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[Discussion+Strategy+Info] The God of Doom (Nightmare)
(07-25-2017, 02:27 AM)evilvoice Wrote:
(07-25-2017, 01:37 AM)aahlsy Wrote: For those without Paimon:

It's not a guaranteed 0 diamond clear - I'd say it's about 80%. Bishamonten second form relies a bit on skydrops, and you might get screwed over by the round limit if Wukong 'misses' when you use Amaterasu on stage 1.

You could fix that by having full health, then Wukong wouldn't "miss"
No, your health needs to be low because the reflect damage done by amaterasu is dependant on the amount of damage that the enemy would do to you. If your health is too high then you wont 1-shot the enemy.

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(07-25-2017, 06:12 AM)draconian Wrote: And say whatever you want this stage is stupid. The difficulty curve is not warrnated at all for the cards and previous sm we have. Yes this goes back to the times where we had to spend diamonds to farm things like Odin/diablo etc for those that where here back then but having a jump to a boss with 100m hp out of nowhere is backwards thinking and just pushing for something which at this point is diamond spending for more money I"d guess.

This pretty much hit the nail on the head.  However I will have to give credit for Colin and Catherine.  Catherine was prob too easy to farm.

Back on this nm...its nice to have a wukong clear but wukong is clearly a step in the wrong direction.  Increasing HP and monsters attk to where this is the norm is not good.

I did not grind this stage because I didn't have time to do it because I was leaving town.

finally beat it with the izanagi circe yang jian matryoshka nidhogg izanagi setup listed on the wiki. Potentially zero dime clear but i ended up spending 3 dimes because i messed up. so many dimes wasted on this crap.

In my list 55 out of 85 clears are using TSZ. All using the same setup. Kind of show how stinky this NM stage is.
Translated the Amaterasu/WK walkthrough + slight modifications (
Amaterasu + PR ML + PR Luna + Daikokuten + Minamoto + PR Wukong

bring any craft you can get over 20k, DO NOT USE ANYTHING THAT IGNORES ATTRIBUTE DAMAGE

1) stall for cd, activate ML asap, stall until ML is CD2. WK to clear.
2) burst with Daikokuten + Amaterasu
3) activate ML again, burst with Luna + Minamoto + ML convert
4-1) dissolve 20 water runes, stall until Amaterasu ready, burst with Amaterasu + Luna
4-2) burst with ML convert + Minamoto + Wukong
5) stay alive
6-1) stall until Amaterasu CD1, burst with Daikokuten + Luna
6-2) burst with Amaterasu + ML convert + Minamoto + Wukong
7) do as much damage as you can while stalling until Daikokuten CD1, burst with ML convert + Minamoto + Luna
8-1) burst with Daikokuten + Amaterasu + Wukong
8-2) stall carefully, never dissolve more than 1 green combo initially. burst with ML convert + Minamoto + Luna + Wukong when ready
9-1) stall for all skills while dealing as much damage as possible, burst with ML convert + Minamoto + Luna + Wukong when ready
9-2) make sure you're at full health before next stage, burst with Amaterasu + Daikokuten + DC
10-1) initial hit will get reduced by Wukong, so prepare hearts beforehand and stall. burst with ML convert + Minamoto + Luna + Wukong when ready
10-2) stall again for DC and all skills. burst with ML convert + Daikokuten + Amaterasu + Luna + Wukong + Minamoto/ML fusion skill + DC

managed using 85 rounds
[Image: KaXqeSu.png]
I think I spent just under 20 dimes for my 3 runs. 2 runs to get craft. Expensive. I don't like spending more than 1 diamond. Don't even know if the craft was worth it. Seems okay, but not a 20 dime craft
This is the first SM/NM in more than 2 years that I've not even bothered with. Obvious money grab, not playing this game MH. This type of bad behavior has made me quit other games.
Bump for this weekends final appearance.  There have been quite a new cards that might help 0 dime this stage.  Perennial elves, kof, ophi and the prologues are all rainbow teams which can help u with the 90% shields.  

My hope is in khaos maybe khaos yidhra wz to tank every rd and burst when threatened.  Share ur fav besides 8 mayas or 9 tsz because no one has that.
It should also be mentioned that the stage starts Thursday 22:00 instead of Friday 22:00 like always.
ID: 79230079

Available allies: pr Idun, all max pr Verthandi, ame IV Lu Cheng-Syuan, Dumuzi, Atrahasis.
achievements are also listed on the wiki:
☆ Team consisting of only Water members (excluding team skills)
☆ Leader and Ally are Human
☆ Team consisting of 3 or more different Races

3 stars for a hornist lol.

Please share your safest team so we can minimize dimes.  I may skip this altogether myself since I have him already.

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