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[Discussion+Strategy+Info] The Destined Bliss
Skills get unlocked after killing the mobs. Not sure if its a bug or not.

My Regular Allies (max level): PR Daji, PR Wukong, All Babylons, All Norse VR 

ID - 40,752,281
This stage is wipes out 95% of teams.  team needs to be all max.  

Lubu, diaochan, sunnie, nvr odin, osiris, Lubu

Why Lubu?  because the reset doesnt affect this team. However, i dont know any team that can sustain this dmg so any team is pretty much in yolo mode after rd1

r1 Since lubu always does a full attk u can stall for all skills here.  use sunnie if u run out of dark runes. do not advance this stage unless you generate at least 1 enchanted dark, heart or light rune.  preferably make plenty of them.
r2 Use Lubu and make sure u connect an enchanted dark rune.
r3 Osiris, spin well because if u dont the trojan will kill u.
r4a I took a hit here because i wasnt happy with the small amount of light and heart runes i had.  Then 2nd Lubu him.
r4b Odin convert, use sunnie then use dc to get alot dark.  try to leave 5 of two other types for max spin next rd. filter out ANY earth runes.
r5 Spin well
r6a if u happened to have greater than 90% hp here then try spinning and filtering for 1 rd.  Lubu should be back up so convert with him.  Sunnie might be back up now too.  If u make three-5 sets of dark u should reach over 1 mill per card.  this guy only has 6m hp.  dont use odin boost here unless u have 3 or less corners that are dark.  it was a shocker my convert didnt do it.
r6b use Odin boost and Diaochan.  

Not worth it to farm this guy because its just a cd8 booster.  HP and rcr are too low.

The craft is pretty much the same.  not needed.  i beat this stage with a 1 star reflection craft.  

I need light team advice to clear 1*.
Anyone clear it using arthur?


(04-01-2017, 03:09 PM)VVB Wrote: I need light team advice to clear 1*.
Anyone clear it using arthur?

0 Diamond 1* clear using Arthur Team by following guide on Chinese Forums.
(Guide Source:
(Guide Video from Source:

Leader/Ally: Arthur/Arthur
Members: Camera/Lisa/Puppet/Katherine
Craft: Successive Timely Opal
Note - Lisa must be CD8/AM4; Puppet must be at least CD6/AM2 so that you can combine 2 rounds after entering the stage

[Image: AtpgBPz.jpg]

R1: First Round - Spin and save Heart runes; Second Round - Heal up; Third Round - Combine & spin full attack to kill minions; Save CD before moving to next round
R2: Spin and kill - any enchanted rune will break shield; I messed up here (ran out of Heart runes) so had to use Camera Active to kill
R3: Activate Lisa Active 1 - Spin full attack and kill
R4a: Spin and kill - ignore the light runes they will be exploded
R4b: Activate Arthur & Katherine Actives - remember to dissolve WFE runes for x2 multiplier from Arthur's Active
R5: Spin and kill
R6a: Spin and kill; I used DC here as I ran out of hearts (which also helped get my actives up); Remember where Earth runes are!
R6b: Activate Lisa Skill 1 and Skill 2, Arthur, Katherine; Stack Earth runes

[Image: e6FfIRF.jpg]
Zero-Diamond clear using Chessia, one Achievement.

Chessia + PR Medea / Rococo / Zhou Yu / Vouivre + Chessia (Bursting DC)

Stage 1: Stall for CDs.
Stage 2: Burst with Medea + Chessia.
Stage 3: Snipe with Vouivre, then burst.
Stage 4.1: Burst with Zhou Yu. Not sure if Chessia's active will get rid of the Electrified runes.
Stage 4.2: Burst with Rococo's first active and DC. Filter for Fire runes.
Stage 5: Turn off Medea. Burst with leftover Fire runes from DC.
Stage 6.1: Turn on Medea. Grind through.
Stage 6.2: Transform Rococo and burst with swastika active.
[Image: J0nLRNh.png]
Also available (AM): Azathoth, Sakura, VR Greek, KOF rares
UID: 22963116
47 minute 0 diamond grind deck

Daji + Ed/Fylgja/PR Verd/Cyborg Sniper + PR Wukong

Basically grind and burst on round 4b and 6a, everything else you can survive. Verd and Sniper help you store runes for the next stage.
Common Acronyms
Looking for Chalice of Eternity Aria allies!
ID: 29,490,729
mono Fire. success on... duno... 4th or 5th tries. but around 2 tries Seth took Diablo place

Yog (L), Antlers + RedNoses, Piasa, Diablo, Yog (A)

rather sad not brave enough to take my recently draw, dual max Chessia to battle.
do note the position of the fusion card. and that PR Piasa only need to dissolve either Fire or Heart to maintain the damage reduction. and mine is SLv15, CD6 Smile
other members in consideration: Bedivere, Seth. but been wanting to take Antlers + RedNoses out for a spin after they're ready. this is the first time. note though, after fusion, need to spin more combos for Yog damage reduction as total Demons become 3 after fusion

the following combination of demons and combos to get the maximum 40% damage reduction from Yog:
2 demons = 20 combos
3 demons = 10 combos
4 demons = 7 combos
5 demons = 5 combos
6 demons = 4 combos

DC: the one confident to dish out most damage

#1: grind
#2: with Piasa on, and Yog damage reduction, just spin and till the board is 'good'. accumulate more Fire/Heart runes. activate the fusion both actives and it's good to go. no need Yog active.
#3: on Yog, on Diablo leech. take down mid one. after being hit, focus on one of them. dont full attack. take down as soon as possible. most of my tries no prob. can take down one of them. with Diablo leech, Yog and Piasa damage reduction, should be able to survive. grind the CD back on the other one as much as possible
#4a: i'd say this is the hardest part for this team. i grind till all CD up. no burst. just take the time. take note though, Diablo leech wont work if no damage. so spin as many unused runes away.
#4b: fusion both actives and Yog. no need DC
#5: try to grind back the CD of fusion and Yog. dun worry about dissolve Earth reduce spinning time. thats Yog have plenty of Big Grin when CD ready or almost ready, spin it down
#6a: i used Diablo leech here and tried to spin it down. if still cant, use Yog after that. before the final hit... take note of Earth runes. i even start the recording here Smile can start recording mid battle no prob. later just stop the recording and watch the preview
#6b: fusion both actives + Yog + DC. on the leader board i can see the max damage is 180+ mil

[Image: xesUlM4.png]

lets see whether will do the other achievements... feel something not rite i have Chessia but dont dare to bring for Fire achievement and have Beelz but... maybe 2 ML no Luna not quite enough? duno... lets see....

done Smile
RXWing / 48,740,450 / Lv360+
My Teams (30 Aug) / Inventory (16 Oct) / Replays
Not a difficult stage, but will wipe most teams if not careful. No annoying shields.

0 Diamond Clear/1 star achievement
Chessia + Medea + Bedivere + Suzuka + Rococo + Chessia
R1: Stall and Spin. 3cd on summon and 2million hp should give you plenty of time for Cds.
R2: Chessia and then Spin
R3: Got a bit risky here, but using Bedivere here helped me burst the rest. I didn't use any snipers
R4: Suzuka because I didn't want to deal/risk the electrified runes
R4b: Spin then Dragonry Craft
R5: Spin, but be careful of time reduction. Used a Chessia active because I was scared
R6: Spin. I managed to get a lot of remaining runes from the Chessia active. Activated Medea just to be safe
R6b: Rococo Swastika + Medea + Suzuka
Another grind team.
Ama, Hades, happy prince, Odin, septem, Wukong.
Burst seq ama, Hades, happy, odin, septem. Septem burst can connect fire or dark.
Stg 1. Grind cd. Burst when center is cd 2 or 3. Ko center with septem.
Stg 2. Grind cd. Burst.
Stg 3. Septem on center. Grind cd for e side mobs.
Stg 4a. Burst
Stg 4b. Septem
Stg 5. Grind cd.
Stg 6a. Burst.
Stg 6b. Septem.
Take card n gg. Less than 20 min.

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