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[Discussion+Strategy+Info] Speed of Demon
Stage Info:

Nice to haves:
1) Teams/cards that can generate/convert Light runes in a short time
2) Board enchanters or cards that can convert/explode away Dark runes
3) Cards that increase combo count
4) Teams/cards that can provide damage reduction/have enough HP to tank a hit of 20330 damage

2* Achievement (All Light, All Human)
Seiya + Shion*/Shaka*/Aiolia*/Mu* + Seiya +Sagittarius Gold Cloth:

*You have a leeway of using 1 non-SS collab Light Human since Seiya's explode skill + Shion will still break the 50-Light rune shield even with only exploding 5 columns. Mu is the most expendable member and can be replaced by other more useful Light Humans like Erza, PR Modi & Magni, Hattori, or Kurapika. Special mention to Hubble and PR Paladin King of Light which both can aid in emergency healing as needed in case of Heart droughts. Alternatively, you can forego Shion and add in Chiffonette Fairy Yan & Xi  with other SS members to break 50-Light rune shield in 2 turns (as long as you have enough HP to tank first hit of Wave 5A).

2* Achievement (All Light, Leader/Ally God)
Ultraman ORB + Ultraman ORB*/Ju Men*/Jiutian Xuannu*/AR Luna* + Ultraman ORB + Molded Spell - Exquisite (or any craft that allows to filter runes):

*Ultraman ORB can be replaced by Ultraman Tiga or OG Ultraman.
*Ju Men can be replaced by mass Light rune converters like SR Thor or Daikokuten.
*Jiutian Xuannu can be replaced by cards that allow you to make more combos, including time tunnel/spin extension cards like VR Refinement Inanna or PR Gabriel.
*Luna is not a must. Feel free to replace with Attack boosters like He Xian'gu or AR Jiang Ziya.

1* Achievement (All Light)
Kagamine Rin & Len + Upbeat Vocal Kagamine Rin/PR Mech Griffin*/Kagamine Len/Virginia* + Kagamine Rin & Len + Twin Butterfly Tune:

*Griffin and Virginia are the most expendable members but Griffin is useful for generating more Light and Heart runes. Feel free to substitute other Light Machinas like PR Mech Baihu or Condemned Fantasy - Kagamine Rin.

Other teams:
Darkness (2*):
Brahma (1*):
Light/Dark Yanxi (1*):
Qing Gui (0*):
SR Thor (2*):
Ultraman Tiga (2*):

I tried a YZ team from my leaderboard and didnt do any damage on the last wave Sad

EDIT: Guess I needed to clear craft in 5a


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