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[Discussion+Strategy+Info] The Gnawer of Yggdrasil (Soulmaster & Nightmare)
Actually, my RD team from above cleared Ultimate. Wasn't that bad. Sucked that actives got reset the round before, but it made it.
For dark, I used Satan team. I don't know what some people are using in Satan team, but this was scary.
For Nightmare, I used maxed PR Diablo with my under skilled sprites all ame 4 though and Morris ally
For water, I used Yuki. Seriously long grind for the team, overheal stage is killer with 5 weathered multiple times. Boss 1st life is no big deal, use actives or don't. I used Florice to remove the attack debuff. Make sure to bring some heart converters. 2 Yuki isn't quite enough. I brought Dagon as well and still had some scares, but my Yuki is only skill 12 (waiting to evolve water slime to max her skill)

Cleared nightmare with this team; ally Merlin

Rd1 Kill any random one and grind CD on the rest.
Rd2 Grind their hp down a bit and time to push to kill for when the mob CD resets.
Rd3 Just kill normally, should be able to tank 2 hits between using heart converters if needed.
Rd4 Kill whenever.
Rd5 Kill wherever.
Rd6 Kill normally, but try to keep some heart runes in a corner just in case. Use any heart-converting active if needed urgently.
Rd7 Kill normall.
Rd8 Used diablo to clear masked runes; could be substituted with princess woodbury + toy pixie combined skill or a DC(?). Else, spin normally.
Rd9 Spin normally.
Rd10a Should have up to 8 turns to kill, using one heart converter every 2 hits.
Rd10b Grind till komatsuhime and morgana come off CD, then activate all skills with morgana last (and diablo first, if including).

Needed a bit more health (above 8649 before ally and multiplier) to tank Rd10a and do it deathless, but otherwise a fairly straightforward grind. Replacing Shuta with the blue baby thing would make things much simpler if the baby's conversion comes last(?). I accidentally used morgana before Shuta and messed up the skydrop for komatsuhime's columns but it still died in one turn, so there should be quite a bit of leeway if you toss in an RCR boosting DC as well.

6* Clear. Earth achievement on nightmare was the hardest one. 

2* Clear (Water Team, Elf Team) with Sera + 2x Margarite, Midnight Blue Infant, Fylgja + Shuta

Blast through the first few stages, grind through the boss. Turn on Midnight Infant and use converters when they're up.

1* Clear (Fire Team) with Dual Chessia + Heimdallr, VR Nezha, PR Taeyang, Sun Hsiao Mei (for skill grinding)
Blast through the first few stages (I stall a bit to turn on Heimdallr), grind through the boss.

2* Clear (Elf Team, 5 Attributes) with PR Diablo + Magness, PR Morris, PR Matroyshka, Jinnie + Merlin
1-7: Spin, use heart converter actives as necessary. Can use team skill on Shu if needed but make sure you grind back actives later.
8: Diablo skill to unmask the board
9: Grind for actives before moving on
10a: Use converters as needed
10b: Diablo + Magness team skill if it's ready. Morris, Matroyshka, Merlin, DC to 1-shot

I don't have my own Izanagi - this team is probably the most useful one in this post. 
1* Clear (Earth Team) with PR Yang Jian + PR Matroyshka, PR Duncan, Sih Kong Yu, PR Shu + Izanagi and Aggressive Suspire Pattern DC which gives +75% recovery boost

1: Kill water and earth ASAP, stall for actives on fire
2: Target dark for 1 turn and do a small spin so you don't get too many skydrops, then do full attacks to kill them both before they hit you again. 
3: Grind through, using actives if you don't get heart skydrops. Try to save actives though in case you need them on 4/5
4: Kill earth, stall on fire. Use a converter if needed. 
5: Used Shu to whittle it down, Izanagi when below half health
6: Kill one and grind if needed
7: Grind through, try to get Shu and Izanagi back up
8: If heart shield then use Izanagi, otherwise Shu. Duncan if needed for 5 colours
9: Grind for actives
10a: Spin 3 turns. Use Sih Kong Yu / Matroyshka / Izanagi for hearts if needed. 
10b: Turn on Matroyshka, grind him down to one quarter health. Finish him off over two turns using (1) Sih Kong Yu + Duncan, then (2) Izanagi + DC 

[Image: 6636360e.jpg]

All Max + VR: WFLD Greek, FELD Babylon, All Norse, Lucy, Beelzebub, Pontos, Aether, Erebus, Yog-Sothoth, Chessia, Satan, Guan Yu, TSZ, Izanagi, Hideyoshi
Cleared all Achievements with four teams.


SM Mono Water + Elf Leader-Ally: Margarite + PR Dagon / PR Cass / PR Pisces / Mu Yue + Margarite (Heart-generating DC)
SM Mono Fire: Chessia + PR Diablo / Zhou Yu / Rococo / Agnesi + Chessia

The test is on the final stage; Use converters and DC wisely and grind through it. Remember to intentionally run into Weathered Runes if you can't get rid of it.

Also remember to activate Pisces/Chessia at Stage 5 and save five Water/Fire runes for Stage 6 if the board looks bad.


NM Mono Earth: Izanagi + PR Matroyshka / Furi / Huifre / Yggdrasil + Izanagi (Heart-generating DC)

Fairly straightforward: Spin everything down, turn on Furi at Stage 5 if you accidentally kill Shu at >50% HP and use Izanagi after Stage 7.

Again, the real test is Stage 10. For Stage 10.1, I stalled using Izanagi, Matroyshka and DC, while Stage 10.2 was a massive grind. Again, use your converters and DC wisely and run into Weathered Runes that can't be dissolved.

I thought I would take Yggdrasil for more RCR, but not worth IMO. Might be better off with Medusa to CC Nidhogg at Stage 10.1.


NM Mono Elf + Rainbow: PR Diablo + Magrence / PR Matroyshka / Jinnie / Isabel + Merlin

Still straightforward: Don't dissolve too many Hearts, because the overheal from Diablo with one set of three Hearts is massive damage. Manage your damage at Stage 5 or full burst, up to you; There's plenty of stalling opportunities as a Diablo team anyway. Even Stage 10 is trivialised when it's a Diablo team.


Good luck~.
[Image: aJD4LR0.png]

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