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[Discussion+Strategy+Info] The Arrogant Victor
Battle info, also available on the wiki:

Water Mob132491(1)1531970890Double Attack
Dark Mob1158883(3)14829008502 masked runes when it hits you
Light Mob167822(2)15071901040Ignores damage reduction
Athena (Dark)2141782(2)40892504560Uncontrollable. On alternating attacks, converts a column/row of runes to dark. After defeat it will revive once with 3x HP, Attack and Defense
Leona (Water)3a119631(1)63175808860After defeat, 10 runes will be weathered in an X-Pattern.
Leona (Water)3b8760132657408860Each turn before spinning, converts a random rune type to water. The more water combos, the more attacks. Ignores damage reduction. If there are water runes in initial dissolve, you deal no damage.
Terry Bogard (Light)413626(13626)1(2)2895730937013626 damage when you enter the stage. 3 Petrified runes with 3 layers that need to be dissolved otherwise defense x1000. Enchanted shield, and recovers damage if you deal non-enchanted attacks.
Rugal (Dark)5a165731(1)836952024780In the first round, reduces HP to 1% of current and a column of runes are electrified. If any electric runes remain, then no damage is dealt. Active skills and attack of non-humans are locked for one round.
Rugal (Dark)5b1285712161759024780Enchanted shield, and recovers HP if you deal non-enchanted damage. Ignores damage reduction. Every turn after you start spinning a random rune is locked. If you touch the locked rune, runestone movement stops.

Dark Team
3+ Humans 
3+ Attributes

Reward is 3* Dark Destruction Craft:

Obviously the 3+ Human and 3+ Attribute achievements are aimed towards KOF teams

General Strategy: 
1) Kill two of the mobs and stall CD on the third
2a) You can stall a bit more CD here if needed
2b) Burst down
3a) Grind through
3b) Bring an Egyptian or mass converter (but not water!) to help deal with all the weathered runes
4) Either spin through manually, or bring a defence breaker
5a) If you've got a lot of humans then just burst him down. Otherwise, you want to heal A LOT or bring a DC that will save you from the first hit. 
5b) Burst with everything you have left. 

2* Clear (3+ Humans, 3+ Attributes) with Iori + Chizuru, Athena, Kim, Kyo + Mai

1, 2a) Grind all actives, activate Kyo second skill when ready
2b) Athena, Kim
3a) Spin and kill
3b) Mai second skill
4) Manually spin away the runes
5a) Chizuru, Iori
5b) Everything left

1* Clear (Dark Team) with Dual VR Loki + VR Odin, Yomi, PR Osiris, Iori Yagami

1, 2a) Grind all actives
2b) Team skill + DC
3a) Spin and kill
3b) Osiris 
4) Manually spin away the runes
5a) Iori to stall one turn, then Yomi and spin
5b) Everything left

0* Farming team Dual TSZ + Minamoto Fusion, PR Ra, Colin

1, 2a) Grind all actives
2b) Mina Fusion, TSZ
3a) Spin and kill
3b) Ra 
4) Manually spin away the runes, use mina fusion to stall 
5a) DC to survive the attack, then Mina Convert + TSZ
5b) Colin + TSZ

[Image: 6636360e.jpg]

All Max + VR: WFLD Greek, FELD Babylon, All Norse, Lucy, Beelzebub, Pontos, Aether, Erebus, Yog-Sothoth, Chessia, Satan, Guan Yu, TSZ, Izanagi, Hideyoshi
I'm low on dime after kof draws. Dont bother with achievement for now.
Farming with beast team, 100%rate atm.
Aloha, fenrir, fury, panda, dodo. Dc 100%heal.
1. Kill asap.
2. Stall for all active, activate panda dissolve all heart. Open fury and dodo. Just normal spin.
3a. Normal spin
3b. Just spin if leona not converting earth to water or she dont fill your board with water. Otherwise use aloha
4. Just spin, volcanos will dissolve eventually
5a. Clear all electric+ dc.
5b. Just use fenrir 2nd.

Still 8 hours till it starts here so I have some questions.

Im low on stamina to try it, so I hope someone experienced or with a feeling for this stage can answer me this:

Is it possible to grind trough this stage with Haza + any beast leader, or dual haza with some beast burst in team, like mufasa?

I have a KoF team consisting of Kyo, Chizuru Kagura, Athena, Leona, Sie Kensou, with possible any ally from series, do they even have a chance to do this stage? ( I have in inventory as backups 2nd Kyo, benimaru, terry as swaps) -- edit : maybe add cassandra enchantress instead of Leona?

3rd option available that I highly doubt is Izanagi, Mufasa, Sariel, Chizuru, Huifre, Izanagi team, which got me through most of content, but this seems beyond possible for them. Maybe some tweaks should help to this team?

Im thankful if someone will assist me and tell if I should give up on this stage (I'm relatively new player and my spinning is around average I'd say now)


Note that if you touch the locked rune on 5(b), not only does your movement immediately end, your damage also gets reduced to 0. Rugal will also start hitting you like 5-6 times
Akanto Wrote: Ducks are awesome. Big Grin
How relevant would rugal be... IDK if I shld harpy him (cuz I don't have enough stmn to farm him AND the two biweekly cards so choosing not to farm him cuz he's so difficult) , seems like a good card but idw waste harpies if the card becomes irrelevant next patch =.= what r ur thoughts??

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(09-23-2017, 02:58 PM)BaneDragonX Wrote: How relevant would rugal be... IDK if I shld harpy him (cuz I don't have enough stmn to farm him AND the two biweekly cards so choosing not to farm him cuz he's so difficult) , seems like a good card but idw waste harpies if the card becomes irrelevant next patch =.= what r ur thoughts??

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Some of the Chinese YouTubers reckon he's worth it. Can't tell you much more beyond that.

Zero-Diamond clear using KOF team, so two Achievements.

Kyo + Mai / Chizuru / Athena / Iori + Mai

Order is important: Kyo and Mai next to each other + 2 columns of four = Maintain Kyo's multiplier active.
DC irrelevant; Choose the one that will help you build the gauge up the fastest.

Stage 1: Grind a few turns for CDs, so don't go overboard with the Babylon spinning.
Stage 2.1: Turn on and build up Kyo's multiplier.
Stage 2.2: Try to manually burst her down. Otherwise, burst with the leftmost Mai's second active (The CD6 one).
Stage 3.1: Manually burst her down.
Stage 3.2: Burst with Mai's second active.
Stage 4: Try to manually unlock the petrified runes. Otherwise, burst with Chizuru + Iori.
Stage 5.1: Burst with Mai's second active.
Stage 5.2: Burst with Athena + Kyo's first active.

Good luck~. ^^
[Image: mrvUKKA.png]
Also available (AM): All VR Greek, KOF Kyo/Mai/Iori, LDB
UID: 22963116
around 2-3 dimes refill to try some achievement teams, still fail.

Hideyoshi (L), Circe, Kim, Fraud, Belle, Hideyoshi (A)
no Mark II, why not release Yashiro before sm... furthest till boss 1st hp. only lots of Earth runes with Fraud 1.5x, only dmg boss till around 15% hp

mono Dark, 5-6 dimes revive
Erebus (L), Endor, Odin, Anubis, Edward, Erebus (A)

3 or more Human, 3 or more attr, 2 dimes revive
Kyo (L), Medea, Circe, Jinnie, Seth, Mai (A)
'forgot' to deactivate Medea before entering Terry stage contributed to 1 revive :/

dang, total 9 dimes lesser than before sm... done :/
RXWing / 48,740,450 / Lv360+
My Teams (30 Aug) / Inventory (16 Oct) / Replays
Now I regret procrastinating to farm the utility cards

Cannot do mono dark without revive and saving dimes for next week and Khaos...

2* clear

Iori, Coliseum, PR Diablo, PR Circe, PR Medea, Kyo

Rd1-2a stall till cards, up
Rd2b Kyo Max and try make use of 2 turns, don't on unless she is CD 1
Rd3a. Stall for Kyo whilst making 3 combo to keep Kyo Skill, use PR Diablo leech if needed
Rd3b. Kyo or Coliseum, if Kyo not up, Leech with Diablo or make sure u at full HP
Rd4. Easy stage, just break petrify... then use Kyo Max, will kill him 1 shot.
Rd5a. Iori and dissolve 4 electric runes, Coliseum FTW
Rd5b. Full Burst with DC

Mono Dark... why did I not farm PR Valk sooner...
ID: 25923781
Looking for: Aether, Freyr, Poseidon, Sun Ce, Cornflower, Ninurta, Phanes, Chessia, Samael, Athena, Gaia, Beelzebub, Apollo, Artemis, Namtar

Main Allies: Azathoth, Killua, Yusuki, Aether, Hephaestus

CN ID: 878758321
Main Allies: Daoloth, Hideyoshi
Looking for: Daoloth, Hideyoshi

I cleared this sm with
Tsukuyomi gemini osiris valk QiTianDi allyAnubis

Kinda a freemium team but u could sub some i would think.

Basically i followed other guides and stalled to get everything up.  I activated tsukuyomi a little early and lost her active for terry stage.  However i was able to clear the marked runes and finish it.

No dimes used, 1 star.  I like this team because it can make enchanted easily and has a lot of flexability to clear marked runes.  Tsuku also can break defense as long as u dont off her by not killing the mobs every rd.

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