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[Discussion+Strategy+Info] The Gnawer of Yggdrasil (Soulmaster & Nightmare)
Actually, my RD team from above cleared Ultimate. Wasn't that bad. Sucked that actives got reset the round before, but it made it.
For dark, I used Satan team. I don't know what some people are using in Satan team, but this was scary.
For Nightmare, I used maxed PR Diablo with my under skilled sprites all ame 4 though and Morris ally
For water, I used Yuki. Seriously long grind for the team, overheal stage is killer with 5 weathered multiple times. Boss 1st life is no big deal, use actives or don't. I used Florice to remove the attack debuff. Make sure to bring some heart converters. 2 Yuki isn't quite enough. I brought Dagon as well and still had some scares, but my Yuki is only skill 12 (waiting to evolve water slime to max her skill)

Cleared nightmare with this team; ally Merlin

Rd1 Kill any random one and grind CD on the rest.
Rd2 Grind their hp down a bit and time to push to kill for when the mob CD resets.
Rd3 Just kill normally, should be able to tank 2 hits between using heart converters if needed.
Rd4 Kill whenever.
Rd5 Kill wherever.
Rd6 Kill normally, but try to keep some heart runes in a corner just in case. Use any heart-converting active if needed urgently.
Rd7 Kill normall.
Rd8 Used diablo to clear masked runes; could be substituted with princess woodbury + toy pixie combined skill or a DC(?). Else, spin normally.
Rd9 Spin normally.
Rd10a Should have up to 8 turns to kill, using one heart converter every 2 hits.
Rd10b Grind till komatsuhime and morgana come off CD, then activate all skills with morgana last (and diablo first, if including).

Needed a bit more health (above 8649 before ally and multiplier) to tank Rd10a and do it deathless, but otherwise a fairly straightforward grind. Replacing Shuta with the blue baby thing would make things much simpler if the baby's conversion comes last(?). I accidentally used morgana before Shuta and messed up the skydrop for komatsuhime's columns but it still died in one turn, so there should be quite a bit of leeway if you toss in an RCR boosting DC as well.

6* Clear. Earth achievement on nightmare was the hardest one. 

2* Clear (Water Team, Elf Team) with Sera + 2x Margarite, Midnight Blue Infant, Fylgja + Shuta

Blast through the first few stages, grind through the boss. Turn on Midnight Infant and use converters when they're up.

1* Clear (Fire Team) with Dual Chessia + Heimdallr, VR Nezha, PR Taeyang, Sun Hsiao Mei (for skill grinding)
Blast through the first few stages (I stall a bit to turn on Heimdallr), grind through the boss.

2* Clear (Elf Team, 5 Attributes) with PR Diablo + Magness, PR Morris, PR Matroyshka, Jinnie + Merlin
1-7: Spin, use heart converter actives as necessary. Can use team skill on Shu if needed but make sure you grind back actives later.
8: Diablo skill to unmask the board
9: Grind for actives before moving on
10a: Use converters as needed
10b: Diablo + Magness team skill if it's ready. Morris, Matroyshka, Merlin, DC to 1-shot

I don't have my own Izanagi - this team is probably the most useful one in this post. 
1* Clear (Earth Team) with PR Yang Jian + PR Matroyshka, PR Duncan, Sih Kong Yu, PR Shu + Izanagi and Aggressive Suspire Pattern DC which gives +75% recovery boost

1: Kill water and earth ASAP, stall for actives on fire
2: Target dark for 1 turn and do a small spin so you don't get too many skydrops, then do full attacks to kill them both before they hit you again. 
3: Grind through, using actives if you don't get heart skydrops. Try to save actives though in case you need them on 4/5
4: Kill earth, stall on fire. Use a converter if needed. 
5: Used Shu to whittle it down, Izanagi when below half health
6: Kill one and grind if needed
7: Grind through, try to get Shu and Izanagi back up
8: If heart shield then use Izanagi, otherwise Shu. Duncan if needed for 5 colours
9: Grind for actives
10a: Spin 3 turns. Use Sih Kong Yu / Matroyshka / Izanagi for hearts if needed. 
10b: Turn on Matroyshka, grind him down to one quarter health. Finish him off over two turns using (1) Sih Kong Yu + Duncan, then (2) Izanagi + DC 

[Image: 6636360e.jpg]

All Max + VR: WFLD Greek, FELD Babylon, All Norse, Lucy, Beelzebub, Pontos, Aether, Erebus, Yog-Sothoth, Chessia, Satan, Guan Yu, TSZ, Izanagi, Hideyoshi
Cleared all Achievements with four teams.


SM Mono Water + Elf Leader-Ally: Margarite + PR Dagon / PR Cass / PR Pisces / Mu Yue + Margarite (Heart-generating DC)
SM Mono Fire: Chessia + PR Diablo / Zhou Yu / Rococo / Agnesi + Chessia

The test is on the final stage; Use converters and DC wisely and grind through it. Remember to intentionally run into Weathered Runes if you can't get rid of it.

Also remember to activate Pisces/Chessia at Stage 5 and save five Water/Fire runes for Stage 6 if the board looks bad.


NM Mono Earth: Izanagi + PR Matroyshka / Furi / Huifre / Yggdrasil + Izanagi (Heart-generating DC)

Fairly straightforward: Spin everything down, turn on Furi at Stage 5 if you accidentally kill Shu at >50% HP and use Izanagi after Stage 7.

Again, the real test is Stage 10. For Stage 10.1, I stalled using Izanagi, Matroyshka and DC, while Stage 10.2 was a massive grind. Again, use your converters and DC wisely and run into Weathered Runes that can't be dissolved.

I thought I would take Yggdrasil for more RCR, but not worth IMO. Might be better off with Medusa to CC Nidhogg at Stage 10.1.


NM Mono Elf + Rainbow: PR Diablo + Magrence / PR Matroyshka / Jinnie / Isabel + Merlin

Still straightforward: Don't dissolve too many Hearts, because the overheal from Diablo with one set of three Hearts is massive damage. Manage your damage at Stage 5 or full burst, up to you; There's plenty of stalling opportunities as a Diablo team anyway. Even Stage 10 is trivialised when it's a Diablo team.


Good luck~.
[Image: BPfjm4o.png]
UID: 22963116
Wish list: Chang'e, Hubble
6* Clear using Elvish Perennials and Maya

Ultimate 2* Clear (Elf Team, Dark Team) with Dual Rose + Hyacinth, 3+ filler dark elves
Just spin through, there's nothing too tricky since it's an old stage. Make sure to do a full attack on stage 6 (save up dark runes). You can't use heart for this!
On stage 7 just spin through, and you can use actives to speed things up if needed.

Ultimate 2* Clear (Elf Team, 5 Attributes) with Dual Sakura + Cactus, filler water/light/dark elves 
Just spin through, there's nothing too tricky since it's an old stage. Stall CD a bit to turn Cactus on before moving to stage 6. Make sure to dissolve plenty of water/fire/earth runes in initial dissolve on round 6 to launch a full attack. 
On stage 7 just spin through, and you can use actives to speed things up if needed. 

Nightmare 2* Clear (Elf Team, Fire Team) with Dual Sakura + Rosemellow, PR Diablo, PR Clara, PR Magness and Prayer Remedy Blade as DC for the 100% Recovery boost

Just spin through, there's nothing too tricky since it's an old stage. 
On stage 5, use Sakura active and/or DC to help kill within 4 turns.
On stage 7, use Sakura to help clear the masked runes on the next turn.
On stage 8, you can use Diablo active to refresh the board if needed.
On stage 10b, spin once to take a hit and lower your health. Then use Clara, Diablo team skill with Magness, DC to burst down.

Nightmare 1* Clear (Light Team) with Dual Maya + Colin, Merlin, PR Iron Hamel, Greedy Elf Queen 

Just spin through, there's nothing too tricky since it's an old stage. 
On stage 2, try to avoid spinning many combos. Target dark then fire. 
On stage 5, just spin through. Use Colin, Maya or DC if needed to burst down within 4 turns. 
On stage 8, use Maya to unmask the board. 
On stage 10b, turn on Elf Queen and grind through. Colin / Iron Hamel to help speed things up. DC in emergency for hearts. 

[Image: 6636360e.jpg]

All Max + VR: WFLD Greek, FELD Babylon, All Norse, Lucy, Beelzebub, Pontos, Aether, Erebus, Yog-Sothoth, Chessia, Satan, Guan Yu, TSZ, Izanagi, Hideyoshi
Cleared all Achievements with the following teams:

SM Rainbow + Mono Elves: Sakura + Paperwhite / Filler Water Elf / Filler Light Elf / Filler Dark Elf + Sakura
SM Mono Dark: Satan + Filler x4 + Satan

Not much to say here, since you don't even need the actives. I put Paperwhite for the Tumbler passive, but it wasn't needed. Dark converters would be good choices in the Satan team to help with overhealing the boss.

NM Mono Elves: Sakura + Nyx / Paperwhite / Filler Elf x2 + Sakura

Use Nyx after Stage 7 to reveal the Masked Board. The rest is straightforward.

NM Mono Fire: OVR Heph + Shakuro / PR Diablo / Filler x2 + OVR Heph

Use Diablo's board conversion active after Stage 7 and turn Shakuro on after entering Stage 9 so that you carry the buff into Stage 10.1.

NM Mono Light: OVR Apollo + PR JZY / Greed / Agatha / PR ML + OVR Apollo (+RCR bonus DC)

Stages to note:
  • Stage 8: Use ML's conversion active to simplify the board.
  • Stage 10.1: Heal up on Turn 1, JZY on Turn 2, Agatha on Turn 3, then kill.
  • Stage 10.2: Turn on Greed, then it's a slow grind, although not too bad. When Nidhogg starts Weathering 4 runes, you can go full burst.
[Image: BPfjm4o.png]
UID: 22963116
Wish list: Chang'e, Hubble

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