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[Discussion+Strategy+Info] The Horror Within
Stage info can be found on the wiki:

I'm going to start posting videos from stage 16 onwards, since that's where it starts to get more interesting (although still manageable without needing any super-specific team composition). Strat and video on spoiler tags. 

Floor 16: Dragon Team using PR Ursula + PR Novalis, Dark Golem, Sunnie, Filler + Azathoth
1) Stall CD, turn on Novalis when ready
2) Spin 
3) Burst with Ursula
4) Second round of Ursula
5) Azathoth
6) Dark Golem + DC

Other team comps/videos:

Floor 17: Human Team using Kyo + Kula, Mai, Rugal, Mai + Mai
Swap out 2nd Mai for some other Water or Dark card if you don't have 2 Mais
1) Stall CD
2) Spin 
3) Kyo 
4) Spin
5) Mai
6) Kula 1st turn, Rugal 2nd turn, Mai 3rd and 4th turns

Other team comps/videos:

Floor 18: Demon Team using Dual PR Mastema + Rider Knap, Lancelot, Feng Chih Hen, filler
1) Stall CD
2) Spin 
3) Spin once, then Rider Knap
4) Spin
5) Get 5 colours, then Lancelot boost, Mastema and Feng Chih Hen
6) Lancelot convert, Mastema, DC

Other team comps/videos:

Floor 19: Beast Team using Haza + PR Panda, Furi, Dodo, Boyciana + Aloha
1) Stall CD, turn on Panda, Furi, Dodo, Boyciana when ready
2, 3, 4, 5) Blast through
6) Aloha and spin

Other team comps/videos:

Floor 20: God Team using Dual VR Loki + AR Pollux, AR Alma, Qi Tian Di, VR Odin
1) Stall CD, build up Pollux multiplier
2) Spin
3) Spin, can use Alma help kill
4) Spin
5) Odin skill 2
6) Qi Tian Di to remove water, Odin skill 1, DC

Other team comps/videos:

Floor 21: Earth Team. Izanagi and Ophiuchus are the prime candidates to safely clear this stage, although other teams with high damage output like Uncle Tuu, Hideyoshi, Samael are probably also doable. 
Basic Strat: 
1) Kill one and stall CD on the other 
2, 3) If you have a team with reasonable recovery and/or damage reduction, then both of these stages are in theory grindable. Shyplant is really helpful for this. Stacking to get through 2. If you can't consistently clear the 3 weathered runes on stage 3 then you should burst it down so that your board isn't completely terrible on 4a. 
4a) Matroyshka to help boost recovery and/or DC with recovery boost. You have a few turns to grind back CD if needed
4b) Burst
5) Burst 
6) You can stall back all CD's here. Just do 1-combos and/or spin carefully to make sure you don't hit the sleep runes. 
7a) Ophiuchus can just spin through, otherwise manually create the enchanted runes or use Huifre
7b) Burst down

Sample team using Dual Ophiuchus + PR Matroyshka, AR Domon, AR Sagittarius, Shyplant
1) Kill left first, then stall cd on right
2) Stacking and Shyplant to grind through
3) Shyplant and Ophiuchus
4a) Matroyshka and spin
4b) Shyplant, Ophiuchus, Saggitarius
5) Domon and Shyplant
6) Grind back all cd
7a) Shyplant and grind through, Ophiuchus to help speed things up
7b) Full burst with Ophiuchus, Sagittarius, Domon, DC

Other team comps/videos: 

Floor 22: Water Team. Atlantis and Cornflower are easiest to help you get through stage 4a/4b without needing active skills. Azazel or SHJ are probably also doable with good spinning or Florice to remove the 4 round debuff. Most stages have relatively low HP, so you can spend a few team slots on utility skills. 
Basic Strat: 
1) Kill one and stall CD on the other 
2) Finish grinding CD if needed
3) Burst
4a) If your team is tanky then you can grind off the debuff. Otherwise Florice and move on. 
4b) 15k CD 1 is no joke so you should probably burst this down
5) You can grind back CD here if needed. When you're ready to move on, freeze the middle mob (e.g. Urd, Kula) or use a DC that delays CD. 
6) Either spin away the runes, or bring Jinnie to remove defence. 
7a) Cornflower and Atlantis can manually hit it 20 times. Otherwise, use a multi-attack skill like Pinkie, PR Giemsa or a witch to get through. Make sure to remember which runes are earth before moving on
7b) Full burst with everything left, and don't dissolve earth runes. 

Sample team using Dual Atlantis + AR Pisces, PR Urd, PR Jinnie, PR Giemsa
1) Kill one and Stall CD
2) Spin
3) Giemsa both skills and Atlantis
4a) Grind through the debuff
4b) Spin, Atlantis if needed
5) Spin until Urd is up, then use her
6) Jinnie and spin, making sure to dissolve hearts and water
7a) Grind down the 20 hit shield, remember which runes are earth before moving on
7b) Full burst with Pisces, Giemsa both skills, Atlantis, DC

Other team comps/videos: 

Floor 23: Light Team. Daoloth and TSZ teams seem safest, although Maya and Arthur should also be doable.  
Basic Strat: 
1) Kill one and stall CD on the other 
2) Finish grinding CD if needed
3a) Spin and kill
3b) Burst 
4a) Spin well! or Daoloth
4b) Use stacking to get through this. Ygolonac (5th Jan ultimate stage) could be useful. 
5) You can kill one and grind back CD here if needed
6) Unless you're running Daoloth leader and ally, you need to spin pretty much perfectly here to be able to recover 13k CD 1 for 4 turns.  
7a) Burst
7b) Burst

Sample team using Dual Daoloth + PR Pluma, PR Ra, Colin, Copper Bullet
1) Kill right within 2 turns, and then left within 1 more turn
2) Kill in 4 turns
3a) Spin and kill before it attacks
3b) Spin once, then Ra if not dead
4) Right Daoloth and spin
4b) Colin, Pluma, DC and stack runes. Make sure to run on the spot so you don't generate too many light runes!
5) Spin
6) Spin through
7) Right Daoloth and spin
7b) Use 4 actives to push the debuff off the screen, then full burst. In my case there was only one light rune, but the basic idea would be to run over them during your spin to remove the marks on the runes.

Other team comps/videos: 

Floor 24: Fire Team. 2 paths here. The first one is all-out offense, with Chessia, Nobunaga or Ghroth (with 2x own Ghroth highly desirable for the team skill). The second is a defensive team using Shuten-Doji leader. In both cases, Poppy, Iquitos or VR Jackie are extremely beneficial to help survive the last stage.  

If you're going the offensive route, there isn't much to say - grind CD as much as possible on stage 1. You can also stall a little bit more on stage 2, and also stage 3 until he's on about half HP. After that you need to blast your way through everything else. For the defensive route, see the sample team below. 

Sample defensive team using PR Shuten-Doji + AR Poppy, PR Seth, Yog-Sothoth, K + PR Abadon
1, 2) Grind through. Take note of heart runes before moving on from stage 1. 
3) Whittle down to half health, then Yog and Shuten-Doji
4a) Grind through 
4b) Seth, Abadon, K
5) Spin and kill quickly
6) Yog, Shuten-Doji 
7a) Grind through
7b) Poppy to wait for the board to unfreeze, then full burst with Yog, Abadon, Shuten-Doji, K and DC

Other team comps/videos: 

Floor 25: Dark Team. The main strategy is to go offensive using Loki, LuBu, Mastema or Satan. You need special utility for both forms on stage 7. On 7a you need a dodge (via DC or Nyarlathotep), damage reduction (via DC), or maybe AR Cancer. If you have Septem then 7b is a breeze (activate when bursting down 7a), otherwise the next best path is to push out the 99% attack reduction debuff using 4 skills e.g. Lancelot x2, Odin, whatever your last member is. AR Pollux is also useful as a team member for his continuous damage buff... which means team compositions are relatively limited. Options for last member include QTD, Anubis, Osiris. Failing that, Isabel can help you wait out the 3 turn debuff.

Basic Strat: 
1) Kill one and stall CD on the other, build up Pollux multiplier 
2) Finish grinding CD if needed
3) Spend one turn to remove light runes and get the other 4 attributes if needed. Then burst down. 
4a) It's possible to stall a little bit here if you have enough HP. Otherwise, burst down. 
4b) Burst
5) You can stall back CD by targeting one mob at a time
6) Spend one turn to get enchanted runes, then burst down 
7a) As mentioned above, dodge/damage reduction and then burst down afterwards. If you have Septem, use it now. 
7b) In the absence of Septem, push out the attack debuff with 4 active skills and burst down. 

Sample team using Dual VR Loki + AR Pollux, Lancelot, VR Odin, Qi Tian Di and Successive Vicious Opal as DC, since skill 3 is -80% damage received
1) Grind CD, max out Pollux multiplier
2) Spin through
3) Get 4 colours, then turn on Lancelot multiplier and spin
4a) Spin through, Lancelot convert to burst down
4b) Qi Tian Di 
5) Target one at a time to stall CD as long as possible
6) Odin skill 2, Loki and spin
7a) Don't dissolve dark runes, and use DC for the 80% damage reduction. Then spin to kill
7b) Full burst (removing the debuff in the process) with both Lancelot skills, Odin skill 1 and QTD

Other team comps/videos: 

Credit to Agnesi for some of the ideas/comments which I've incorporated into the above strategies.

[Image: 6636360e.jpg]

All Max + VR: WFLD Greek, FELD Babylon, All Norse, Lucy, Beelzebub, Pontos, Aether, Erebus, Yog-Sothoth, Chessia, Satan, Guan Yu, TSZ, Izanagi, Hideyoshi
Floor 26: Beast Team. The two main options are druids and Lynx. Stage 4a can only be damaged by the superior attribute. He will switch from earth to light on the first turn so you need either fire mobs to burst him immediately, or dark mobs to burst him down after waiting one turn. For stage 7a you need to get rid of the 3 turn attack debuff, either with Medusa/Iquitos to stall or using 4 buffs to push it out. Furi or Mochi Rabbit are essential as these both provide 2 buffs. 

Basic Strat: 
1) Stall all CD here
2) Kill left quickly, can stall a bit on right if needed. Turn on Panda/Mochi Rabbit when ready 
3) Spin until it's dead 
4a) If you're using fire members, burst it down now. If you're using dark members, wait one turn
4b) Spin through, trying to avoid dissolving earth
5) Kill light and stall a bit on fire if you can
6) Spin through, stall a little more if needed
7a) As mentioned above, either stall or push out the debuff and burst it down.  
7b) Convert and DC, hopefully you can clear a large chunk of the weathered runes or have a stalling DC otherwise you're probably dead. After the 6 initial runes are cleared, the 2 remaining are more manageable. You can grind through by spinning away 1 and running into the other if needed. 

Sample team using Dual Lynx + Mochi Rabbit, PR Basti, PR Sumatra, PR Lunar Sirius with Aggressive Pique Seal as DC for the 2 round CD delay. 
1) Grind CD, turn on rabbit when ready
2) Sirius convert, spin and kill left quickly, you can stall on the right mob a little if needed. 
3) Spin
4) Spin once, after it turns to light use Lynx
4b) Turn on Rabbit again when it's ready. Dissolve as much of the board as possible while avoiding earth. 
5) Spin, kill light and stall on fire a little if you can. You want Mochi Rabbit's CD to be back up before the last stage. 
6) Grind through, stall a little more here if you can. 
7a) Sirius, Lynx, Sumatra, Rabbit to remove the debuff and burst down. If you need more time, use DC to stall. 
7b) Sirius convert, Basti, Lynx and DC if you didn't use it yet. You can't allow any weathered runes on the board when he attacks as two hits will kill you. Grind down if he's not dead after this burst. 

Other team comps/videos: 

Floor 27: God Team. Ideally you want a team with high combos or a time tunnel (for 2b), high recovery (for 5a) and high back-to-back burst potential (for 6, 7a, 7b). Atlantis and Maya best fit these criteria, but others like Loki are also doable. 

Basic Strat: 
1) 12k damage at cd 2 is relatively manageable, so stall CD here. You can electric runes undissolved to help with this if needed. 
2a) Spin through and kill quickly
2b) Grind through until you hit 9 combos and kill it
3) If you have enough HP, you can grind through this stage too
4) Spin through quickly, probably don't want to stay here more than 4 turns at most. Ideally want to be on full health before moving on. 
5a) Spin through, remember to heal every couple of turns. 
5b) Burst down
6) You can stall CD a little here if needed - stack water runes when it's at CD 1. Whittle down to half HP before bursting. 
7a) Burst
7b) Burst

Sample team using Dual Atlantis + AR Pisces, PR Skogul, Orochi, PR Giemsa
1) Stall CD, leave electric runes undissolved to help with this
2a) Just spin and kill quickly. Pisces in emergency. 
2b) Orochi and Atlantis to burst down
3) Use Pisces and/or Skogul to kill within 3 turns. 
4) Spin through with converter to help if needed. 
5a) Just spin through while doing odd initial combos, dissolve water or hearts to help heal. 
5b) Use Giemsa both skills and Atlantis, and stack the earth runes (or at least don't dissolve them). 
6) Keep doing 1-combos of water runes until the board is relatively clear (and also to keep damage low). Use Atlantis to burst when you've finished stalling back CD. 
7) Skogul on one of the sides and Atlantis to kill. 
7b) You can stall back CD a little here. When ready, full burst with Giemsa, Orochi, Atlantis, DC (or whatever skills are available)

Other team comps/videos: 

Floor 28: Elf Team. The stage is clearly intended for the recent limited seal, although I did manage to find a Lucy clear. 
In theory it is probably possible to clear using Diablo, but requires Marchosias for 3b (using 4 buffs here could make bursting 5a tricky) and Cornflower or Diablo board refresh for 7b.

Basic Strat: 
1, 2) Grind through and store CD. Make sure you're on full health before every attack!
3a) In theory you could grind this, but it's safer to burst if you can. 
3b) Burst. It's not critical to remove the recovery debuff if you can kill it within 2 turns, since there's a neutralise on the next stage. 
4) Kill at least one of the two dark shield mobs within 2 turns. If you manage to kill only 1 then you can stall CD a bit here. 
5a) Burst with DC to remove marked board
5b) Spin through, but kill within 6 turns because the double attack will kill you. 
6a) You can stall a bit here if needed
6b) Burst
7a) Spin through, use Cornflower, or converters like Rose/Hyacinth/Morris on the later turns if the fungus makes it too difficult to spin. 
7b) Burst down. Cornflower can explode the runes, just remember not to dissolve earth. Or use Rose on the middle row. Or Lucy if you have it. Or if you can't clear the earth runes, then a DC which delays CD. 

If using Diablo: 
Store CD on 1, 2, 3a. 
Burst 3b, using Marchosias to remove the recovery debuff.  
Spin through 4 within 2 turns. 
Burst 5a with DC to clear the marked board. 
Stall a little on 5b (6 turns before it double hits) and 6a. 
Burst 6b
Spin through 7a
Refresh the board and burst down 7b. 

Sample team using Dual Rose + Cornflower, Cactus, Muramasa, Mysorensis with Vague Brutal Amulet as DC, which gives a 1 turn CD delay
1) Grind through, making sure to heal up to full before he attacks
2) Grind through, making sure to full heal every turn
3a) Mysorensis and Rose
3b) Cornflower, Muramasa, Rose to remove debuff and kill
4) Spin one turn, then dissolve all dark runes to kill side mobs. If you get lucky like me, stall CD here. 
5a) Cactus, Rose and DC to burst down
5b) Spam trojan will double hit you after about 6 turns, so grind back CD a little and then burst him down before he does that, using Cornflower, Rose, Cactus, Mysorensis
6a) Spin through
6b) Rose and Muramasa to burst
7a) Spin through carefully, you can use 1 Rose here on the 3rd hit when spinning is getting difficult
7b) Full burst with everything left, make sure not to dissolve earth runes. Rose on the middle row if Cornflower is not available. 

Other team comps/videos: 

Floor 29: Human Team. The 10 and 8 combo shields make it apparent that the stage was intended for KOF teams. Otherwise, a PR Starter and/or Yocto/Rococo may be beneficial. Most stages are 10k+ at CD 1 so there are limited opportunities to stall. 

Basic Strat: 
1) Kill 1 quickly and then grind CD here as long as possible. 
2) If you can consistently recover 11k HP then you can stall here a bit, otherwise you'll need to burst. 
3a) KOF teams can just spin. Otherwise, PR Starter and burst. 
3b) Burst
4) Stall CD here by killing them one at a time. If you're doing this, you need to kill at least 1 within the first 2 turns. 
5) Convert away the light runes and burst down. 
6, 7a) If you have Florice you can remove the debuff. In theory, with enough recovery you can stall CD here but most likely you'll need to burst them down. 
7b) Burst

Sample team using Kyo + Mai, Iori, Mai, Chizuru + Mai
1) Spin through, try to turn on Kyo skill 2 and build it up if you can. 
2) Chizuru to heal up, and kill it quickly
3a) Spin until you hit 10 combos
3b) Turn on Kyo skill 2 if you can, otherwise Iori skill 1 and kill within 2 turns. 
4) Spin
5) Mai skill 2
6) Spin, dissolving first 5 columns
7a) Just spin if you can, otherwise Mai skill 2
7b) Mai skill 2

Other team comps/videos: 

Floor 30: Dragon Team. Two paths, both requiring relatively specific team setups. (1) Daoloth with light dragons, or (2) Novalis in Azathoth/Copper Bullet/Nidhogg team with Masamune or Ursula to help burst. With sufficient HP/leech it's theoretically possible (albeit difficult) to grind most stages. You will also need a heart converter or a good DC e.g. Aggressive Suspire Amulet for the 20 heart rune shield. The other alternative for DC is something to help with the enchanted 5-colour shield on stage 1 if you can charge it VERY quickly. If you can do it in 3 turns, then an Opal or Slashing craft can enchant the board for you. If you can do it in 4 turns, then you can bring a craft that ignores 5-colour shield.  

Basic Strat: 
1) Spin well, as (depending on your team) you need to create 4-5 types of enchanted runes within 3 turns... Even if you're ready earlier, you probably want to kill it on turn 4 so you can stall as much CD as possible.
2) If you can kill the left mob within 3 turns then you can stall here. Otherwise kill them both and move on.
3a) Finish stalling CD and move on quickly.
3b) if you have Azathoth you can explode the board and move on. Daoloth can use Light DS or Gleamimus. You probably want to DC to help burst down this stage, regardless of whether you're using Aggressive Suspire Amulet or a heart converter (prep your board carefully).
4) Use your prepped board/heart converters. Copper Bullet can also help you stall a turn if needed.
5) If you have a sniper just spin through. Nidhogg Ursula teams can grind through after the initial hit. Daoloth might want to use Colin to have heart runes ready to heal up after the initial hit. Make sure to remember which runes are light before moving on.
6) Spin through
7a) Spin the 10 fire runes, then burst down.
7b) Burst with everything left.

Sample team using Dual Daoloth + PR Honor, Colin, Copper Bullet, Gleamimus and Aggressive Suspire Amulet as DC for the 3 heart rune columns
1) Manually create water/fire/earth/dark enchanted runes, remembering to spin along your trail to start off. Burst down on turn 4. 
2) Kill on turn 3
3a) Spin through
3b) Daoloth and burst down with DC. Honor or Gleamimus to help remove heart runes if needed. 
4) Spin once with the 3 heart rune columns, on the second turn use Colin if needed. Remember where your light runes are before moving on. 
5) Gleamimus + Copper Bullet and kill within 2 turns
6) Spin, it's easy to tell which ones the light runes are thanks to your trail. 
7a) Spin away the 10 fire runes, then Daoloth to burst down
7b) Full burst with everything left - Colin, Light DS, Daoloth, DC and remember not to dissolve dark!

Other team comps/videos: 

Floor 31: Demon Team. Intended for Ghroth teams, although it's possible with Satan, Origin of Demons and Bloods Fiends. In general, Minamoto Fusion or Kojiro can be useful to help stall CD, but it's also useful on stage 5b. The transition from 3 to 4 can be managed using DC to bypass 5-colour shield, or an Opal or Slashing Craft to unmask the board and allow a better spin so you can burst it down. Evolved Felix is also an option. Note that he has 7m defense! Samle, Rider Knap and Rider Bishop may be worthwhile additions to help boost HP, particularly to help get through stage 1. 

Basic Strat: 
1) Unless you're running Ghroth and/or Samle, missing a single orb will probably kill you, and missing two will definitely kill you. Before every turn you should plan for a 5-combo spin, and adjust down based on the number of orbs that appear. Grind CD here. If you have the luxury of being able to tank one hit, you can stall a little by purposefully missing a combo. 
2) You can stall a little here if you have enough damage to consistently kill at least one of the side mobs. Burst them all down when you're ready to move on .
3) Spin and kill quickly.
4) As mentioned above, Evolved Felix or DC to help clear this stage. 
5a) Another stage requiring carefully-planned spinning. If you're confident you can stall a bit here. 
5b) If you have Minamoto Fusion or Kojiro, use it here. Otherwise whittle down to 75% HP and burst. 
6) Unless you're running a Ghroth team you need to burst this down. If you're using Ghroth, Minamoto convert after he switches attribute to help burst down. 
7a) DC, Evolved Felix or spin really well to clear the board. Need to kill it within 2-3 turns depending on your HP. 
7b) Prep the board, then burst down after the initial hit.  

Sample team using Dual Ghroth + Minamoto Fusion, Yibb, Samle and an Opal as DC to enchant the board 
1) Plan your moves before spinning! You might want to go one combo over/under to stall a little bit. 
2) Target side mobs and grind through. Fuse when ready.
3) Use Samle for emergency recovery, remember where one combo is before moving on. 
4) If you didn't remember a combo, wait for recommended path to show one to you. Then DC to enchant the board. On the second turn, Ghroth to burst him down. 
5a) Spin through, plan your move!
5b) Minamoto stall, Samle to help burst down within the 4 turns. 
6) Spin once while avoiding light runes, then Minamoto convert to burst down.  
7a) DC to remove marked runes, then burst with Ghroth
7b) Yibb + Ghroth

Other team comps/videos: 

Floor 32: No restrictions.
Bring whatever you want, since all mobs have less than 100k hp! The only thing to watch out for is the 8 combo shield ex at the end, so bring something to help deal with that. 

Sample team using Dual Khaos + 4x skill grinding cards. Just remember to use Khaos on the boss Smile 

Credit to Agnesi for some of the ideas/comments which I've incorporated into the above strategies.

[Image: 6636360e.jpg]

All Max + VR: WFLD Greek, FELD Babylon, All Norse, Lucy, Beelzebub, Pontos, Aether, Erebus, Yog-Sothoth, Chessia, Satan, Guan Yu, TSZ, Izanagi, Hideyoshi
Other Resources: 

My playlist of videos in one place:

agnesi's teams and strats in one place:

Aaronyxy livestream of stages 1-24:

Hsu livestream of all stages:

Redkai livestream of all stages:

[Image: 6636360e.jpg]

All Max + VR: WFLD Greek, FELD Babylon, All Norse, Lucy, Beelzebub, Pontos, Aether, Erebus, Yog-Sothoth, Chessia, Satan, Guan Yu, TSZ, Izanagi, Hideyoshi
Teams I've cleared with so far (floor 11-25):

Got stuck on 24 for a while... there's probably a better way to do it.

Final stretch... Confused Hope I can make it.

EDIT: Some more comments on strategy for 21-25:

Floor 21: Used Ophi Earth team with recovery DC.
Did about ~90k overheal damage with Iza + enchanted hearts + recovery DC.

Floor 22: Used PR Azazel team with Kula for stall and Giemsa for 20hit.
Use AR Pisces to try to get the majority boost on burst stages.
The team completely ate through 4a regardless of the debuff.
Pilatus on R5 doesn't have a lot of HP, so do the layers one at a time so it's easier to spin.
If you take the full 3 turns on Pilatus, you can get Kula back in time for the boss second life (freeze him and use attribute advantage to find earth runes).

Floor 23: Arthur team with TYR, YYS, Honda, Constantine. Constantine is primarily used to push off the debuff on 7a, plus quick CD5 burst. Honda as backup healing + debuff pushing active.
Turn on TYR whenever you get a chance. I think I didn't have her up until partway through 4b...
4b is easy with Arthur (no light). Can grind a bit here.
For R6, use both Arthur to survive: Store water/earth/heart runes and get hit for full damage (1), use Arthur #1 and dissolve water+earth to heal 15k and get hit for -60% damage (2), use stored hearts to heal up and get hit for full damage (3), use Arthur #2 with water + earth (4), make enchanted and heal up (5). I forgot to make enchanted here and had to use Honda to stall a turn on 7a... Adjust this strategy as necessary depending on the health you have going in and your board. Honda can be used if you really don't have any earth/water runes on the board.
R7a, used Constantine + Honda + YYS (total 4 buffs) to push off the debuff.
R7b: Second turn on YYS (if you didn't need to stall with Honda, you should also have Honda's second turn). Fill the puzzle shield, let Arthur break the 3 remaining light runes, and use DC.

Floor 24: Basically requires VR Jackie or Poppy or Iquitos for the last stage, which rules out Nobunaga, unless you have a very good CD delay DC. The only fire mono leaders for this are Amaterasu, Chessia, Abadon, and Ghroth.
The strategy I used is absurdly risky, so I won't comment on it here... there's definitely a better way to do it.

Floor 25: Needs either Isabel or a DC with initial shield ignore or damage reduction. I used a Mastema team since I have a 100% initial shield damage DC that was demon only. I also used Septem to ignore the debuff. If you don't have Septem, save your actives for the second life and use Odin + Mastema + 2 buff card (i.e. Lancelot) to push off the debuff.
R1 - R4: Build up Pollux's multiplier and go. Used Odin's damage boost for R4a and R4b.
Grind CD back on R5.
R6: Used QTD to create enchanted dark and killed.
R7a: Full burst (everything) + DC to store dark.
R7b: Dissolve dark, let Septem KO.
ID: 40 944 239  
Allies (All/Dbl Max): Darkness, Aqua, Kurama
Other Frequently Used Leaders (All/Dbl Max): VR Greek (FELDW), Hiei, Vishnu, Brahma, Azathoth, Daoloth, PR Haza, etc.
Thx guys for making this. Im only on level10 but im sure this will help many.
For floor 24 I found a defensive team with Shuten Doji + Abadon. I've also seen Nobunaga clears with Poppy, so the damage output is sufficient to offset the fact that the leader skill only applies to 5 members.
[Image: 6636360e.jpg]

All Max + VR: WFLD Greek, FELD Babylon, All Norse, Lucy, Beelzebub, Pontos, Aether, Erebus, Yog-Sothoth, Chessia, Satan, Guan Yu, TSZ, Izanagi, Hideyoshi
Updated with floors 26 - 29:

So close and yet so far... Dragon stage looks tough especially with no Copper or Azathoth. Don't have many leveled light dragons for Daoloth.
Gonna try with Ursula/Azathoth maybe...

Floor 26: Dodo + Panda + Furi + Odous + Basti + Aloha
R1: Stall everything up, on Panda, Furi.
R2: Spin
R3: Spin. The 8 combo looks scary, but you have a lot of room for error (I survived 4 hits at full health).
R4a: Wait 1 turn for him to change to light, then Basti to kill.
R4b: Turn on Panda, Furi. Okay to dissolve Earth, it won't automatically kill you, but don't hang around. Kill very quickly.
R5: Kill quickly.
R6: Don't dissolve earth so you can drop Furi's buff. Then stall for all actives.
R7a: In this order: Aloha, Furi, Dodo, Odous. This should push off the debuff and Aloha and leave Furi 1, Furi 2, Dodo, Odous. DC to store earth and dark runes.
R7b: Basti (this should leave Furi 2, Dodo, Odous, Basti). Spin Earth and Dark to kill.

Adding the enemy skills for the next couple of floors as well, since the neither of the wikis has gotten here yet? A bit approximate, sorry if any of it is incorrect.

Floor 27: Yomi (Dark God 4.5x) + AR Pollux + Odin + Khaos + AR Alma + Anubis
>> I don't have any decent dark god leaders right now... QTD actually works as well, but I don't have the team cost for QTD + Khaos in the same team.
R1: Ambush with 2 electric runes: Leave an electrified rune to stall up actives. Charge Pollux. Turn on Anubis when available.
R2a: Ambush with 2 frozen (undissolvable) runes: Spin through.
R2b: 9+ Combo shield with multihit: Use Khaos to get 9 combos, remember to dissolve a group of 5 dark.
R3: Initial CD3 Enchanted Shield with non-enchanted reflect: Have Anubis enchantment, spin through, convert as necessary.
R4: CD 2 90% deduction, and row/column laser: Spin through, make sure to heal up before killing.
R5a: Vortex, 5 turn Kamikaze with -50% rec: Heal through, using Pollux and Alma as necessary for heart conversion. Turn off Anubis before he dies.
R5b: Neutralize/Reset and Earth Combo Trojan: Turn Anubis back on, spin carefully to avoid dissolving Earth, convert as necessary.
R6: Initial CD 2, Ambush, Converts Board to Water, Dissolving Water reduces spin time, No damage if water is initial dissolve. Enemy has 3x damage and ignores def when HP<50%
I used Yomi to remove the board of water, but accidentally dissolved water, so I used Khaos here to make up for it...
R7a: HP to 1, 4 corners electrified runes, no recovery.
Would have preferred to have Yomi or Khaos here, but at least I had runes on the board to dissolve corners. Switched Anubis off/on for 2x, plus DC to kill.
R7b: Burns Heart rune locations, HP -20% when touching burnt locations.
Ended up with not enough dark runes (should have used a DC that could store runes on 7a). Stalled an extra turn with Pollux conversion, got Alma back up. Alma convert, Odin boost to kill.

Floor 28: Rose + Cornflower + Cactus + Shyplant + Fylgia + Rose
DC has a 1 turn CD delay and attack boost.
R1: Burning trail 1000: HP =1 when hit, so carefully make 1 row to get 5 heart dissolve, stall.
R2: Mobs with earth/dark conversion after attack: Just spin.
R3a: X burn: I used Fylgia, Shyplant, Cornflower, and Rose
R3b: 98 round Recovery 0, Burns Corners (increases per turn), Ignore defense:
Have Fylgia at 2x, used Shyplant, Rose and spun.
R4: 3 light eggs, the middle is Neutralize/Reset and 2sec spin, the others are initial dissolve all dark shields.
Turned on Cactus, killed the middle, killed the other eggs at cd1. I think you might be able to stall on the eggs, but I don't know how much they hit...
R5a: Locked Board (DC ok), Ignore Defense: Spun and used DC to unlock board.
R5b: Overheal, Attack Trojan, approx 500k-600k HP? : Had extra turn from DC delay, spun as best as I could, with Cactus 2x recovery boost.
R6: Row/Column conversion to Dark, Revives with 3x damage and defense ignore.
Spun through first life. Used Shyplant and I think Cornflower and Rose on the second life?
R7a: Ambush, with 25% Tumbler, burns 3 runes when attacking:
Carefully make 1 row to skydrop 5 heart, avoiding burning runes at all cost. If there are too many to make a row, use Rose and dissolve that row. I had turned on Fylgia here, but I forgot about the neutralize from the next life.
The life seems fairly low, though, so it might be possible to snipe most of it with Yao Hou?
R7b: Neutralize/Reset, Earth Combo Trojan, Convert Board to a fixed amount of fire/earth, will convert light to earth (it's that boss skill from the fire demon SM for elfish perennials.)
Took one turn to manually break apart and clear the Earth runes (somewhat unsuccessful: failed to clear the earth runes...). Used Cornflower to clear the board (note that he won't prevent Earth drop because the boss is fire), plus Cactus, Rose, DC.

Floor 29: Mai + Mai + Chizuru + Kula + Yashiro + Kyo
DC doesn't matter, I didn't use it, just remember to bring one. Kula can be used to freeze in an emergency.
R1: Mobs, turn some runes to ? after attacking: stall for CD. Used Kyo MAX once DC was charged.
R2: HP to 1, converts heart to dark, multihit Trojan?: Used Chizuru to heal up and spun.
R3a: 10+ Combo Shield (no multi-hit!): Just spun, should hit 10 combo fairly easy? Can use Yashiro here to help.
R3b: Neutralize/Reset, Converts Board to heart, Recovery to 0: Use Mai MAX and killed? Might have needed an extra turn. Don't remember.
R4: Pair of Sirius that revive each other: Stalled a little bit here, turned Kyo MAX back on as soon as possible.
R5: Light Combo Trojan, 3 electrified light, will convert random Light: Used Chizuru to kill, IIRC.
R6: 5 round 8+ Combo debuff: Used Yashiro to make it easier. Just spun.
R7a: Weathered Rune when spinning (15k if hit): Mai MAX and kill.
R7b: 2sec spin, masked board, 6 turn instant death debuff: Kyo + Mai MAX and kill.
ID: 40 944 239  
Allies (All/Dbl Max): Darkness, Aqua, Kurama
Other Frequently Used Leaders (All/Dbl Max): VR Greek (FELDW), Hiei, Vishnu, Brahma, Azathoth, Daoloth, PR Haza, etc.
Just finished Floor 30... ;A; so stressful.

0 dia cleared with Ubbo + Colin + Draco + Novalis + Fthuagga + Azathoth (in that order) and heart conversion DC.
Putting it out there for those of you with no current meta dragon can do it!
I think Ursula might have worked better than Ubbo. I originally brought in Ubbo to help with R2, but moving Fthuagga to be between Novalis and Azathoth might have been more help than Ubbo was.

I don't have Copper or Azathoth and I have a whole 2 light dragons (including Daoloth), so this is the only team I could come up with.
If you have dragonware for Novalis/Ursula, this should be significantly easier. 

Floor 30: Ubbo (/Ursula) + Colin + Draco + Novalis + Fthuagga + Azathoth. 
DC with heart conversion.

R1: Enchanted 5 color shield, CD 4, will kill: 
 - The first boss. A DC to ignore it might be possible, but I can't get a DC up in 3 turns, which is what you would need. With Azathoth on the right, you only need the other 4 enchanted colors. Prepare to die here a bunch because Madhead. If you get all colors early, make sure to take the full 3 turns before killing. 

R2: Light mob which buffs attack and defense of the other mob, Earth mob which stickies two positions (will kill you at CD3). 
 - The second boss. This team doesn't have enough damage to kill the light mob by default. Without dragonware, Novalis and Ursula are CD8. 
Stalled 2 turns (store dark runes). When Earth mob is CD1, use Colin and Fthuagga (+ Ubbo) and dissolve amelioration columns for Novalis/Ursula. Need Fthuagga between Novalis and Azathoth since only Colin, Novalis and Azathoth will be attacking.

R3a: 3 weathered runes (12k damage when hit): 
 - Grinded here, clearing out as many weathered runes as possible. Turned on Novalis ASAP. Once actives are all up again, turn on Draco and kill.

R3b: Heart Combo Trojan (Electrifies 3 heart): 
 - Azathoth to kill and DC to store heart for R4

R4: Heart Shield, 90% reduction, CD1:
- Use stored heart (>=20) to OHKO. (Colin for backup).

R5: Masked 12 runes on the first round, Stealth, will lock actives for 4 rounds if it attacks while invisible, Puzzle Shield:
- Used Colin to remove some of the masked runes, stalled a turn to take a hit (dissolving dark to keep Draco). Dissolved the puzzle shield and killed. Memorize which runes are light.

R6: Disguises runes, Initial dissolve all light. CD2 (hits 20k, which won't kill..)
- Remembered which were light runes, dissolved all light to kill at CD1.

R7a: Cumulative 10 Fire rune shield, burns 1 position after attacking. Hits ~18k?
- Dissolved 5 fire runes, then got stuck...skull, no fire runes on the board, Azathoth at CD1 (panicked and tried to use Ubbo even though it doesn't full heal unless you kill). 
- Dissolving heart runes healed just enough to tank a second hit. ;A; Used Azathoth for the five remaining fire runes and killed.

R7b: Enemy converts random runes to dark on initial turn, becomes Dark attribute, 2 sec spin, Dark Combo Trojan.
- Used Fthuagga (wasted Ubbo on the previous turn), stacked dark runes in 2 sec, DC ... only did half damage ;A;. 
- If you have Ursula here, the added damage from Ursula and Fthuagga's chasers should be more than enough to kill in 1 turn.
- Stalled very carefully using Azathoth's column drop to do damage while avoiding initial dark dissolve. 
- Once all actives were back, took a risk and used Colin (might make too many dark runes and time tunnel is also 2s!), Ubbo, and Fthuagga to finish him off!! 

Once more stage to go now... Don't know what to use. Can you believe Yibb is the one common I don't have? Otherwise I'd just go in with Ghroth...
ID: 40 944 239  
Allies (All/Dbl Max): Darkness, Aqua, Kurama
Other Frequently Used Leaders (All/Dbl Max): VR Greek (FELDW), Hiei, Vishnu, Brahma, Azathoth, Daoloth, PR Haza, etc.
Info up to stage 31 is now on the Chinese wiki, and 32 is probably coming soon because it's an easy-looking stage.
I'm also trying to remember to 'mouseover' each enemy in my videos.

Edit: All stages are now up on both English and Chinese wiki
[Image: 6636360e.jpg]

All Max + VR: WFLD Greek, FELD Babylon, All Norse, Lucy, Beelzebub, Pontos, Aether, Erebus, Yog-Sothoth, Chessia, Satan, Guan Yu, TSZ, Izanagi, Hideyoshi
Finished updating with basic strategies and videos (although on some of the later stages, the basic strategy is a bit pointless since the stage requires such specific teams...). Let me know if there's anything I'm missing or you would like to see added!
[Image: 6636360e.jpg]

All Max + VR: WFLD Greek, FELD Babylon, All Norse, Lucy, Beelzebub, Pontos, Aether, Erebus, Yog-Sothoth, Chessia, Satan, Guan Yu, TSZ, Izanagi, Hideyoshi

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