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[Discussion+Strategy+Info] Spin Until Fed Up
Stage Info:

Nice to haves:
1) Machina team
2) Cards that can convert/explode away Fire runes
3) Cards that increase combo count
4) Cards that provide multiple hits
5) Teams/Cards that can provide damage reduction to tank a hit of 32789 damage

2* Achievement (All Water, Same Leader/Ally)
Hatsune Miku & KAITO + KAITO*/Mobile Fortress the Destroyer*/Mech Cthulhu/Mech Qinglong* + Hatsune Miku & KAITO + Love Clock Tune (or any craft):

*Mobile Fortress can be replaced by cards that can produce multiple attacks like Columbus
*KAITO and Mech Qinglong are the most expendable members. Feel free to use other Water Machinas instead like Mech Gretchen and Einstein.

2* Achievement (2+ Attributes, Same Leader/Ally)
Einstein + Columbus*/Descartes*/Mech Cthulhu/Phi + Einstein + Love Clock Tune (or any craft):

*Columbus can be replaced by cards that can produce multiple attacks like Mobile Fortress
*Descartes is probably expendable if you're confident you can do 9+ combos in wave 5B, in which case, you can add other Water Machinas like Mech Qinglong or Mobius.

1* Achievement (Same Leader/Ally)
Ying Zheng + Mellow/Zhuge Liang*/VR Divergence Osiris*/Theresia* + Ying Zheng + Aggressive Timely Spell (or any craft):

*Zhuge Liang can be replaced by any card that allows multiple combos or increased combo count like Ghroth.
*Osiris can be replaced by cards that can change enemy's attribute like Spider Demon.
*Theresia is the most expandable member and can be replaced by other Dark multi-turn boosters like Lancelot and Tuchigumo. You can even opt to replace her with a non-Dark card for a 2* Achievement, such as Ubume, Lucy, or Parvati.

Other teams:
Hatsune Miku (2*):
Ultraman ORB (2*):
Seiya (2*):
Rin&Len (2*):
Abraham (2*):
Eve (2*):
Ultraman ZERO (2*):
Aqua (2*):

Hardest part for me is coming up with a water team due to missing some collabs and not getting Hatsune Miku Kaito (yet). Good thing the craft is not that great.

Did a run for All Water with Ultraman ZERO | PR Giemsa | Raphael | Mu Yue | AR Carrie + Ultraman ZERO using Khaos craft (Aggressive Pique Seal) for the 2 turn delay, and Launching Attacks charge crafts on members/ally as much as possible.

1. Stall.
2. Stall if you need to, spin to kill otherwise.
3a. Raphael to remove Fire, then spin to kill.
3b. ZERO active 1, spin to kill.
4. Spin through carefully. With your combo count you should be able to heal up alright; Mu Yue and Raphael can give emergency Hearts.
5a. Spin hard to kill within 3 turns. ZERO active 1 can be used here.
5b. ZERO active 1, Switch that same ZERO, then use that same ZERO's active 2. Should be a wipe.
6. Here's the mathsy bit. Take 2 hits, spinning and healing up (use Mu Yue or Raphael if needed). With your 3rd spin, use craft - now he'll be delayed and won't attack during the 3rd and 4th turns. Before your 4th spin, activate ZERO active 2 and PR Giemsa's extra attacks; the sheer number of attacks launched should just about charge up your craft to full. Then before your 5th spin, activate Carrie and don't dissolve runes - Ogier will die before attacking, and you'll carry over Carrie's 3x ATK buff to the next wave.
7a. You should have Carrie's buff still, and all your actives reset. Spin hard, stacking Fire, and use DC to kill. With the delay you have a little buffer room for more damage if you don't one-shot.
7b. Grind here, praying for Heart drops and good combos. Burst once actives are back up (mainly ZERO EP 2).

Main: 59,402,542
Alt: 84,088,062

SM History Chart | Amel List
Hopefully it comes back. I was traveling and missed your post Sad

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