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[Discussion+Strategy+Info] Survival Instinct
Stage Info:

1) A team that can survive ambush damage of 14,833 (non-Phantom)
2) A team with at least 1 Human member
3) A team with at least 1 Water member or cards that do Water attacks

1) A full board converter, preferably something that produces WFE runes
2) A team that can passively produce Fire runes or generate Fire runes quickly via skills
3) A member that increases combo count or allow to spin for more combos (time tunnel, time extension, 1-2 rune dissolves)
4) A team member with multi-turn damage boost skill

Relatively difficult and tailored for Human teams. I imagine wave 1 to be particularly deadly, especially if unlucky with Fire rune skydrops. Skills-wise, nothing really crazy compared to what we've seen before in the more current Ultimate stages.

Aria clear
Aria + PR Florice*/PR Sean*/Shiryu*/Machi* + Aria + Aggressive Pique Seal (or any craft that delays enemy CD):

*Sean is mainly to help with the 9 combo shield. Feel free to replace him with Molly or Duncan or other Humans that allow more combos like PR Liu Bei, Yashiro or Qu Yuan.
*As much I used Florice in this run, she's probably the most expendable member, along with Shiryu, since you don't really need the effect clear skill. Most of the current Water and Earth Humans should suffice. Hyoga is a good substitute for providing additional spin time via craft and as a good burst option with time tunnel.
*Machi can be replaced by other cards with multi-turn damage boost skills like PR Medea (be wary of the ambush wave with her skill on), Lucy, or PR Circe.

Other Teams:










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