diamond clear for 24F using a PR Shutendouji + PR Abadon

PR Shutendouji + Yog / Achilles / Thetis / Iquitos + PR Abadon (Board-enchant DC)

Stage 1: Grind for CDs. Remember location of Heart runes when killing.
Stage 2: Remember the colour that Heart runes changed to. Grind for CDs.
Stage 3: Fuse Achilles and Thetis, then burst with Yog + Fusion first active + Shutendouji.
Stage 4.1: Grind it out.
Stage 4.2: Burst with both fusion actives. Burst again with Yog + Abadon if not enough.
Stage 5: Grind for CDs.
Stage 6: Burst with fusion first active + Yog + Abadon.
Stage 7.1: Grind for CDs.
Stage 7.2: Stall out the Frozen runes with Iquitos, then full burst.
[Image: mrvUKKA.png]
Also available (AM): All VR Greek, KOF Kyo/Mai/Iori, LDB
UID: 22963116

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