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[Discussion+Strategy+Info] Runner-up's Shame
Stage Info:

1) Team/members that allow healing that doesn't rely on Heart runes or effect clearer
2) Cards that can Ignite enemy: Natsu, Sapphire, PR Magrence, Cao Guojin, PR Iquitos. If without Igniters, you need a team that can burst through with lots of damage
3) Cards that ignore enemy Defense
4) Craft that can filter out runes

1) Board exploders
2) Cards that can increase combo count
3) Board restorers or cards that remove petrified runes

2* Achievement (All Elf, 4+ Attributes)
SR Daji + Cornflower/Shyplant/Obsidian*/Ruby* + SR Daji + Necrofan Seal (or any craft that can filter out runes):

*If you opt to use other Elf boosters like Jade instead of Obsidian, make sure to equip a CD-delaying craft to let you live through wave 7B.
*Ruby can be replaced with Sapphire.

1* Achievement (4+ Attributes)
Ultraman ORB + Cao Guojin/Ultraman Dyna*/Jiutian Xuannu*/Parvati* + Ultraman ORB + Molded Spell - Exquisite (or any craft that can filter out runes):

*Dyna can be replaced by other cards that ignore Defense like SR Wukong or PR Uriel.
*Jiutian Xuannu can be replaced by other cards that increase combo count like Ultraman ZERO, PR Yuanshi Tianzun, PR Taoshang Laojun, or Brahma.
*Parvati is the most expendable member and can be replaced by attack boosting cards like Ultraman Tiga, Kubera, or He Xian'gu.

1* Achievement (4+ Attributes)
Goodnight Lullaby Hatsune Miku + Hues of Saviors Hatsune Miku/Phi*/Natsu/Yugong* + Goodnight Lullaby Hatsune Miku + Love Clock Tune (or any craft that can filter out runes):

*Phi can be replaced by an effect clearer to remove the debuff on wave 5 such as a second Worldku, Yukimura or Florice.
*If you're not that fussed about removing petrified runes manually, you can replace Yugong with a Defense breaker like Arthur, Iori, Gon, Seiya, or Mech Baihu. Do take note though that Baihu can only completely ignore Defense if all Machina fuel is 100%, which may be difficult to do by Wave 4B with a rainbow team.

Other Teams:
Eve (1*):
Jabir (1*):
Qing Gui (1*):
Diamond (2*):
Amber (2*):
Brahma (1*):
Azathoth (0*):

Here's my team for 2* achievement
[Image: 2dKaJmb.jpg]
R1-R3 spin
R4a sapphire+jade+obsidian
R4b normal spin, need to be careful to get rid of that hardened rune
R5 I used diamond's active and crystallization power to survived the tumbler, turned off jade before R6
R6 Used another diamond active and crystallization power to stall 3 rounds and burst him down
R7a Sapphire and go
R7b Unlock with obsidian and burst with everything

How MH looks at Blitz:
[Image: jR8RQEx.jpg]

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