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[Discussion+Strategy+Info] Reignition of Dragon Breath
Wouldn't the active of the light divine wine valkyrie ignore the ld damage reduction shield?

Can water babylon clear this sm?


(11-14-2015, 02:04 AM)Sigueroa Wrote:
(11-14-2015, 02:00 AM)wong93 Wrote:
(11-14-2015, 01:53 AM)Sigueroa Wrote:
(11-14-2015, 01:49 AM)wong93 Wrote:
(11-14-2015, 01:47 AM)Sigueroa Wrote: such an impossible achievement to clear without heph and pr fire pala. spent like over 5diamonds and when i finally reached the 1.2m def stage, non pr fire pala deals shit dmg. zzzzzz ridiculous.

You have Jinnie, Uriel, Light and Dark ED, PKOE and Kukulkan to choose from as well

you are right. but please do advice how do you clear the 3 humans achievement? i only have PR tyr as a legit fire leader, which isn't enough for both defense stages, so unable to clear 3 fire as well. 
What's your main fire team and also what fire cards do you have??

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My main fire team is : PR Tyr/Sean/Nezha/PR Odin/Medea/PR Tyr. No Hep nor PR Fire pala. I am trying to clear the 3 fire and 3 humans achievement, and my fire humans are Sean, Nezha, Medea and Non-PR Fire pala. The rest of my fire cards are not that strong. And, the other human team I have is just Zhao Ling Er + enchantress team. Don't have Yi Ru.. So yeah. After clearing all achievements of recent (new) SMs, I think this time, I honestly have to pass on this SM.. (and the wonderful craft for my fire team Sad )
Do you have Achilles and Thetis?

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[Image: fdsffsd_1.png]
2* achievement for 3 Fire and 3 Human with the following team. cost me 2 diamonds to revive due to finger slip on my phone.

LHY + PR Diablo + PR Medusa + PR Fire pala lv 85 + PR Fire ED + Zhao Ling Er
Using 3* Slashing DC for 15% and 25% team atk
All cards are max cd and level except for PR Fire pala which is at sklevel 7.
HP of about 19k, enough to tank 2 hits from Brynhildr if fail to make 7 combos.

The main challenge for this team is to heal and stall for PR fire pala to be up before facing the Achilles + Thetis and the combo shield on Brynhildr. PR Fire ED acts as the solution for heart drought and PR Diablo as the 2nd backup if Fire ED is used/still cd. PR Medusa is used as last resort (I didn't need it until stage 8a)

Stage 1: Take down both the fire pawns and stall on the dark pawn
Stage 2: Try to spin a set of 5 to wither down both of them at once, kill both together once PR Fire pala is up.
Stage 3: Use PR Fire pala
Stage 4: Take down the dark mob first, while taking advantage of fire mob who helps to supply you with firepower. Try to stall as much as possible with Fire ED to heal you up.
Stage 5: Bad luck, I got the fire mob here. It would be easier to stall if you got the dark mob. Heal with PR Fire ED and PR Diablo if needed, I stall abit till PR Fire pala is up (I killed her within 4 turns with 6 burn runes on board) before bursting it down with normal spin + my 1st DC.
Stage 6: Use PR Fire pala
Stage 7: Here is where it got tricky. Initially I wanted to burst with LHY and Zhao Ling Er but I decided to try my luck and spin to kill instead. End up, I used 2 diamonds here while trying to take it down.
Stage 8a: Here I used PR Medusa and kill it within 3 turn with the help of my 2nd DC.
Stage 8b: LHY + Zhao Ling Er combo with some skyfall ends the fight.

I also did the 1* achievement without diamonds using the following team:

PR Nidhogg + PR Dagon + Ursula + Faugn + Novalis + PR Dagon ally with the tactic mentioned by the others before this post. Lack of Dark Gargoyle golem makes the battle go slightly longer than usual but still bearable.
Regular Ally: Beelzebub
Other Ally: Lucy, Margarite, Li Hsiao-Yao, VR Daji, PR Jackie, PR Nidhogg, PR Saruman, PR Carrie, VR DBK, Babylon gods, Greek gods, Aloha.
Looking for: Beelzebub!!  
Low level? No problem! Add me! ID: 52000169

[Image: 8b78945a.jpg]
1 dime with Wukong + ML + Luna + Zeus + Mina + Daji
Used 1 dime at the 7+ combo stage, was lazy to regrind that thang

R1: The luck stage, aim one of the defense mob first and hope for the best. At the third round I almost died, but the evasion came in play and saved my 1 dime (thanks RNGesus!). After one of them died you are good to go!
R2: Normal spin, kill them both together to waste less time
R3: Wukong and normal spin
R4: Normal spin
R5: I bursted everything here
R6: Wukong effect still in play, so normal spin
R7: Spin your best, AND dont forget to heal. Did a mistake here and costed me a dime.
R8: Burst that mofo
R9: Stall back while hitting him, do some mini-bursts (All except Daji) and do a full burst when he is around 50%HP.

Cleared with Poseidon + Zeus + Zeus + Ao Guang + Cassandra
R1: Stall as much as you can, on Poseidon whenever you can
R2: Heal and hit, stall some CDs here too
R3: Alot of hearts then use Zeus, if not Ao Guang
R4: Normal spin, heal too. Used compulsion here since I am almost dying
R5: Spin from all the compulsion runes
R6: Used Zeus x2 multiplier skill here, and Zeus convert
R7: Normal spin, if you confident with the drops, on Cass
R8A: Ao Guang
R8B: Zeus link skill, and convert 

Good luck, guys!
CLEARED! Got to use some diamonds though..

PR Poseidon + Cass + Molly + PR Daesung + Zeus + PR Poseidon for the 3 humans team. Died a few times cos of no skydrops or overkill, but managed to refill stamina and clear it.

PR Tyr + PR Odin + PR Nezha + PR Sean + PR Faugn+ PR Tyr for 3 fire achievement. On faugn on achilles, and then store back faugn's active on the next 2 rounds. I can't remember if I died while storing, but I ended up restarting, but anyway, snipe the 1.2m mob again, then try to manual spin >7combos at PR Valk, if not use Sean's active. Died once at boss first HP, because I tried to manually spin and heal, but his dmg is too huge for me to heal it back (even with 20k hp). Used 1 diamond for revive and the water effect is gone! So I can use PR Nezha's active without -50% team attack (because his active converts water runes away). Store a bit till sean comes back up, then I on PR Odin, Nezha, and then Sean for the kill.

To sum it up, spent about like 12 diamonds (including the 5 diamonds I used in drawing a card because I wanted to try to change my luck around, but failed with a dupe  Dodgy ) Hopefully it's worth the craft.
Diablo team strikes again.

PR Diablo + Magrence + Morris + Jinnie + Any elves you like + PR Saruman

R1: The true boss stage. 2 set of heart with 5 combos to kill the 2 Fire mobs. The dark will die pretty soon as well.
R2: Grind
R3: Overheal break 400k defense.
R4: Grind
R5: Burst with combine skill if meet Fire. For Dark, it is grindable
R6: Jinnie with 1 set of heart.
R7: Full burst to save time.
R8a: Continue burst.
R8b: Grind back all skills, just burst when HP is low.
Available Cards:
[Image: ho8FMRF.png]
ID: 43061313
Finished 0 dimes using usual Dagon-Nidhogg team.
But the thing that really bothers me is the card itself, I mean it has dragon written all over it...stage name? Dragon! ....card name? Dragon!....card race? GOD??????
Haven't tried yet since it is still 8 hours before it opens but I feel like a 2 different Chinese Paladin teams could work for both achievements, IF you have a decently leveled PKoF, and give you lots of flexibility.

Both teams would have LHY - PKoF

3 Fire use Sean and any other fire you want (LYR seems logical)
3 Water use Molly, another water card, and ally ZLE
9 turns clear by someone from Chinese side.

Available Cards:
[Image: ho8FMRF.png]
ID: 43061313

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