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[Discussion+Strategy+Info] The Epic Champion
I don't have a lot of DC's to choose from, but I managed to get through it with a Guan Yu team with no diamonds and my trusty slashing craft. Team was Guan Yu, Circe, Birdcage, Amaterasu, PR Diablo, Guan Yu. Used Amaterasu for both R5 and R7 revivals. I got pretty lucky to be able to stall back Amaterasu before the last stage, even with spamming actives to heal. Don't really recommend lol.

1 full stamina, 2 dimes refill... all KO... 4 dimes revive... down 6 dimes get 1 dime back... see it as 5 dimes draw that card plus a Harpy [email protected]##$%%^&
no GuanYu, no shit

Sumatra (L), Panda, Fury, Aforgomon, Ra, Aloha (A)
yolo :/

RXWing / 48,740,450 / Lv360+
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If I use DC with skill "Dodge the attack of Fire enemies for 1 round", does it mean I can dodge the boss 7b double attack?

Yes (although it's not a double attack, just a super high first attack).
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All Max + VR: WFLD Greek, FELD Babylon, All Norse, Lucy, Beelzebub, Pontos, Aether, Erebus, Yog-Sothoth, Chessia, Satan, Guan Yu, TSZ, Izanagi, Hideyoshi
(06-17-2017, 05:55 PM)aahlsy Wrote: Yes (although it's not a double attack, just a super high first attack).

oh, I tot the boss attack twice with super high damage. LOL
Cleared all achievements with 2 Guan Yu teams.

Guan Yu, Yukimura, Circe, PQoW, Sean and Gaun Yu + delay craft
Gaun Yu, Fire Yan, Circe, PQoW, Medusa, Guan Yu + delay craft

I suppose this stage would be a lot easier if I had this ignore shield craft a lot of people seem to be using, then I could swap PQoW with something more usefull. Fire Yan can also be replaced with something like Randeng as the boost of Circe alone should be enough damage.
IGN: Wezlex
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Other allies: Artemis, Ursula, Stone of origin SSS, Gaia , Wukong , PR Giemsa, Beelzebub, Apollo, Loki, Aether
Wanted allies: anyone who is active
0 dime 3 race 3 colour achievement with old school grind team

Wukong, Verthandi, Ed, Odin, Septem, (ally) Wukong

Dual Wukong 96% reduction is enough to tank 5a repeatedly, and both 20x dmg for 5b and 7b..  
Basically every turn is just grind CD for burst (except for major Verthandi leech grind on 5a).. Ed + both Odin active + Wukong + Septem copy dmg for next round..

Stage 1 : grind CD and burst whenever
Stage 2 : focus burst on blue.. even without recovery, should be able to tank 30+ rounds (provided burnt rune not touched).. enough for 2 rounds of burst (at max CD)..
Stage 3a : grind CD and burst whenever
Stage 3b : grind CD and burst whenever.. when hp is down till 30-40% or so, setup a good board and make a big burst with your DC.. you should at least hit 3.5mil for Septem's "copy dmg" for the next stage.. remember to at least have 1 set of dark too!!
Stage 4 : focus on the green mob.. Septem will 1HKO it, provided dark is dissolved.. full attack to bring down both if you wish..
Stage 5a : major grind here.. stack verthandi.. dun bother trying to break shield or anything.. just mindless 0 combo grind..
Stage 5b : be careful not to hit any weathered runes.. we need full HP to tank the hit.. after 1st hit, burst or simply normal spin the low hp mob
Stage 6 : 1 set of heart is enough for this high recovery team.. spin carefully and only use 1 set of hearts every turn (store the rest).. i brought a heart conversion DC but end up did not use it..
Stage 7a : grind CD and burst whenever.. got to burst a good 3-4 times for the 14mil hp.. Stacking verthandi would help being immortal..
Stage 7b : tank the 1st hit and burst away..
Clearing SM/GM with defensive teams ftw~~
Mono human, 3 attributes achievements with:
[Image: c6f07fcb409df1de8d29f99bae915d96.jpg]
Took two diamonds cause I had the wrong craft equipped (delay instead off evade) and didn't have enough hp to tank a hit from the boss second hp so had to use a diamond for two advices to be up.
The choices in the team are mostly to counter the enchanted tri color shield, use as follows: Nobunaga makes enchanted fire, light, dark then use Sun Shangxian to convert dark to earth and Guan Yu to convert light to water, the order is important because using Nobunaga -> Guan Yu leaves only water and fire. Maybe using earth revolutionary hero can work.

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ID: 79230079

Available allies: pr Idun, all max pr Verthandi, ame IV Lu Cheng-Syuan, Dumuzi, Atrahasis.
[Image: 19251300_10206989759861610_1186725194_n....e=59474193][Image: 19206459_10206989760741632_895567123_n.p...e=59483DF3]
Due to my lack of craft variety, I didn't have much team options. I tried using abraham (with delay fire one round water craft, the only delay fire craft i got), but i just can't get water paladin off CD once i used it on pilatus (did not have florice so I had no choice). 
Then I remembered the zhao yun that I never thought I would need to use since the Three Kingdoms patch, and its skills were superb in this stage. Pilatus Enchanted WFE and no LD shield was easily overcome with a combination of copper + Water DS + Zhao Yun's unlimited movement for 15 secs. Then the delay cd skill from zhao yun did what it needed to do for the boss stage. I felt so relieved that I finally cleared this one hell of a stage.
 Big Grin Angel

I ate 12 dimes in total simply because I didn't wanna restart the stupid stage
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