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[Discussion+Strategy+Info] The Grudge of Losing - Ultimate Stage
(03-10-2018, 05:24 PM)Sayokyoku Wrote:
(03-10-2018, 03:39 PM)Fauxy Wrote:
(03-10-2018, 02:36 PM)Max_LKC Wrote:
(03-10-2018, 05:13 AM)Fauxy Wrote: I hate this stagggggggeeeeeee.

Finally cleared with Maya after so many attempts trying to get Hephaestus and Phanes to work. If you don't have a perfect set of cards for this (PR Dipankara and PR Uriel at All Max, ideally also Ghroth), then it's just painfully difficult. Best farm team I've seen is Amaterasu, she can Poppy juggle the whole way through. I don't have even one Poppy though, so fml.

You only need PR dipankara at ame IV, skill lvl is debatable (mine's 14/15). PR Uriel I do not have it all maxed, skill lvl 10 and no ame done. The only stage you really need to be careful is shuten doji heart shield, as long as you break pass that everything is pretty much standard textbook style. Use craft only at the end.

With Heph the problem is damage, I did not do enough damage with non PR Uriel (which is all I have and I'm out of black keys for mats) to even scratch the baby. With Phanes on the other hand, the problem is recovery, I cannot stall long enough on the dark doll stage to get my Dipa up when he's at CD10. There's probably some golden run scenario where I'll be able to pass with either as is, but I wanted to farm this SM and it looks like that's not an option at all for me.

That's weird, because I had no problems without any of the cards you listed. Do you have Rococo? CD8 at max level would be a better alternative than your RD for now, especially since she guarantees you have enough Hearts against Shutendouji.

Anyway, currently farming with Sakura + PR Jinnie / Cactus / Paperwhite / PR Magrence + Sakura and a CD-delay DC. Super safe and braindead.

No Rococo, No Sakura, No Ghroth, No Jinnie. Sigh. I can get pretty far with Rose but once I hit the sticky trail it's over. It's just my bad luck that an SM would come up that I cannot deal with just because of what I prioritized training.

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|Skill Training Guide For Newbies|
Water Achievement:  Yidhra-Atlantis

PR Yidhra + Zhang Liao + Odous + Giemsa + PR Raphael + Atlantis
DC converts majority rune to hearts 
[Image: qRJnbFZl.png]

R1: Stall
R2: Stall. Once all actives are up, store water runes and use Atlantis + DC for heart conversion
R3: Dissolve hearts
R4: Odous + Giemsa (1) + Giemsa (2) + Raphael (1)
R5: Yidhra + Zhang Liao + Atlantis
R6: Stall until all actives and DC are up. Odous + Giemsa (1) + Giemsa (2) + Raphael (1)
R6b: Yidha + Zhang Liao + Atlantis + DC

I found that Zhang Liao is better than alternatives like Florice or Pupuro since he converts as well as self-attack boosts in the same round.

Fire Achievement and L/A God: VR Heph (Super cheapo no rare team member version)

VR Heph + Bedivere + Shakuro + Cao Guojiu + K' + VR Heph
DC converts majority rune to hearts

[Image: tsPb0Xol.png]

R1-R2: Stall with few combos until Shakuro comes up. Then use her and do one 3-rune combo until all actives are up. Use Heph and Bedivere and DC for heart conversion. 
R3: Dissolve converted hearts
R4: Spin 
R5: Take the first two turns to max Heph's mutliplier, then Cao Guojiu + K' and fill the puzzle shield with red
R6: Spin
R6b: Spin, DC if you have it. 

Pretty much everything but Shakuro can be replaced here. My first clear was with VR Yan instead of Bedivere and Zhurong instead of K. Zhurong is hard to charge though with the first two rounds being frantic 1-combo stalling, so I switched her for K'. VR Yan can be used for the heart stage as well, but with heart conversion DC, only the damage boost is necessary. Obviously you can go ahead and replace K with Kyo or whatever you'd like.
Agreed that Cao Guojiu is MVP for fire team clears since it brings the 10m def to 2m, nixes attribute disadvantage, and allows you to use fire runes for the shield. Next best thing to PR Uriel for this part of the stage.

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Allies (All/Dbl Max): Darkness, Aqua, Kurama
Other Frequently Used Leaders (All/Dbl Max): Lucy, Mellow, VR Greek (FELDW), Hiei, Azathoth, Daoloth, PR Haza, etc.
Cleared with the standard heph uriel kyo shakuro randang heph. I feel shakuro and kyo are required for their consistent buff even after reset. I was able to power through with kyo plus dc. Its safe but imo not a farming team but better than phanes.

Im not trying for water because its just too dam hard opposite element. Id try posi if their was an eqivalent water shakuro. Best we have is shuta and pray. The craft sux.


...I mean, I guess this works too? Twelve minutes a run doesn't seem too bad for a grind team, lol. XD
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